Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 debuts with rugged body, mid-range specs

16 October 2017
It will go on sale at the end of November for €500.

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  • AnonD-632062

IP68 protection & MIL-STD certification and it has a removable battery and a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Stereo speakers, Type-C slot, S-Pen, SD card slot, Fingerprint scanner, Compact 8 inch tablet, perfect 16:10 ratio, Power-efficient 14nm chipset combined with 1280*800 res screen means battery life will be amazing.

You even get a 8 MP autofocus camera on the back + 5 MP front-facing for those video-conferencing calls.

I love this rugged tablet that has these old-school specs. Awesome....

  • Anonymous

Nechan, 16 Oct 2017500 euro for 1280 x 800?? Why samsung? Even phone nowdays m... moreHow many of those sub-500 euro 1080p samsung phones are rugged?

  • AnonD-701442

1280 x 800 ? Mid Range ?
That should be Entry Level Specs for a Tablet.
500 euro is also way above a mid range price.

  • Anonymous

They've been releasing 8" tablets with that resolution and storage since 2013. They complain that no one's buying tablets but they give no incentives to upgrade. Who wants a tablet that doesn't allow you to enjoy full HD video??

  • AnonD-593343

Well, because this is not a device typically built for average consumers, although I am one of the average consumers who has been waiting for this for very long, business users usually don't mind throwing a lot of money on crappy specs.

  • Anonymous

IP68. Removable battery.

So, what were you idiots that were talking about when you said sealed batteries are needed for water protection?

  • Aadrian

I don't find the price justified, but that's my opinion. I think they priced it so high because it's rugged.

  • 800 x 1280 pixels

800 x 1280 pixels is rubbish and we waited 3 years for this. I'll wait for the Tab Active 3 in 2020. Surely by then the resolution will increase to 1200 x 1920.

500 euro for 1280 x 800?? Why samsung? Even phone nowdays made by samsung have 1080p for under 300 usd

Good specs for any tablet these days. I'm glad Samsung is stepping up their game!