Google in talks to buy HTC's smartphone business

07 September 2017
Rumors of an acquisition have surfaced again.

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  • AnonD-665598

That'll kill HTC forever sure.

  • AnonD-60230

Why would they even buy such a useless company? When was the last time they were even in news?

  • AnonD-301832

monsterduc1000, 08 Sep 2017Nexus 62 + 1 = 3 , not 3,000 or even 300. Android One proved to be a failure too if you'd like to count it. And trust me , I don't know many who bought Motorola's GIANT Nexus 6 over the more successful Nexus 5 , 5X and 6P.

  • AnonD-696124

Prometheous, 08 Sep 2017Thats true. Actually the problem with Sony is that they are... moreYup, sony has to change it's smartphone looks, seriously, they have been having this look since Sony Xperia Z from 2013. Look at how samsung looked in 2013 and now.
Same goes to oneplus phones(which didn't changed much but they did little by little)
HTC didn't changed either untill recently the u11(but guess they're too late)
Huawei did major changes untill now
LG didn't changed much untill the LG G6 (thank god, lg is right on track again)
iphones changed tremendously from 2013 to this date.

Brands have to innovate/invest to keep the money flowing. Thumbs up for samsung/apple for all these innovations.
Oneplus has to innovate for the oneplus 6, that means reduce the bezels but i don't think they will go to a quadhd/2k screen. they should keep the 1080p panel that many so love and desire. Only reviewers keep asking for a higher DPI screen.
We consumers of oneplus we love that screen, no need to innovate there

  • AnonD-696124

Prometheous, 08 Sep 2017Actually you can't compare TV with a phone. 2k is fine on ... moreyup, we buy it for the price and performance but not only. We buy it because we know it's a premium phone, we buy it because the battery endurance of that thing never ends, one of the best around. We buy it because of Dash charge. For me a 1080p panel is more than fine and enough for a little over 5inch screen. Even the samsung s8 you can put it at 1080p to conserve battery.
We buy it because the phone looks awesome and it's everything we ever need.
The sony screen is awesome but the huge bezels and the mediocre battery just kills it. why have an awesome screen resolution of SOT is a little over 3-4hours?
I got 7-8h SOT with my Oneplus 5, try and beat that!!! i got 4 hours straight gaming in real racing 3 in a single charge. Even with heavy gaming the temperatures stay ice cold. Try gaming on a sony and prepare an omelette for me later...
The camera setup even beats the iphone 7+ in several occasions, only samsung/HTC u11 beating the oneplus 5.
So, it's not only the price we're interested in, it's the whole premium package for that low price tag. So yeah, a 500$ phone is more than enough to take out some serious competition

  • mukhosh

This is will be awesome for Google mobile phones.
They have focused mostly on perfecting their camera on phone. Acquiring HTC will give them a leg up on this aspect of mobile phone.
Currently HTC has the best camera phone according to DXOmark :

I own a Nexus 6P and still able to capture awesome nighttime pictures and can compete against iPhones. I was thinking of jumping ship to Nokia 9, if it was real.
But, looking at whats about to happen with HTC, I might need to stick with Google phone in the future.

  • AnonD-104084

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2017If Google buys HTC they might end up keeping the brand aliv... morePatients? 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • AnonD-639871

Google has a mind-blowing strategy. In past, takeovers Motorola and sucked it out (most patent) before selling to Lenovo due to market pressure. And now htc, which has good experience in making performance oriented better hardware packed smartphones. If market accepts, Google has enough spices and recipes to make the best dish (poetic)...

  • Simon

There is nothing left to buy there. Google are really on a mistake spree for a year or two.

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2017Awesome business knowledge, in short, only motorola can win... moreI don't say that Moto could've taken Apple to court and win, but their patents would've been useful in a Apple v. Android case, since in Apple v. Samsung, Android was involved as an infringing product.

AnonD-301832, 07 Sep 2017WTF did Google do with it's previous acquisitions ? Mot... moreNexus 6

After Nokia & Apple... Motorola have using better Hardware so Google Should think about buying Motorola smartphone business..
HTC , Samsung, Sony are Building Garbage materiel event in it's Flagship Cell phones

  • Anonymous

"The news is made plausible for two reasons - Google needs a hardware manufacturing arm for its Pixel smartphones and HTC has just suffered its worst financial month in 13 years ..."

POS,as HTC himself did'nt produce its phones nor it produces single component.

AnonD-696124, 08 Sep 2017ever thought why people don't want a 2K or quadhd screen? I... moreActually you can't compare TV with a phone. 2k is fine on TVs because you view them from a very large distance and in most countries, cable content is not over fhd resolution. But OP5 is just skimping on essentials by providing fhd on a 5.5" screen and above all with a pentile arrangement. Still its fine only for the price it commands otherwise place it next to say a xz premium which simply is phenomenal for a lcd panel or S8 which is par excellence and you know that OP5 must have a 2k screen. Moreover OP5 is a very poorly engineered device and tries to hide behind " a cheap device" tag. I mean who puts the panel upside down and says that its perfectly fine and we are providing nice experience? The only reason OP5 sells is because of that price tag and SD835 on offer.

AnonD-696124, 08 Sep 2017I share the exact same opinion, feeling's mutual regarding ... moreThats true. Actually the problem with Sony is that they are just not trying hard. They need to do just a nip here and they tuck there and they can really turn up the heat. If they just introduce OIS on their flagship phones, cut down those bezels and bring their much awaited oled to their phones, they will suck the air out of most competitors in one go.

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2017Apparantly not everyone is smart enough. HTC CEO is the 2nd... moreI share the exact same opinion, feeling's mutual regarding HTC and Sony.
But unlike HTC, Sony has a strong department on cameras, movies entertainments and gaming consoles. I only see the brand HTC on smartphones

  • AnonD-696124

AnonD-402029, 07 Sep 2017oneplus listening to the customer? no they just trick the c... moreever thought why people don't want a 2K or quadhd screen? It's not a necessity having that high resolution in such a tiny screen. Even my smartTV is 2K but 55inches. a 1080p is perfectly fine.
Oneplus 5 is a beauty, it's rocket solid, beautiful colour gammut, fastest phone in 2017, camera is on par with flagship levels. Premium material build, fastest fingerprint scanner.
Many like me do not care about IP ratings, Iris scanning, useless bloatware, etc...
There could be a SD card slot or hybrid dual Sim but hey, who cares. 128GB is plenty enough
Ever thought many like me just want near stock android experience with premoim build.
That reminds me of Nexus devices but overall, a better made phone.

It is just logical, HTC produces garbage phones with iPhone prices, you need to be really brave to buy their phones

  • Anonymous

ProJames, 08 Sep 2017Hum, Samsung contribued more on Android than Google. PiP, V... moreAwesome business knowledge, in short, only motorola can win against apple.
Wonder if that time apple bought Motorola sooner than Google, Maybe android gone?

  • AnonD-327936

Probably a good idea. HTC are such a niche and un-innovative manufacturer nowadays from the greatness of M7/M8.