HTC U11 Plus renders show a small refinement of the familiar design

19 October 2017
The fingerprint reader jumped to the back to free up space on the front.

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  • Nitin Bhawarkar
  • DkY
  • 08 Feb 2020

Not Sure 100% Price Control

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    • p2V
    • 22 Oct 2017


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      • AnonD-173775
      • sHV
      • 21 Oct 2017

      This won't be the final product. The bezels are big for this to be a LG V30 level product. Be patient folks

        dladz, 20 Oct 2017Samsung outsells other because most non techies believe tha... moreTalk on behalf yourself. For me S8 killing Oneplus in every way except price but Samsung is more reliable regarding warranty of course if you are not knox triggered. I have got S8+ and I wouldnt change it for Oneplus. But I will change it for Z2 Force probably :)

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          • SfV
          • 20 Oct 2017

          No IR Blaster no any brand for me

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            • 20 Oct 2017

            I shall wait for this flagship! It will be the best of 2017! Up!

              These renders never convince me.
              The U11 had an amazing front glass that flowed out over the edges. I doubt they'd take a step back design-wise with the U11 Plus. These renders never captures the key design elements of the phone.

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                • 20 Oct 2017

                No 3.5 no htc for me

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                  • 20 Oct 2017

                  These renders looks very promising. Lets see how actual device will be...

                    dladz, 20 Oct 2017Samsung outsells other because most non techies believe tha... moreWhich just confirms my point that once a screen is at lest 1080p no average person really says "no, I'm not buying it because it's not 2k or 4k" there are Alot of factors people look at when choosing a phone and 2k or 4k is very low on that list.
                    If 4k was most important Sony phones would be selling like hot bread.

                      Wireless charge? Huawei didn' included it on Mate 10 Pro to maximize battery size, it seems. I'm curious to see if HTC will demonstrate us that it's not impossible to have both features.

                        you got all right, till the part of one plus plus..doesn't innovate anything...just buy stuff and put them together with a copy paste design. that's bad for consumers. we need differentiation. SAMSUNG, LG, HTC, HUAWEI, XIAOMI, all have unique features in their devices with unique designs. That costs money. i prefer to pay a little more if i know next year or 2 years i will get better phones because the money this companies invest in new technologies...

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                          • 20 Oct 2017

                          Anth0ny, 20 Oct 2017yo. don't be fooled only tech reviewers & you look a... moreSamsung outsells other because most non techies believe that every other phone besides an Apple device is a Samsung, they have no idea the operating system is actually Android.

                          Anyone with a brain stem would avoid Samsung because their phones have been surpassed by quite some way, they have always had bloat and continue to do so.

                          Oneplus 5 is the best phone this year.

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                            • 20 Oct 2017

                            HTC please stop., 19 Oct 2017HTC it is getting embarrassing now. Just sell yourself to G... moreYou should STOP your trolling now! I shall be reported!

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                              • 6p$
                              • 20 Oct 2017

                              Sony Fanboy Bitches, 19 Oct 2017The difference between 2K and 4K is far larger than the dif... moreMost 2k screen phones are made for VR. A phone that have a 4k screen which don't support VR is just plain stupid.

                                Sony Fanboy Bitches, 19 Oct 2017The difference between 2K and 4K is far larger than the dif... moreyo. don't be fooled
                                only tech reviewers & you look at 1080,4k, 2k.
                                You think people that buy iPhones, buy it for 1080 or 2k or 4k? Screen rez is the last thing on there mind. Do you think the reason every Samsung flag ship outsells your precious Sony has to do with screen resolution? Screen red above 1080 just not that important to most people.

                                  AnonD-558092, 19 Oct 2017Those that think going "jackless" is better think that it's... moreWell if they say being "jackless" is for thinner smartphones I say it is wrong. Comparing with my XPERIA XZ1 to the Pixel 2 XL with GSMARENA's specs comparison, I don't see any difference in thickness at all, even though Pixel 2 XL have no 3.5mm headphone jack. I just hope this is just a mistake they made, because it doesn't bring any advantages. I am glad brands like SAMSUNG, Sony, LG etcetera still have the 3.5mm headphone jack

                                    Anth0ny, 19 Oct 2017if you have a phone with the headphone jack at the base you... moreWell I use XPERIA smartphones, thats why the headphone jack is on top, so I can take it normally. Anyways, thanks for the tip!

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                                      • 19 Oct 2017

                                      Noel, 19 Oct 2017M33 i am right there with u...not a fan of the narrow elong... moreIf it was with Amoled and good IP rating, then Mate 10 would be my next phone, but sadly I continue to search my next phone.

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                                        • 19 Oct 2017

                                        xXENDER FREAKXx, 19 Oct 2017And the reason why is because wired have a much more divers... moreThose that think going "jackless" is better think that it's the only way to acheive thinner devices, to which I reply "NO. Not at all". You can check the Galaxy Tab S2 or the Galaxy A7 2015, both are REALLY thin and still have a headphone jack.