Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus review roundup

19 September 2017
The early reviews are in - here's the scoop.

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  • AnonD-334650

AnonD-703082, 24 Sep 2017Have you even used a latest model of an iPhone once? No, not yet but does that matter? I have experience of this at every new iPhone release. There are also a good few videos out there showing not only speed comparisons with Android phones, but the iPhone 8 and the 7. These clearly show that there is little or no speed increase between the two despite Apples claim that they are 25% faster in SC operations and 80% in MC. It is the same every year, I will test myself when I get my hands on an 8 and X but I would be willing to bet big that those sort of gains in real use for normal everyday functions is just Apples marketing fantasy.

  • AnonD-703082

AnonD-334650, 23 Sep 2017Based on what metric, benchmarks? Maybe in some yes, are th... moreHave you even used a latest model of an iPhone once?

  • Truthbetold

A lot of nonsense in these discussions. Sorry guys, but iPhones are really faster than comparable Android phones. It's not just the processor (Apple develops their own processors right down to the core IP, in comparison to the Android world which all use the same Qualcom, Mediatek or other SoCs which use a standard ARM IP and which are optimized for good performance at lowest costs), it's also the storage. While on Android devices, flash storage is connected via USB or LPCC (which is cheap but slow), flash in iPhones using an A9 and higher processor is connected via NVMe (PCI Express) and more akin to a SSD in a performance desktop/laptop PC.

As to cameras, pretty much all reviews say that the iPhone 8/8S currently have the best cameras. It doesn't mean everything else is shit, just that at the moment there's no better camera in a phone than in the iPhone 8.

As to the OS, Android isn't more complex/more advanced than iOS. It's easy to forget because the iOS UI keeps things simple and limits what people can do but under the hood it's a very sophisticated and capable OS which shares a lot of its genes with modern mac OS. And of course many features were first available in Android, however in general these are poorly implemented and insecure (like face recognition that Samsung had long before iPhone X but which could be tricked with a photo).

Oh, and as to battery life, my iPhone SE lasts more than two days with normal use (I still get a full day even with heavy use). Bigger iPhones like the 7 or 8 should still last more than a day on normal use.

If you prefer Android, fine, there are valid reasons to use it as there are valid reasons some people prefer iPhones. But people should stop to sink into fanboi territory by ridiculing the achievements Apple made with the new iPhones.

  • AnonD-334650

AnonD-1825, 20 Sep 2017”Do not be a fool, iPhones are fast, but Apple claiming eac... moreWho is the fool, one who believes in the marketing hype or the one that stands back and takes a more independent approach in deciding which phone they buy.

  • AnonD-334650

MaxSmarties, 21 Sep 2017iPhone 7 is faster than any other phone. Like it or notBased on what metric, benchmarks? Maybe in some yes, are these a true reflexion of speed in everyday use, for sure not. Only fans struggling for a reason to support their favourite phone or to justify to themselves why they overpaid for an inferior phone believe the marketing hype.

  • Yeehaa777

Apple, 19 Sep 2017so everytime iphone get praised apple paid them money? g... moreWell duel has been a paid apple troll for years I've seen it

MaxSmarties, 21 Sep 2017iPhone 7 is faster than any other phone. Like it or notFastest in draining the battery perhaps... Everyone i know having iPhone (pick your number) are running around with a charger in a pocket or a powerbank. In real life iPhones are still not able to run trough a whole day of active use without charging up on the lunchbreak.
I really do not care if it is iPhone, Samsung or any other phone i got as long as it serves me and not the other way around.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-632062, 20 Sep 2017"Ultimate refinement before eternal retirement...."! LOL! :PYou do understand the meaning of the phrase right?

AnonD-334650, 20 Sep 2017No the iPhone 7 is not faster than the competition, it is t... moreiPhone 7 is faster than any other phone. Like it or not

Absolutely brilliant... Everyone is praising the new iPhone because it's definitely better than the previous but gsmarena is trying hard to put it on a somewhat bad light.

  • AnonD-218710

Last Breadth's bedirected Final Doomsday?

  • AnonD-67138

Apple motto: always backward, forward never!

  • AnonD-632062

"Ultimate refinement before eternal retirement...."! LOL! :P

  • Ahong Surahong

Still waiting for retail unit reviews of iPhone 8, and of course XZ1 Compact. Or else, just gonna have to wait until Galaxy A3 (2018) released to the market.

  • AnonD-1825

AnonD-334650, 20 Sep 2017It seems you like to...... lets be kind, exaggerate. iPhone... more”Do not be a fool, iPhones are fast, but Apple claiming each generation is massively faster is just marketing bull.”

It’s not, of course you can’t see the difference If you open small apps which anyway open in two seconds.

If you do some heavy CPU demanding tasks you see what Apple says is actually true, for example i own iPad air and iPro 10,5” the difference when rendering video with iMovie is that this iPro is 4-5 times faster in seconds.

  • AnonD-684631

Awesome Bezel in IPHONE 8 Awkward cutout in iPhoneX -_- , bwah jumping to Google now

  • AnonD-334650

AnonD-688765, 20 Sep 2017Because iphone 7 is already fast than the competition. Wher... moreNo the iPhone 7 is not faster than the competition, it is top of sellected benchmarks that have no relation to the real world. There is a big difference.

  • AnonD-334650

[deleted post]I am not defending any phones I am correcting his statement that is referring to an iPhone not an Android phone.

By the way the only phones blowing up and catching fire nowadays are iPhones.

  • Iskander

[deleted post]Well actually, there is plenty of iPhones that went up in flames. And just because Samsung made some error with the Note 7, does not mean all Android phones blow up. Just even stating it the way you do, tells how much of a problem you have to give a serious rant about Android phones.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1825, 19 Sep 2017These phones are real beasts "What about real-world perf... moreiPhone 7 opens browser slower than Sony Xperia xz(SD 821). Check phone battles or tech trinkets speed test
In real life a pixel will open apps at same pace as any iPhone 7 plus
I suppose you are some billionaire for whom 1 second in app opening= loss of 1000 $ , if so why are you on this site in first place. I'd rather take phone with more functionality rather than phone that opens app a second faster