Huawei silently launches the Nova 2i

29 September 2017
The phone comes with 18:9 FullView display and four cameras.

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  • Martin
  • 5F%
  • 17 Nov 2020

it doesn't support WiFi 5ghz, only 2.4ghz

    • S
    • S Nirmal
    • iwp
    • 06 Nov 2020

    Does it support WiFi 5ghz

      • a
      • albert
      • vxu
      • 24 Jan 2019

      m, 23 Oct 2018does it carry 4g on sim 2 as well?YES.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • KgV
        • 30 Nov 2018

        ron, 13 Nov 2018i installed nba2k18. but it cant play... what to do?Then play it on a console

          • r
          • ron
          • wYx
          • 13 Nov 2018

          i installed nba2k18. but it cant play... what to do?

            • m
            • m
            • IW@
            • 23 Oct 2018

            does it carry 4g on sim 2 as well?

              • D
              • Dyosa
              • PAW
              • 25 Jun 2018

              Ashtaru, 04 Jun 2018does its battery removable?latest phone batt are non removable

                • N
                • Nahaar
                • f{4
                • 22 Jun 2018

                Ferdaus, 19 Mar 2018Can anybody help me? Which one I will buy? OPPO f5 or Huawe... moreHuawei Nova 2i is the Best Choice

                  • A
                  • Ashtaru
                  • uSQ
                  • 04 Jun 2018

                  does its battery removable?

                    • F
                    • FIT3
                    • RNx
                    • 22 May 2018

                    just bought it...smoothly nice and reasonable price I must say! performance was much way better than samsung!

                      • K
                      • Kurt
                      • nCE
                      • 13 May 2018

                      I have been a Huawei user since 2014 and just recently got my Huawei Nove 2i and this phone is insane. I cannot call myself a gamer but been playing a lot of MOBA lately and I have not had any issue in terms to lagging or battery heating. I have been using and abusing this phone ever since I got it.. from work (emails, scheduling, presentation, news, stock market, etc) even online shopping and even at home.. I sometimes sleep at it while its on charging mode and so far.. No changes.. still it good condition from day 1. Not that this helps but just want to let you guys know.

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                        • AnonD-756412
                        • vxr
                        • 05 May 2018

                        yes its perfect for taking photo's etc., but what about gaming? please share your thoughts

                          • M
                          • Magma
                          • MkX
                          • 30 Apr 2018

                          Just got my nova 2i.specs are awesome, price is reasonable.
                          better than oppo.

                            • J
                            • Jeet
                            • Pxp
                            • 25 Apr 2018

                            its a awesome phone in terms of photography. moreover its design like a iphone, especially backside. one problem is that it is a bit slippy.

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                              • MD
                              • teq
                              • 17 Apr 2018

                              Ferdaus, 19 Mar 2018Can anybody help me? Which one I will buy? OPPO f5 or Huawe... moreHuawei nova 2 i

                                • F
                                • Ferdaus
                                • YWi
                                • 19 Mar 2018

                                Can anybody help me? Which one I will buy? OPPO f5 or Huawei Nova 2i

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • Px4
                                  • 19 Mar 2018

                                  FYI - love Huawei and used a few of their phones. This phone is great for battery life, speed, value for money etc. the biggest problem is the camera speed. It takes beautiful photos but takes about 4 secs to open and be able to take a photo if another app has been opened. I have returned one handset for this reason and the current handset has the same issue. As does my friends of the same model. As I tend to travel a lot and take a phone in place of my camera, this is not ideal!

                                    • D
                                    • AnonD-745557
                                    • uCL
                                    • 18 Mar 2018

                                    I would like to ask about any user comment abt oppo f5 6gb ram phone and huawei nova 2i , if compare both of this phone which is better for long term use ?

                                      • C
                                      • Crystal yiap
                                      • uCL
                                      • 18 Mar 2018

                                      Compare with oppo f5 6gb ram and huawei nova 2i which is better ? I mean which more reliable?

                                        • a
                                        • allen
                                        • GAY
                                        • 09 Mar 2018

                                        Careto, 22 Jan 2018Ia this phone good for gaming? Like Mobile Legend or Rules ... moreYes it has no issue with rules of survival and mobile legends, this is my current phone. I installed those 3 games include nba 2k18. No lag and work so well with the high quality graphics.