Huawei Mate 10 poses for a photo

19 September 2017
Razor-thin side bezels keep this large-screened phone compact.

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  • Unknown

Junaid, 19 Sep 2017Disappointed. Just like ordinary phone. What's new which wi... moreWell, Being Powered by the Kirin 970 chipset that as AI Capabilities and a neural system.
well that will attract the IT sided crowd. so don't worry it won't be like sony or any other phone for that matter

  • Anonymous

Let's just wait for the announcement. I bet Huawei won't disappoint anybody because there are three variants after all.

.alpha, 19 Sep 2017Is this real photo or render that make the bezels thinner? ... moreLooks pretty legit the bezels don't look small or anything

  • .alpha

Is this real photo or render that make the bezels thinner? Chinese companies always render thin bezels.

  • Junaid

Disappointed. Just like ordinary phone. What's new which will attract users? Don't be like Sony.

  • A Note 4 user

what is remarkable: this will be one of the few decent phones with "classic" screen form factor, which is GREAT NEWS for usability.

What is disappoining: as mi mix 2, the screen is rather small (5,9 vs 5,7 in Note 4 is barely a change). Yes, it's more compact thanks to thiner bezels, but we want MORE SCREEN REAL ESTATE!!!

should wait for Huawei Note 9??? Though its 6.6 screen will probably schrink too...

  • Ben

It has fingerprint just below the display , hard to see though but just noticed that while comparing it to other leaks. If it does have indeed IPS display than it will suck

  • Anonymous

damn looking too ugly for new phone

  • Smartphones Fan

Disappointed .. just like ordinary phone

Looks like G6

  • Anonymous

This one looks so wrong.

  • AnonD-444106

The previouse pics that were live had "huawei" name under screen but this pic has not
So its fake

  • AnonD-200528

Top & bottom are chunky in my opinion so I think Huawei is pushing those who really want the absolute minimum bezels towards the Mate 10 PRO!

  • Anonymous

looks fake, look the photo the phone is not even straight, looks like a bad PS....

  • PKM1

Looks to be a good phone. Is it available in India and for how much?

  • Z

Why it looks so fake ...

  • Mark

dd, 19 Sep 2017Looks pretty boring among the new 2017 flagshipsU can put xmas lights on it!

  • SZTadir

Is it just me or the bottom looks narrower than the top in the image?

  • Anonymous

It doesn't look all that great to me.

This seems to be the perfect meaning of bezel less - practical and beautiful.
Bezels are thin, but not crazy thin. I'll be looking forward to this phone, just disappointed that they went for the same 1080p resolution despite the screen size - P10+ had higher resolution at a smaller footprint.
I know it means great battery life, but large battery + great power management + highly efficient chip equates to a top notch battery life even with an inefficient and high resolution display.