Essential Phone is now $200 cheaper in US, going for $499

23 October 2017
Essential isn't forgetting its existing customers as well - they'll get a $200 Friends & Family code to use towards a new PH-1 unit or Essential 360 Camera.

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  • Vaibhav Shah

Essential - 360 Degree Camera for Essential Cell Phones is now included for free with the phone at $449.99

  • Anonymous

But the founder is Andy Rubin, don't underestimate him.

  • AnonD-691126

Remember the Nextbit Robin? It's about $109 brand new in box. It is loaded with compromises; absolutely no more support from Nextbit after being acquired by Razer. The phone was not purchasable from their shop. Even if one were to purchase one, they would have to find a case as the phone is entirely made from plastic. I have also heard of battery bloating, and I have no idea if batteries are even sold for it.

I don't see Essential scrapping their Essential phone just yet. What we should worry about is the fear of Essential being acquired and discontinuing support, maybe even warranties, for their "disposable" titanium and ceramic box. I would love a rose gold option.

  • AnonD-691126

DanishBeacon, 23 Oct 2017Not surprised at all... So much hype even before company ma... moreNot to mention actually physically freezing the phone to open it.

  • Anonymous

I will pay $50 for it.

  • Anonymous

500$ is too much for this crap.

  • .alpha

No more update and no more support. Even warranty will not be honored. I wouldn't pay $500 for a phone from a company that no longer exists

Not surprised at all... So much hype even before company made their first prototype is doomed to failure. The inventor of android and all that blah blah blah... Give me a break.
Ifixit give Essential a repair mark of 1. That is just poor design. No matter how much Ceramic and Titanium you tape on it when the whole phone is poorly designed. All screen but the strange looking dot for camera! Seriously?

The promo in Canada is 350$ off apparently, but no mentions of this referal scheme. (Was 1050$, now 699$). Must go on their website with CA IP and French as language (EN shows US pricing). Telus didn't updated their pricing though so the promo isn't on.

  • AnonD-397058

JMTM, 23 Oct 2017$500 is great price for this phone but I'm pretty sure the ... moreAssuming it will still be for sale then.

  • AnonD-397058

If I bought this phone I would expect it to never receive a software update. For security or Android updates. Taking that into consideration I would be willing to pay $299 for it.

  • gam30to

AnonD-352484, 23 Oct 2017Still you're getting a buggy slower version of a OnePlus 5 ... moresimple. oneplus 5 looks dated. this one looks more like a 2017 phone. eventho i don't like the cut out at all.

  • AnonD-642976

JMTM, 23 Oct 2017$500 is great price for this phone but I'm pretty sure the ... moreYes, that was what I tought as well. This company has some good ideas but a terrible S&D strategy. Even for a start-up.

  • Bewildered

AnonD-393912, 23 Oct 2017Apparently after selling only a bit more than 5000 unit by ... moreMy complaint is that just two years ago there were FOUR O/Ses now we are down to two, the other one does not have memory expansion

Without a 'name' you can't expect to sell your flagship phone albeit with similar specs the same as other flagship.

There is so little display space that you are at the mercy of the sales staff, so by default only the top seller are displayed.

The price cut should get it noticed and boost sales, so if you know what phone you want before you walk in you should get it

Comparison OnePlus 5 and Z2 Force, all Snapdragon 835, my preferred Snapdragon 835 is available on all networks but only online,
UK, I am sure sales would increase if it had a store present but Android devices are being released at a phenomenal rate, so even though a flagship except for Gsmarena the Pixel and Pixel 2 an Android iPhone I would not know.
No disrespect but I doubt that many even research to the NHS degree the specs on their phone
Problems are if your prone lacks a feature you expected it to have

  • Anonymous

Only sold in USA and Canada, buggy, new start-up means this is a massive gamble, I'd wait for the next generation (if they ever get there).

  • Love the Community

For hipsters out there, this is now a good price to buy this phone. It's competing against the Mi Mix 2 and OnePlus 5. The headphone jack add on module will come soon to sort of add more chin for the PH-1 but it's okay. Though I have a Nokia 8 now, I sorta wished I could've waited for the inevitable discount on the PH-1 to look cool. Titanium and Ceramic for $500 is a steal.

  • AnonD-352484

Still you're getting a buggy slower version of a OnePlus 5 with worse camera and ugly screen, why would anyone want to buy this? I mean even it it was 400 I would prefer the oneplus 5

  • JMTM

$500 is great price for this phone but I'm pretty sure the price will go even lower during black Friday.
I'm not sure how long this company will last though, meaning this could be their first and the last product with absolutely no support.

  • AnonD-691126

Excellent. This vs. moto z2 is a tough sell.

  • Anonymous

The phone needs more marketing and also they have to price it right, this is a new brand and it is not easy to ask people to buy it for high price being a new brand with almost no marketing. But anyway, this price is much better.