Acer Liquid Z6 Max appears with a 4,670 mAh battery and a 5.5-inch display

31 August 2017
Acer is donating a new phone to thank the players for their efforts in the 2017 Universiade Games.

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  • 06 Feb 2018

Please am looking for this device to buy in Ghana where can I get it.

    It should be 1/3 inch sensor instead. Also, dimensions are 153.8x76.3x9.2mm. The 2 sources additionally mention that the phone features an ultra-thin metallic body with an excellent grip and that the rear camera comes with an advanced imaging chip for clear shots, even at night. Lastly, the microSD slot only supports up to 128GB capacity as well.

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      • BanJaMeriGalfriend
      • D0e
      • 01 Sep 2017

      Lmao. Is this a phone or a TV? Look at the guy holding it! Btw where is the remote man?

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        • rone
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        • 01 Sep 2017

        As I'm a native speaker of mandarin Chinese, I'll post the following information, which these two sources actually quote.

        5.5"/1080p screen, 4670 mAh battery.
        2.00mm slim bezel.
        The front camera is a 16MP, AF, f/2.0, 3/1 inch sensor.
        The rear camera is a 13MP, PDAF, with 7 special effects in the camera app.
        It sports a 64bit, octa-core CPU without specifying the SoC brand.
        It has 4GB ram, 64GB rom.
        It supports dual sim (LTE/3G dual standby) and a separate, dedicated microSD slot.
        The Universidad special edition comes with gold colored back and costs NTD $9900 , which roughly equates with USD $330.

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          • Sporadic
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          • 01 Sep 2017

          This phone is half the size of the asian guy holding it! Either their about 8 inch tall or this phone is way too big to be 5.5 inches. No wonder it's so expensive. lol

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            • 01 Sep 2017

            AnonD-684709, 01 Sep 2017Detailed stats from the source: Colour: Gold only Size:... moreThat's pretty good specs for $330.
            Inevitably, it will be compared with Lenovo P2 with that battery and screen size.

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              • 01 Sep 2017

              Oh well, 330USD seems more reasonable

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                • 01 Sep 2017

                Detailed stats from the source:

                Colour: Gold only
                Size: 153.8 x 76.3 x 9.2mm
                Display: 5.5" Full HD
                Battery: 4670mAh
                Memory: 4GB
                Storage: 64GB
                SD-Card: up to 128GB
                can take 3 cards (probably SD-Card plus 2x Sim)
                Cpu: unnamed 64-bit, 8-core Cpu (where did you get the Mediatek from?)
                Camera: Front 16mp, f/2.0 lens, 1/3.0 sensor size w/ beauty filters / Main 13mp, PDAF

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                  • AnonD-329350
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                  • 01 Sep 2017

                  Hahahahahaha wtf !!!! The price is extraterrestrial , it's out of this world ....

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                    • Ayaw Ma
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                    • 01 Sep 2017

                    I was thinking if this phone has a built in generator. That would justify the price..

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                      • AnonD-694886
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                      • 01 Sep 2017

                      Really? A phone with MediaTek SoC for $1499. What a deal guys!

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                        • 01 Sep 2017

                        Pass because of the stupid Universiade cartoon bear