Oreo-based EMUI 8.0 coming to the Mate 9 and P10 families

16 October 2017
From now on EMUI will match Android Oreo’s version number.

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  • Shizi

Still waiting for updates on my P10 Plus 😒. (EMUI or Oreo)

  • bhatti

what about mate 10 lite/ honor 9i

  • opt

Don't forget the p9.
you promised to give 2 Major updates for this device.
I am just reminding. :D

  • Carmanen

Anonymous, 17 Oct 2017What about P10 Lite?Exactly!

  • Anonymous

What about P10 Lite?

  • arash

y 7 prime please

  • AnonD-708622

What about mate 8??

  • anoni

And the mate 9 lite???? please tell me !!!

  • Danny

P9 Plus please

  • AnonD-676946

What about honor 8

  • AnonD-558720

What about the P9 Plus ?
I'll be pissed if they skip it

  • Carmanen

P10 family gets Oreo but no mention about P10 lite... ...pff, what a bullshit! Yes, P10 lite is the cheapest one but if it doesn't get Oreo, then i'm very disappointed ._.

  • AnonD-697970

What about nova 2 plus

  • Anonymous

What about P9 Plus?

looking forward to oreo on my P10 plus

  • AnonD-233705

Thank you so much Huawei for Announcement of Oreo for P10, i hope with Oreo my phone will more smooth and new features.