Symbian Anna running Nokia E6 and X7 now shipping, slowly

31 May, 2011
The first Symbian Anna phones, the Nokia E6 and the Nokia X7, are now shipping. Announced back in April, these two have been on pre-order for a while and now you can buy one, if you don’t mind a long...

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  • Victor

Nagol, 31 May 2011I can't stand troll idiots like you that talk out of their ass. ... moreCompletely agree with Nagol here...Nokia was is and will always remain the epitome of quality....Show me one phone in market that has hardware n software quality as Nokia phones....

  • AnonD-5197

maxwell, 01 Jun 2011people read this article here is the title "Mobile phon... moreNow you're talking about which has more features... Nokia claims just as many features as Androids... so tell me if you are using even 50% of the features on your phone. lol

It's about who does it better, faster, and smoother. It seems you're the one who's die hard defending exact thing you are against.

  • maxwell

people read this article here is the title

"Mobile phone usage report 2011: The things you do"

got to page two then if you can say you are using even 50% then go ahead and brag about your high end phones..

go to home page of GSM arena and scroll down, look for the title and READ

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4697, 01 Jun 2011My test was with similar specs phones, SG1 has the Android 2.3 a... moreSo you tested the Samsung Galaxy S using an non certified rom and then use that as your excuse? Do you even read the disclaimers at XDA? They all say that using said roms are at your own risk. These roms are not production run, they're modified roms of other devices. I hope you know that the Galaxy S just recently got the "OFFICIAL" gingerbread rom.

So widgets are primitive and boring and tiles aren't? You're laughable my friend. Only you and about 2 million other users world wide find tiles more appealing than widgets. lol.

  • AnonD-4697

Hey I was using the SG1 and N8 suck big time aginst.

But HD7 is better than SG1, but SG2 is better than HD7?

So? What will be the best smartphone then in 6 months?

  • AnonD-4697

AnonD-40, 01 Jun 2011I just tested the Nokia N8 and it lags so bad. It's a shame that... moreAgree

N8 Isn't any competition to SG1, nor net browsin, nor productivity, maybe the strong point was the camera, but, I still prefeer and Digital Nikkon than an N8 :P

  • AnonD-40

AnonD-4697, 01 Jun 2011My test was with similar specs phones, SG1 has the Android 2.3 a... moreI just tested the Nokia N8 and it lags so bad. It's a shame that the N8 just simply cannot compare to the SGS 1. There's too many bugs and the browser is pathetic. The iPhone 2G's browser from 2007 is even better than the ridiculous browser on the N8. The N8 is a rubbish device for today's standards. S^3 is a pain in the ass to use and it truly shows that Nokia don't know what they are doing. I expect the E6 and X7 to perform the same since they have same outdated specs from 2009.

  • AnonD-4697

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2011How is it not facts? You said many analyst predicts WP7 dominanc... moreMy test was with similar specs phones, SG1 has the Android 2.3 and is a total shame/crap, I don't know how you can praise soo many bugs just in one OS...and the homescreen and the entire workspace looks primitive and boring :( I did some test on the Motorola Atrix 4G with same results, slow and buggy :(

The WP7 is clean, fast and stable...nothing more to say :D

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4697, 01 Jun 2011Those arent facts... In fact your hate agaist Nokia is except... moreHow is it not facts? You said many analyst predicts WP7 dominance yet when I asked for proof you link to a manga review. I even quoted from the mango review that YOU linked how the analyst feels that iOS and Android users will NOT defect for WP7.

Again I would like to see what comparisons you did? Samsung did drop the ball on the Galaxy S quality; but who says the Galaxy S is the poster boy for Android? Xperia X10 is a joke, anyone buying an SE phone might as well buy a Nokia. SE releases phones too slow, has poor customer support after releasing it, and their phones hardwares are outdated by the time it even comes out. WP7 has potential to grow, but it'll never be the android competitor. Microsoft may have plenty of experience when it comes to desktop and laptop OS but they were never a strong competitor in the mobile division. This is a fact.

  • AnonD-1420

I'll be honest: as much as I like Symbian, WP7 is showing more and more promise as my preferred phone OS. Good on Nokia for finally getting their Symbian updates out there, but what I'm *really* waiting for is the "W" series...

  • AnonD-4697

[deleted post]Those arent facts...

In fact your hate agaist Nokia is exceptional, but the oher plataforms is not good either...

I already compare the HTC Surround vs Xperia X10 and Galaxy S and believeme, Android fall too behind HTC, WP7 looks and handles amazing, and Android looks booring and slow. :( in fact, I had to restar SG1 2 timen since they get corrupt results, frozen in internet test and worst of all, incompatibilities among Android software, I see Android phones are'nt 100% compatible between. :P

In fact the Xperia frozens when I was writing these lines I had to finish this with the HTC :P

I'm not challenging SG2 since there is not decent hardware for WP7 to test it, and Mango has not been released yet but I want to do that test :D

  • AnonD-4697

Nokia has too many problem aside with Symbian, and I blame Symbian for Nokias problem.

I don't know in spain, here in latin america Nokia stills the number one sold phone, Android is gaining road since they introduce EIDOS and start sold it for 250 dlls, is a crap of phone, but has Android :P

Howevre if Nokia W series delay im thinking serious in get (for a shot time) an HTC HD7 or maybe HTC Surround and wait for the Mango update or the Nokia W series, defenitly I will not get for now an Symbian device, Android has some desception for me, I has right know an HTC Inspire 4G for test it....let me see what's new with this one and I will talks about it :P

For now, until Nokia don't get new phones they are someway lost too behind others for Premium Middle ones and basics I still in love with Nokia :D

  • AnonD-5197

AnonD-4697, 01 Jun 2011I do not know whether to laugh or shout loudly mourn... Are y... moreI'm not sure if you took a peek at Nokia's warning to its investors. Nokia drastically lowered its sales outlook of Q2 2011.

"More sales in resellers" and "too subsidized in other places" DO NOT mean more sales in general. That "more sales" is definitely not a sign of relief. Closing these stores mean they will be advertised less and sell less, and it also looks bad to potential customers. Even if you were correct in sale that Nokia devices have high resale values, this does not contribute to Nokia's revenue in anyway.

Without a doubt, Nokia is in deep trouble and you can't argue otherwise. Only hope for Nokia is the gamble they made with Microsoft. Such dangerous gamble as it's like putting all eggs in one basket, but what choice does Nokia have?

Nokia (ADR) at close May 31 : $7.02 (-1.18 / -14.39%)

^ ouch

  • Anonymous

AnonD-4697, 01 Jun 2011I do not know whether to laugh or shout loudly mourn... Are y... more"Prices are too subsidized by the carriers and sales were low, so they will keep providing support," a representative from Nokia Spain told us today, so as expected, the shutdown only affects sales operations

I don't know about you but to me that right there came from a Nokia Spain representative stating the reason why they decided to close down shop was due to low sales volumes in which made their online stores not a lucrative option, how about Nokia downgrading their Q2 projections? What are you going to say about that?

anything more you want to add buddy? Hey Boy with Red Hat, so where are those analyst you said that predicted WP7 domination? Your links were only to mango reviews in which IDC's analyst says that iOS and Android users were very unlikely to switch from their platforms to WP7. You never even replied and you reported my comment and then just stopped replying when you couldn't come up with a comeback?

  • Styxgeist

Wow it still cracks me up that Nokia attempts to charge premium prices for outdated hardware. Symbian Anna still looks outdated compared to all other Mobile phone operating systems out there.

Could this be because Nokia still is using up all their old chipsets which do not have sufficient speed to run anything that looks remotely attractive and user friendly?

The sooner Nokia bankrupts the better.

  • AnonD-4697

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2011 moreI do not know whether to laugh or shout loudly mourn...

Are you really read the entire publication??

"in response to growing competition from resellers, which offer lower prices on the same hardware"

They are closing BUT JUST BECAUSE Nokia has more SALES on resellers than in Nokia STORE..

MORE SALES...OMG don't read at all not problems with the company....AND just wait for the new Nokias W series hehehe they will sold more WP7 devices in near future.

"the shutdown only affects sales operations"

Not Nokia as business by itself only "Nokia store sales", too many people buy their Nokias in aftermarket, in fact Nokia has a high if not the highest resale value on Preowned phones (basic and middle class) than any other company :P

  • AnonD-4697

And the point is?

Nokia is a useless company? Or Android is going to live forever? Or Apple is going to reign the world? Blackberry will be the next King of the business communications?

Hmm and they say Nokia fans are fanatic :D

  • Anonymous

AnonD-9804, 31 May 2011I guess someone did his homework, but next time you want to have... more­-stores-go-offline-in-france-and-spain/

Whats this? Nokia shutting down online stores in various european countries?! HAHAHAHA I thought you said they were doing so well? fanboys fail.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 20111. Pentaband, you are normally locked onto your carrier, your ca... more1. Disqualify, you failed to prove how pentaband would be at an advantage. I have given you many reasons why it is not even an advantage. Can you tell me the advantages of pentaband then? Like I said, unless you travel between the US and EU/Asia, pentaband is useless. Even if you did there are many wifi hotspots throughout the US that are FREE and are faster and cheaper than getting a new sim for data. Even within the US going from Canada and vice versa the countries and carriers use the same spectrum so again DISQUALIFY. You like using DISQUALIFY without having anything to back up huh? LOL.

3. So how am I disqualified? LOL you obviously don't know anything about USB OTG hence the reason why you thought Nokia invented it. Shame you nokia fanboys are so ridiculous. So again show me the reason why you consider USB OTG a feature? The N8 has internal storage does it not? Whats the need for carrying around an adapter to use your thumb drive? USB keyboard you say? Well unless you want to carry around a USB keyboard, the N8, the USB OTG adapter, and a dock to hold the N8 up so you can type wouldn't you be better off carrying just a laptop or better yet the Motorola Atrix with the laptop dock?

5. DISQUALIFY DISQUALIFY for failing to elaborate. LOL you can't even state the points in which you felt your N8's OVI map was superior to a dedicated GPS unit. If Ovi suite was so good then why is it the least amount of developer supporting it out of all app stores? Why does it have the least amount of apps? Why the least amount of daily downloads? So your statement has no credibility as all evidence leads one to see that OVI suite sucks.

6. LOL Drag and drop is for people who go out a lot while people using itunes don't go out? Again you're delusional. Got any statistical data that proves Drag and drop is exponentially faster than itunes syncing? I mean your reasoning seems to believe that because drag and drop allows people to go out and live their lives where as itunes syncing makes you sit there and wait? You're a buffoon, DISQUALIFY. I already gave a statement as to why iOS does not support drag and drop. Apple's reasoning is well beyond justified, and if drag and drop gets you that wet, there is this thing you see, its called jailbreaking.

7. You might want to check genius, the Samsung Galaxy S is not released in the US yet? Maybe that's why its over priced? I won't argue with you as this is too complex for you to fathom. High demand + No supplies = price gouging. Heard of it? You know, that practice where retailers increase the price to ridiculous amounts because people want an item that is not available in mass quantities yet? You must be affected by down syndrome if you believe the Samsung Galaxy S II is inferior to the N8 lol.

8. Again you fail to read, I see reading is not your strong suit, nor is thinking logically. I said quarter over quarter as in sequentially. maybe you should look at smartphone revenue and shipments of Q4 2010 and then Q1 2011 to see if there is a decline? Here, i'll give you a hint since you seemed to be intellectually challenged. Q4 2010 is the quarter before Q1 2011 ;).

  • AnonD-9804

Anonymous, 31 May 20111. Pentaband, you are normally locked onto your carrier, your ca... moreI guess someone did his homework, but next time you want to have an argument with somebody, don't just through cold facts with a destructive purpose, cuz it always comes out wrong.
Now on your reply...

1 Pentaband- Disqualifying a good advantage of the device (Whether you find it useful or not) just to try to underrate it by whatever means?

2 12Mp- giving half credit ( with a subliminal disqualification) just to make ppl think you’re not a Nokia hater, and maybe convince them that you are being partial about this, so they buy your cr#p? A word of advice on this one, borrow a N8 and whatever Samsung you want, and make the review yourself… there aren't any cell phone camera at N8s league (By the way, the sensor isn't any good at all, and pixels are just pixels? that's a little contradictory i think).

3 USB OTG, did you just copy this from wikipedia, and didin't even bother to make a decent elaborated point? Again Disqualify, Disqualify, Disqualify, but your hate didn't even let you see, that these are simply good advantages, that should be carefully analyzed if you're going to make a real argument. That's just not how you win an argument dude. (Another advice, don't ever get into the reviewing business)

4 Maybe youre right, i won't even do the research, i'll actually take your word for it, just take into consideration the difference of performance vs the price.

5 Here you said different things that i have to address, but i'll do it real quick, First...yes my N8 performed better than the Garmin, not sure about the model, but im sure is mid range. Again DISQUALIFY and more DISQUALIFY, it doesn't matter the name, Download the OVI suite, Nokia suite or whatever name they will change it to, and see it for yourself. And don't argue over the name, and the advertising strategy, that’s just cheap. Now multitasking... I think you probably didn't hear about the new release of WP7 Mango, go and check it, it IS multitasking, and as a matter of fact, that's the first time an OS other than Symbian really get my attention. You should check it, it’s better that IOS and Honeycomb or whatever the heck it’s called the last android, all together.

6 (Drag and Drop for your Iphone) you probably don't go out too much, and just sync files with your own pc, but this is actually one of the most criticized downsides of the iphone.

7 you might want to go and check this Samsung i9100 Galaxy S II in amazon for 826.95 USD, here’s the link buddy­rtphone-Touchscreen/dp/B004QTBQ2C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=­UTF8&qid=1306875980&sr=8-1

8 Dude When you say "We'll just laugh hysterically..." it really freaks my out, but if you do your homework a little better next time, you'll find out that Nokia actually increased it's sales compared to the same quarter (1st) on 2010.
Now, to all of you smart boys/nokia hatters/ iphone and android fanboys, don't disqualify, i try not to because its not wise. I think that iphone really marked the history as the n95 before it, and android makes for an impressive OS and Samsung, HTC, Motorola among others, are doing a hell of a job with their phones, i like Nokia better because of the built quality, the amazing support, updates every 3-6 months, and because every time i pull out my phone in front of others, it makes a difference, it always saves the day. As for the brand, it pushes itself all the time to raise the bar, create and put to good use new technologies, always going green. You can see they just not get bigger screens or better resolutions screens, longer lasting batteries, or faster processors just to sell more, and make more money, they actually give something in return.

And that's something worth mentioning, as i said, nobody gets anyware disqualifying, nor trying to destroy… sadly with ppl like this guy, Nokia is going to have a hard time trying to get into the US market. But they are doing a hell of a job too, so im sure they will get there.

And that's all i have to say about that...