LG V30+ with 128GB storage is coming to Sprint

01 September 2017
Given that no other major US carrier has announced its plans for the V30+, it's reasonable to assume that the model will be a Sprint exclusive, at least at launch.

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  • Anonymous

does the V30+ indian retail unit have B&O earphones packed inside the box??

  • Roobylove

Please Staff LG, don't forget infrared in LG V30+, it's very important.

Thank you.

  • Rocky

Lg v30+ should have 6 or 8GB of ram,,any one can say when V30&V30+ go for retail,,In,,INDIA,,and,,what would be the price,,,,

  • Toink

Cip24, 01 Sep 2017He said LGV30 + Amazing display + great speakers = win! I dont... moreRead the tweet again...

  • AnonD-329350

Come on LG, the V30 + should come with more RAM and battery life ,not only storage space

  • AnonD-696608

just great. I bought lg v10 more than a year ago. I am partially disabled and bought it because of the military standard rating. Well guess what? The screen cracked for unknown reason. It's tiny so no problem.

Then my Micro Sd card kept getting ejected the device. Since it's under warranty they repaired it and now I have other board with the same problem :(

Then I was returning the phone with is on a jelly case in a phone leather holster. Again this is my first accidentally drop from a wooden floor of 3 feet. 2 inch noticable crack. :(

Light use of fb etc and no games. Experience is ok.

The removeable battery is a ok if there is a problem I can replace quick, But why remove that? Plain greedy.

  • Cip24

He said LGV30 + Amazing display + great speakers = win!
I dont believe he means "LGV30+" !!!

  • Hoffmann

LG gave its product another name just because of storage ?

It's the same sh*t just with double as much storage as the V30. But hey, let's name it +, just like Samsung did to its S8+.