ZTE Axon M (Z999) passes through Wi-Fi Alliance

16 October 2017
The foldable Axon Multi is edging towards its expected October 17 announcement.

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  • Anonymous

MichaelHB, 16 Oct 2017That's not foldable! Is only 2 displays with a hinge betwee... more"Foldable display's" = could be 2 separate displays you can fold to smaller form.
"Flexible display's"= 1 display that can be folded to a smaller form.
The difference is still there but I get your point.

  • MichaelHB

That's not foldable! Is only 2 displays with a hinge between them, like a clampshell with 2 displays. Foldable is a only 1 display that really fold like paper. What a foolish way to lie consumers XD.

  • AnonD-569198

I want one.

  • AnonD-691126

I would love if the phone screens folded inside. Absolutely no more screen scratches!

Yes, so waiting just until tomorrow to see what ZTE has in store.

  • Anonymous

Why can't we just get the sliding keyboards back?

  • Anonymous

Awesome! But, y sd821..!?