Next version of Bixby to be unveiled next week

12 October 2017
It will go "beyond smartphones", so keep your eyes peeled for a smart speaker.

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  • Anonymous

Hoffmann, 12 Oct 2017Samsung, just stop it, ok?Yeah, add the IR-blaster instead. Far more useful and works in any language. :-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Oct 2017Haters for sure, funny how they hate something so much to want t... moreNo we don't.
Only the fools or the ones influenced by advertising buy that phone. Not to mention that not every Samsung had bixby.

To much saturation of AI assistants, it is good that Samsung expanding its capabilities, but I don't see how it is better than competition

  • Livius

How about the update to 7.1.2 not to mention 8.0 ?? Still investing in the most useless feature ever made in 2017 ! Samsung has gone more and more stupid each year !

  • Anonymous

Csonte, 13 Oct 2017I still don't get it why people hate Bixby that much. Im pretty ... moreHaters for sure, funny how they hate something so much to want to remove and yet still buy the phone.

Although i admit i dont use bixby that much, i'm learning to slowly integrate it into my everyday phone usage. It can actually be pretty nifty and can save me extra gestures or actions to get my phone to do something. If they can further improve it in the next iteration, i'm all for it. There's nothing to hate. Except if you're a pathetic poser of course.

  • S8 user

It's actually a good product and can do tasks on my phone that Google Assistant currently can't.

  • D

There's only one feature I want in the new version - being able to completely remove this useless (for me) bloat from my S8+.

  • Csonte

I still don't get it why people hate Bixby that much. Im pretty sure that 99% of those "haters" have never used Bixby before or at least once in a Sam store for 1 minute... I use Bixby on my s8+ and it serves me well and does everything I need. I know it works "slower" then other AIs and had to rename half of my contacts to make it compatible with english pronunciation but It REALY does everything on the phone. Google assistance is good but can't do anything serious except of browsing the web or make some notes/calendar events and do some phone calls. You can have funny (but totally pointless) conversation with Siri about her mood and she does the same as google assistance but you can't go realy deep into your phone. Im totaly satisfied with Bixby and looking forward to new developments. And those who need more languages - Im sure Sam is working on it but the whole AI is just half year old and they need some time to do that. Nor google assistance or Siri have stared with tons of languages.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-8419, 12 Oct 2017I tried everything with bixby but its not happening. Pretty bad... moreBad in what sense? I tried on my friend's phone and other than being slow to respond, it does things pretty well.

  • AnonD-8419

I tried everything with bixby but its not happening. Pretty bad as of now . Even google assistant is way better.

Why not adding new languages? I just think it might perhaps help people adopt the never-asked-for AI

  • Hoffmann

Samsung, just stop it, ok?

Let's hope that it will be truly holistically finalized (until then).

  • Love the Community

We all know Bixby is screwed when SouthPark didn't lampoon on Bixby but instead it's Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri. Three is enough and more of that is already oversaturation.

  • AnonD-649958

They should first improve Bixby's speech recognition ...because when compared to google assistant on my S8 its atrocious.
Increasing thrid party support is welcomed but it'll only help if bixby is capable in understanding what I ask of it. For all I know, samsung main goal is to stop the applications that remap the bixby button because they know google assistant is far superior.