Microsoft confirms Windows Phone is dead

09 October 2017
Only bug fixes for Windows 10 Mobile will be issued in the future.

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  • AnonD-742452
  • K6w
  • 05 Mar 2018

Seriously Windows phone is creating headache as they are not working properly, I had bought Windows phone some years ago and from last few days Windows Powershell Windows Powershell Customer Care isn't responding, I had contacted for my query and should appreciate that they had provided useful information.

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    • dr
    • fC}
    • 28 Nov 2017

    MS Windows phone doing the same as Symbian did.

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      • michael babad
      • sxr
      • 25 Nov 2017

      in my common opinion as a user of android, ios and windows phone, people just want it simple. so majority of people use android because its has a simple user interface just like windows 95,98, 2000, xp etc. then ios also has a lot of restrictions for security purposes. then theres windows phones. i think most people find the UI complicated or its hard to express in this interface, might be hard to adapt, blocks of icons, few good apps. like saying, i just want to wear jeans and shirt, i cant go everyday wearing a tuxedo doing regular stuff. windows phone is like the future but cant be in the present because people dont want to complicate things and just want to be with the crowd. when i got my first android smartphone(samsung galaxy y 2012), i said to myself, oh this is like windows but touchscreen. so the windowslike interface from the 90's is in the phone year 2010+'s. maybe 20-30 years from now, people will start to like a windows 10like interface but not windows. lol then theres the Nokia N9 in 2011. God i so love that phone even if i dont own it. was very expensive that time. even now i still love it and wish for it. i was like, how the f did they make this? there are no screws! that simple, discreet and solid built, its like holding a solid steel with a screen. lol wish they could make again an improved N9 with good freestyle OS. and now smartphones are slowly starting to look like the N9. see what i mean? the future is having a hard time living in the present but can get along with the past.

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        • Acteon
        • 8pg
        • 24 Nov 2017

        Well ... Microsoft did not invested ... At least Intelligently !
        From a hardware point:
        - Devices like lumia were behind the competitors.
        - Devices never really utilized windows features like continuum .
        - Devices were really bad designed. Bulky .
        - Only device that is good hp elite x3 and it was not never distributed widely.
        From Software point:
        - Software was really good. Robust and efficient.
        - Lacked leadership. 3rd devs never trusted the ecosystem.
        Summary good software was not supported by good hardware.

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          • AnonD-115431
          • 2CQ
          • 24 Nov 2017

          absolute lie. Investment was not done well. End of story. I hope Microsoft will be demolished by Apple and Google. The new era is coming, it will be chromebook vs mac. Windows had a good long run.

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            • AdamBoy64
            • Fv4
            • 24 Nov 2017

            kevink, 12 Oct 2017Bullshit... check the specs of the phones listed. There were some incredible Windows Phone devices.

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              • myname
              • amZ
              • 03 Nov 2017

              Anonymous, 10 Oct 2017Your last sentence is totally wrong. A phone OS must be ... moreTotally agree 🤝

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                • kevink
                • gx1
                • 12 Oct 2017

                MMSZoli, 11 Oct 2017I think you jut checked the basic WP phones. There were som... moreBullshit.

                  Anonymous, 09 Oct 2017use the flagships of Android and then judge..... I did

                    luter, 10 Oct 2017Windows phone is dead because they made crappy phones with ... moreThey did it with the Lumia 520, then the Moto G came out in response.

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                      • MMSZoli
                      • nCn
                      • 11 Oct 2017

                      AnonD-383187, 10 Oct 2017Windows Phone failed because Microsoft wouldn't let the OEM... moreI think you jut checked the basic WP phones. There were some really fantastic phones.
                      The OS run very fast, there was 2GB memory, 20MP or 41MP Carl Zeiss camera in a sleek body, 2160p recording, AMOLED, full HD display, just check out Nokia 930 and check the price compared to any Samsung with the same specs. (and Nokias will run much faster with a asimilar CPU.) Check out 925, 930 or 1020

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                        • Anonymous
                        • j5A
                        • 11 Oct 2017

                        Anonymous, 11 Oct 2017What's the point of more OS? What features/UI would a new O... moreThey could of found a niche in the market but wanted instead to compete with Google and Apple. There no realistic approach to compete in these circumstances. Their are millions of people around world who preceded a third party option to Android and IOS. Microsoft was too full of pride.

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                          • nC6
                          • 11 Oct 2017

                          So Apple was right in saying that a unified OS approach was not feasible. Computers/Laptops are different to tablets and mobile phones.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 35m
                            • 11 Oct 2017

                            Anonymous, 11 Oct 2017In other words, you love Android with a passion. There's a... moreThere isn't any passion. I said the objective facts.

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 35m
                              • 11 Oct 2017

                              Tee, 10 Oct 2017Rubbish.....the more the better for us..........this should... moreWhat's the point of more OS? What features/UI would a new OS have? Windows Phone wanted to be different than Android and failed. The other way is to make an OS with the same features and looks as Android. Then what's the point? The new OS would be created from scratch and it would be a new platform. Then you have a situation that it doesn't have apps/games, so developers would have to recreate everything. What's the point? (For example I don't think Rockstar would create another port of GTA games, same is true about DIII4A.) The other way is to have Android app compatibility. Then why wouldn't you simply use Android instead? There is the Sailfish OS for that. And it has minor user base. The only worthy way is to create a modified version of Android. You already have them. Most phone manufacturers use custom Android, and you can install custom ROMs too.

                              It's easy to say you want more OS, but if you think about it, it doesn't worth it.

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                                • ex windows phone use
                                • RND
                                • 11 Oct 2017

                                why windows phone dead ?

                                1. Early vendor who want to use windows phone need to pay
                                2. Untill now compare with android windows 10 mobile still running slowly when open apps (always resume and loading)
                                I have lumia 540 and lenovo s650 (for example to open whatsapp, lenovo s650 more faster than lumia 540
                                I dont know why people say running smooth? I say slowly

                                Because need to pay, then only less vendor want to use, and caused very less developer build apps for windows phone

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                                  • Luxor
                                  • tue
                                  • 11 Oct 2017

                                  SpiritWolf, 10 Oct 2017That's the sheep mentality i was talking about. I am person... moreYour decision is not always the right one for you. Standing for what you believe in and standing for a good decision is two different things.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • JaL
                                    • 11 Oct 2017

                                    Anonymous, 10 Oct 2017Your last sentence is totally wrong. A phone OS must be ... moreIn other words, you love Android with a passion.
                                    There's a lot of incorrect points you made there as well.

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                                      • BAILEY
                                      • pJ5
                                      • 10 Oct 2017

                                      .alpha, 10 Oct 2017Satya Nadella killed Windows Phone quickly and Microsoft slowlyNo he didn’t kill Windows phone you need to get honest. People were never really that interested from the start

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                                        • Celluloid
                                        • 6EV
                                        • 10 Oct 2017

                                        G, 10 Oct 2017Good riddance. Let's not forget they're the reason Meego di... moreWill you say the same about Android when it fails, since they're the reason Windows Mobile is dead? MeeGo was accepted even less than Windows.