Qualcomm likely to announce the Snapdragon 845 in early December

28 October 2017
The Snapdragon Technology Summit is to be held December 4-8 in Maui, leaked invite reveals.

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ZloiYuri, 29 Oct 2017If you live in Europe, you can get all the data Google coll... moreYou don't need to be big person for Google to have your data. What about targeted ads? What if you are a potential criminal? There are too many ifs there. Google can abide by law and still keep your data in server in other country where it's legal

  • Anonymous

L0lip0p, 29 Oct 2017Thoso reviewer and critics are also the same person who bas... moreLiterally every review I have seen has bashed iphone for it's design. Don't know where does your statement come from. Even the verge gave iphone an 8 simply coz of dated design

  • ZloiYuri

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2017Did you just say you believe google actually deletes your d... moreIf you live in Europe, you can get all the data Google collected about you. Check it, delete it and check again. As many did this before. Do you think you are so big person and google take care your useless data,? Thy prefer to be law loyal company instead of keeping your unnecessary data. And stop defending weak Chinese ompany by trolling.

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2017better optimized? lol even note 8 with exynos cant beat my ... moreWhat I meant was they are better then snapdragon counterpart just look at note8 exynos and sd performance and battery test and note8 is not stock android its heavily skinned which of course affects performance, I bet if note8 used stock android it would be far better performing than your moto and yes it depends on how manufacturer optimizes its os which samsung does better for exynos version

Avovymous, 29 Oct 2017not expecting much from a fanboy with their brand who fails... moreThoso reviewer and critics are also the same person who bash sony for bezel but praise apple with their, revolutionary iphone 8 duo, and say the bezel is not a big deal

TheProperGentleman, 28 Oct 2017As an Android guy who has never used iPhones I'm embarrasse... moreThis is SO true! (although I am learning to be a developer for apple. (and I'm an android user. hence why I am always getting an iPhone from work) and I did mingle a bit with the set. I've set the animation length to 50% and ran geekbench. the scores of the A11 Bionic blasted over 5.5k in single core and more than insane 14k multicore! ofcourse. I cannot provide any pics as it's developer stuff.
P.S. Android animation= 56% length of iOS animation fyi. so It's a tad bit inaccurate.

AnonD-711468, 28 Oct 2017Nope Sandybridge (of 2011) a jump. Same w Coffee Lake (of 2... moreWell said. //applauses

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2017wow, a fortune teller is in gsmarena too...Err. not exactly. there are MASSIVE AMOUNT of leaks showing these scores. ^^; basing on these leaks I am telling the results.

  • Alice

Calvin Tiunardo, 29 Oct 2017I hope that it's focused on single core, not multicore thou.....Why? To show better numbers in single core against the A11? That's ridiculous. In fact A11 Bionic has followed to the Android processors increasing their number of cores, now with Two powerfull cores plus four secondary (efficent) ones.

Good developers always use multi-thread programming and the OS spread them through the multiple cores as neccesary. Only old and simple or bad programmed apps use single core today. Even web navigators use multi-thread now. You need a powerfull multicore SoC with energy equilibrium between powerful cores and efficience ones. Like now. Ahother thing is that Qualcomm can improve their powerfull cores to reach the power cores of the A11. But that is secondary.

Qualcomm just have powerfull SoCs like the 835, this is not about numbers against what other OS has as SoC or works or needs. Look only the benchmarks is more a childish aptitude that anything else or a serious and objective point of view.

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ZloiYuri, 28 Oct 2017People like you always defending OnePlus with wrong loigics... moreDid you just say you believe google actually deletes your data?

I may not have a bridge to sell to you but still... Whatever.

I hope that it's focused on single core, not multicore thou.....

Sony Fanboy Bitches, 29 Oct 2017Thoss reviewers also have a weak belief like you do. They ... moreHahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

You're incredibly deluded into thinking sony is still relevant. It's so funny!

  • Anonymous

Only %10 less battery uses lollipops. Marshmallows, Nougats and this one Oreo all of them R hunger
%35 Stronger to 835! Perhaps

  • Avovymous

Sony Fanboy Bitches, 29 Oct 2017Thoss reviewers also have a weak belief like you do. They ... morenot expecting much from a fanboy with their brand who fails to impress the reviewers and critics

AnonD-368020, 28 Oct 2017That's why no reviewers ever consider these phones for spee... moreThoss reviewers also have a weak belief like you do.
They don't consider those two because of how devastating would it be against other Androids.

Come back to me when the Galaxy S9 goes out with SD845 and 6GB RAM and maybe it could beat the Xperia XZ of 2016 in speed.
And the Galaxy Note 9 with SD845 and 8GB RAM to compete with these two.

  • ZloiYuri

AnonD-368020, 28 Oct 2017Google knows more about me than anyone else in this world. ... morePeople like you always defending OnePlus with wrong loigics. OnePlus doesn't getting better if someone is worst.
What about Google. Can you hack any private data storing be Google? No. Does Google asks your permission first to collect your data? Yes. Does Google let you delete all stored personalized data? Yes.
Does OnePlus asks your permission to collect ALL your data? No. Does OnePlus lets erase all collected private data? No. They will store your IMEI, number and other data. Why? Because they want it. Does OnePlus use cryptography sending your private data? No. Anyone can cath it while transmitting.
OInePlus collect your very sensitive data and doesn't care about safety. Because they don't care about you at all. Pay you money and shut up - policy of this bad chinese company.
Google isn't perfect, Apple too, but at least they try to keep your data safe. OnePlus has so bad coders who even know anything about SSL. Bad cheating stoling company.

  • AnonD-711468

Snapdragon, 28 Oct 2017You are not using facts. Snapdragon 8xx SOC includes modem... moreNope, even in raw benchmarks it shows minimal gains. Nothing to do with Android, Huawei phones are *fast* merely due to using a better chip.

It's all about Qualcomm slacking. The gains in battery are ... spurious and minimal at best. They're more connected to Android optimizations (stopping background apps)

  • AnonD-711468

dudecool, 28 Oct 2017This problem is happening for a lot of chipset companies at... moreNope Sandybridge (of 2011) a jump. Same w Coffee Lake (of 2017)...

AMD literally had nothing to show up until Ryzen ... they were stuck in 2007 seemingly forever. Nothing to do with limits. If it was for that neither Ryzen nor Coffee Lake would be possible. We're still not close to the end of transistor shrinking... we have another decade at least (despite what Cassandras say) and we were certainly not close back in 2010 or 2011 (when AMD was sleeping while Intel released Sandy Bridge)

Similar with ARM . Qualcomm is sleeping , Huawei at least tries, and Apple posts desktop performance at this point ... it's all about effort and quality engineering. None of which is Qualcomm's forte apparently.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-368020, 28 Oct 2017Who cares about benchmark cheating. One plus 5 is still the... moreThe cheating only happens during benchmark.
There is no boost in phone performance.
Costumers were fooled. That is the issue.

Tell you the phone is the fastest, then you buy it and realize it is not.

  • Anonymous

Gautam chy, 28 Oct 2017Because Samsung make there chipThe 845 may be TSMC