Leaked LG teaser pic shows new Optimus, could it be the Nexus 3?

06 June, 2011
A new LG teaser pic shows a mysterious Optimus device - the same as the recently leaked photo of the next Google Nexus. The best part is this info reportedly comes from a source within LG and should be reliable...

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  • cmorelm

So this will be the Nexus O.

  • Anonymous

Some reliable source said that nexus 3 would be release around Christmas equip with quad core tegra 3. Manufacture by who remain unknown but should be either LG or Motorola.

  • AnonD-10270

This is LG's new flagship phone
code name is I project

due 3Q of 2011
IPS 4.5" LCD 326ppi or higher(LG display)
1.5GHz dual-core or higher (unknown)
Curved glass cover(Fuji crystal glass)
8mp or higher camera(LG innotech-I phone camera supplier)
ITO touch glass(wintech)
1.5mm slim side bezel
it'll be most powerful phone with sleek design

  • AnonD-10266

first they should update their existing phones...

  • AnonD-123

I'm going to reserve judgement until I see it turned on.

  • Indonesian

lol. It should be an icecream sandwich phone.
Btw I am Indonesian and I also think this is quite reliable. The workers often visit kaskus, the biggest Indonesian forum, about all topics including LG smartphones. They are so friendly with LG us.

  • AnonD-2677

How soon is "soon"? And no, "soon" isn't a viable answer.

  • Anonymous

that photo of the "new nexus" was already dismissed as a photoshopped verizon phone. the LG looks sexy though.

  • AnonD-1905

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2011Somehow the front does not look stylish.well it reminds of the chocolate :D....and that's LG's trade mark. I sincerely hope LG is gonna produce some more KG (chocolate) phones. Maybe a non-touch version with W-LAN

  • Anonymous

looks ugly,

  • Anonymous

Somehow the front does not look stylish.

  • AnonD-1905

it's gr8, if it's a Nexus, I'm gonna get one!!!