Samsung finally allows you to disable the Bixby key

18 September 2017
The latest update brings an on/off toggle for the dedicated button.

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HAHA they made button even more useless. It just turn off any reaction. No different app launching. Not very appealing.

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    • Anonymous
    • 9xx
    • 18 Sep 2017

    LOL. SVoice Version 2

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      • Anonymous
      • X{X
      • 18 Sep 2017

      so, after i disable it, it becomes a completely unnecessary button that does nothing? wow! nice one Sammy! 👏👏👏

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        • AnonD-402029
        • ibj
        • 18 Sep 2017

        samsung deliberately dont put the remap button option so they can hear alot more crying ppl to ask them to add remap option..

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          • AnonD-632062
          • 3Ye
          • 18 Sep 2017

          I have always felt Bixby was the answer to a question that no one had asked.

          Spending a lot of R&D on a service (which may not be universally appealing) and even assigning a hardware button to it, means that Samsung is essentially committed to Bixby.

          But to listen to feedback and change?! Now that's impressive and I know other companies that not do it (you know, the ones who remove useful features like the 3.5 mm headphone jack from their flagships). Samsung showed this is the recent past, where instead of trying to bury their mistakes (requiem "You're holding it wrong"), they embraced the Note7's fiery mess and took transparent steps to remedy their mistakes,

          Now, if only they gave us the option to remap it in a future update, to switch on the flashlight, play/pause the music or fire up the camera from anywhere even if the screen is off (Think of the possibilities). Kudos to you, Samsung!

            "to disable" not "to remap" ... it's deliberate guys

              What about reusing the button to use it for flash or shutter?

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                • Gio
                • n3y
                • 18 Sep 2017

                How about the option to assign it to something else ?

                  ALPHABOY17, 18 Sep 2017Try to make camera button, since s6 era. Note 8 here I come :D

                    Try to make camera button, since s6 era.