ZTE launches Tempo X for $80 on Boost Mobile

19 September 2017
The Tempo X has a 5.0” display, Android 7.1.1, and a removable battery.

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  • 20 Sep 2017

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2017Wow even at that price are expensive looking the specificat... moreCorrect,I went from flagships to Chinese phones because I couldn't justify the prices anymore for my needs,I have a cubot manito with 3gigs of ram in gold colour and got a free gel case with it and the battery life is 2 days for me,but I do have back ground sincronizeing off which helps tremendously,love the phone,all for £87 ,iPhone Sammy Sony HTC ect ect are pushing pole down the Chinese road,and there's some great spec phones out there for less than £150, everyone is to there own tho ;-)

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    • 20 Sep 2017

    Wow even at that price are expensive looking the specifications, there are out there tens of better phones for the same money. Being chinese products and all the available options... How people can be as blind to buy such crap of specs/price? Due to be a ZTE phone? They aren't well knowed for their often updates... and if ZTE invest in this is because they sell them, I suppose. Unbelievable

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      • 20 Sep 2017

      When chinese phones offers more with less... Also the XL cost just 20 dollars more...