Motorola A840 CDMA/GSM synergy

23 March, 2004
Motorola introduced the new model A840, one of the first mobile handsets to combine CDMA and GSM technology for reliable global roaming and a single-number experience...

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  • t}Y
  • 21 Nov 2013

i want to purchase this phone how can in india bombay ?

    • S
    • SANJAY
    • utv
    • 20 Jul 2011

    I have this beautiful phone but i can not use it because of battary
    problem . i badly need the battry can u suggest me the service center
    address where i can get it in uttar pradesh (INDIA).

      • J
      • Jorge
      • 2Wx
      • 04 Nov 2009

      i like this handset's capabilities but not the antenna

        • D
        • Donald Ellis
        • kaK
        • 27 Aug 2006

        Excellent phone. I think its a really great unit. Been waiting for this for a while. I just have one question. Do both networks GSM/CDMA work simultaneously? i.e. can u receive calls from either network at any time or is it a case where u have 2 switch between networks?