Essential Phone is now $200 cheaper in US, going for $499

23 October 2017
Essential isn't forgetting its existing customers as well - they'll get a $200 Friends & Family code to use towards a new PH-1 unit or Essential 360 Camera.

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  • ZloiYuri

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2017Lot of one plus trolls trolls in hereExactly. Too much trolling from this copycat cheating thief company to push their overpriced chinaphone. They just don't understand how obviously they act.

  • Anonymous

Lot of one plus trolls trolls in here

  • AnonD-393912

Apparently after selling only a bit more than 5000 unit by September, the sales in October is not getting better.
The price cut will put overpriced Essential to its supposed price point next to One+ and its peers.
That being said, full featured One+ and its peers will or already get bezeless look which is barebone Essential main and possibly only good point. At that point Essential may remain as hard sell.
Oh, as comparison, One+1 sells around 1 million unit in 8 month. At least 200 thousand of those are sold in USA.

Seems like this phone isn't so essential after all

Cut $200 more. This is the phone that only sold 5,000 unit we speaking here. Hello, Rubin. You still dont see the big picture? No amount of freebies gonna save your company or penetrating into other market.

Still more like a basic phone than an essential phone. Also, never was a fan of asymmetry. That single bottom bezel isn't attractive at all. Much like the mi mix or the aquos.

  • Anonymous

And Europe?

  • Anonymous

not everyone can pull off absurd pricing :)

  • AnonD-694886

Now that's better for a phone without a headphone jack.