Google Pixel 2 XL full frontal leak shows trimmed bezels, stereo speakers [Updated]

02 October 2017
So far the leaked renders have focused on its back, but now we get to see its front too.

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  • stobs

strongly reminds me of LG's recent phones

and the same ppl who'd say lg looks bad will say this looks good

gawd, humans

  • AnonD-629273

Owned the first Pixel XL and it was very good... However I'm just going to wait till they catch up and combine the advancements of OnePlus with the tech of Samsung. To be impressed by this pixel version it would need Wireless charging and 8GB of ram and some kind of other edge. If you're going to go for a Pixel you'd be silly not to just buy a OnePlus 5.

  • AnonD-625786

Kind of digging the design.
That is what I also said last year when they unveiled the first Pixel phones, and then I absolutely loved them :P

  • xgman


  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2017Being a user of the Sharp Aquos Crystal series since 2014, I agr... moreDon't you find it funny when a company is actually innovative and could make billions just by pushing their innovation only to not do that because "the rest are not following".

Back in 2012 Samsung released her Note tablet. It only needed some polishing and it would sell like crazy. They decided that it was a bad idea (instead of a good idea that needs polishing), Apple took it over and now sells like crazy (ipad pro makes record profits, basically all the profits from the tablet market).

Similarly with Sharp. They only needed to dampen the edges. The didn't recognize that and they gave up on the design. In the exact next year everybody is making millions with it, yes the very design that Sharp brought to the market.

As silly as it is to see gimmicks on the market trying to sway the customer, it's faaaar worse to see excellent ideas that are removed from it (hurting the customers in the process) because their inventors did not realize that all they needed was some polishing.

Observe how a company makes a smart use of the replaceabke battery in the future and racks most of the smatphone sales. One more unbeleivable idea that merely needed polishing, that died prematurely. To this day it is the only way to have infinite autonomy and 0 charge time in practice... What a surprise that Samsung is the one who abandoned it... oh wait it is not. Samsung creates gimmicks at high volume, and abandons good ideas at an even higher volume...

  • AnonD-632062


  • AnonD-234961

Instead of slimmer bezels, they went ahead and created a phone with bigger side bezels. Dead on arrival :)

  • Alien

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2017Being a user of the Sharp Aquos Crystal series since 2014, I agr... moreWhat about Sharp Aquos S2 and the S3 concept? :)
At least Sharp has SD card slot. If the pixels would have that i might buy one, but we all know they don't so I'm not interested one bit.

DamiDev, 03 Oct 2017are you serious bro ? the LG G6 is announced on February and r... moreIt's not copied from xiaomi you id i ot sharp released bezeless design back in 2014 long before g5 XD

  • Anonymous

DamiDev, 03 Oct 2017are you serious bro ? the LG G6 is announced on February and r... moreBeing a user of the Sharp Aquos Crystal series since 2014, I agree with you... Sharp was the first, but somehow they abandoned their bezel-less smartphone design in 2016, then XiaoMi picked it up and started the ball rolling again...
Fujitsu however was the first to use the speaker-under-screen technology before Sharp adopted it in 2014...

But because Sharp was exclusive to Japan for Docomo and/or SoftBank, many don't know of it's existence...

  • xvi

Side bezels look pretty chunky to me. Wish it were more like the LG v30 which has a fantastic design.

  • Anonymous

I like the design... Come at me..

  • AnonD-705111

Useless and ugly design. Overpriced. And like pixel 1 will be a failure. Look at beautiful designs of note 8. Mi max 2 looks better than this at 1/4th the price

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Say like this in the street and you can buy soon.

  • AnonD-146024

Sapphire Blue, 03 Oct 2017Anyone notice that 18:9 phone's left and right bezels are bigger... moreThat's not the case with Samsung. For most, Samsung flagship phones clearly win the design award this year.

  • Poppa_fif


  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Pity that they never moved ahead with that design tho... Ironically their current phones have lower stb ratio than Xperia zl

  • Gio

I wish google would give us the option to hide the search bar. I like to have my home-screen as clean as possible and don't use the search bar.

  • AnonD-504554

ATT, 03 Oct 2017why everyone copy Samsung ?? means Samsung leading the design te... moreBecause the design is well received by the people. What else?

Looks like every other rounded corner phone released this year. Nothing special with the industrial design. The specs and UI will be awesome though.

Am I the only person who likes the "panda" black and white version? With the orange button? Looks very Braun :) which incidentally has always been an inspiration for Apple products.