iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have smaller batteries than last year's iPhones

14 September 2017
TENAA has revealed the sizes of the batteries and the RAM.

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Anonymous, 16 Sep 2017Nah. Battery size matters especially during use time. iPhones ma... moreWhat iPhone is that? iPhones have good battery life, especially the Plus series. I end the day with 10-15% on my 7 Plus and I'm a heavy user.

Why they do this is puzzling, to say the least. I remember swapping out my old 6s Plus' 2750mAh battery with a 2915mAh iPhone 6 Plus battery and it fit and worked just fine. I have no idea why they change the battery capacity every time. Since the 6 and now till the 8, the internals have barely changed (except for the Taptic engine) and the room for the battery is the same. The largest capacity came at 2915 from 6 Plus and lowest is now 2675 for 8 Plus. If someone knows why, I'd appreciate input on this

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Xperia XZ1 82 endurance.

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13, 16 Sep 2017It's not the size of the battery that matters. It's how you use it.Nah. Battery size matters especially during use time. iPhones may have great standby endurance but they have poor to mediocre battery life when in use.

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It's not the size of the battery that matters. It's how you use it.

GSMArena battery endurance test for iPhones always put them in a rather low category, mid at best. Looks like Apple has no intention to make its phones last longer significantly (it does improve over time, but very little for phone that gets yearly upgrade) or they just want the phones to be as light as feather or something else no one would ever think of such a reasoning.

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Dayum, 15 Sep 2017Yeah, cause apple is releasing new phones everyday..?the problem on these phone is the android...

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At this rate when apple reaches 7nm they might put 1000mah batteries inside
Pay more, get less

Im waiting for the day Apple removed the battery altogether.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2017Because an 8 sounds like a bigger difference than a 7s. And the ... moreSo.. That's just show how apple user only look at the outside

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2017iPhones getting worse every day.Yeah, cause apple is releasing new phones everyday..?

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No need to panic, my Japanese phones had a 2000mAh battery for a 5" screen and 2600mAh for a 5.5" screen... Both can last a day, with hours of calls and screen on time of about 6 hours... Nothing spectacular, but enough for a normal day of usage...

And these are for a 2014 models, by now, Apple should have been able to develop efficiency through it's chip(s) hence no need for mega battery capacity...

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iPhones getting worse every day.

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If Mr. Steve Jobs is alive all the executives department of apple will terminated....by him

AnonD-535480, 14 Sep 2017Those same bs excuses again? No mobile os does multitasks like a... moreOk let me retry... Woes of an ipad pro user... Yes there is split screen multitasking.. But thats not what you want.. When we minimize an active page.. People would like background processes to perform properly.. Not pathetically pause unless you stare at the download section of a 3rd party browser.. Siting one example.. But yea 3 days of inactivity with Bluetooth on for pencil and still battery only at 96..so thats a plus

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Oncom, 15 Sep 2017Is it 50% in 30 minutes OR recharge every 30 minutes..? hhaahahahahaha

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Anonymous, 15 Sep 2017I don't often hear such bsIt's sarcasm, mate. Cheers ;)

Oncom, 15 Sep 2017Is it 50% in 30 minutes OR recharge every 30 minutes..? Probably similar to Quick Charge 3.0 with the first 50% in a half hour and then the other half in around 45-60 minutes

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AnonD-604734, 15 Sep 2017No excuse for batteries this small. LG v30 fit 3300 man into sma... moreOf course there's no excuse for making a tiny battery even more tiny.
Of course others are fitting bigger batteries into smaller cases. Some even offer 4000 mAh batteries, like e.g. the Huawei Mate 9/10.
But this is Apple, and they get more and more greedy every year, so they are removing more and more features (e.g. the headphone jack) or are downsizing them (like the battery), while they steadily raise the price.

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AnonD-684709, 15 Sep 2017Of course Face ID, or better Fail ID, did FAIL. It failed severa... moreNo excuse for batteries this small. LG v30 fit 3300 man into smaller and lighter frame