Huawei Mate 10 poses for a photo

19 September 2017
Razor-thin side bezels keep this large-screened phone compact.

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  • appleauthority

wow this design look nicer than the galaxy s8 and note 8 tho ...

  • xvi

Nice, slim bezels but no stupid overly tall screen. No below screen buttons also... wish they would make a small 5.2" phone like this!

  • Anonymous

hope this does'nt come with curve screen

  • AnonD-633173

dd, 19 Sep 2017Looks pretty boring among the new 2017 flagshipsYea, but at least it'll be cheap. HUEHUE

I was hoping for "bezzel-less" screen. I dont know to what phone should I upgrade, I dont have to but I want ... I have Mate 8 for 1,5 years now ...

  • Anonymous

I love Huawei products. They make better stuff than Samsung.

  • srisha

Exact replica of V30 even with specs...

  • Anonymous

Bland design for a flagship

  • Anonymous

dd, 19 Sep 2017Looks pretty boring among the new 2017 flagshipsThis is the regular mate 10. You can barely see the Front fingerprint scanner.

  • AnonD-696329

Looks ordinary, nothing special.

  • dd

Looks pretty boring among the new 2017 flagships

Looking forward for all the 3 or 2 Mate 10. But obviously, mostly for the Pro. Although Huawei must really do an absolute effort/s, probably the most in all its history. Because the obstacles ahead are definitely not low. It will compete with the other great flagships such as: Note 8, V30, the iPhone 10 and the other upcoming Pixel 2 duo (mostly XL). Plus all the others such as: Mi Mix 2 and so on (S8 duo, U11, XZP, ZF2...). So Huawei absolutely must work as hard as possible. Eventually we'll see.

  • AnonD-684234

I am very eager to buy this phone as soon as possible its so beautifulYour Anchor Text

  • AnonD-420952

I hope the Pro comes out at the same time. I want this phone.