HTC enters the bezel-less race with the U11+

02 November 2017
The HTC U11+ comes with the latest Snapdragon 835 and a tall 18:9 screen.

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  • Kareem

This is the phone, I mean the iPhone x and s8, Note 8 killer!!! This is the phone I've waiting for from HTC.....And it's well nailed. It has the loudest and most accurate boom sound any phone might have, 4000 battery capacity, 3 AI technologies, water resistant, one of the best camera out there. What else? Head jack??? If u are still asking for head jack port I guess you are sick rolling back to ages, well wake up the future is here.

It's no lie whatever HTC does people will complain like they're paid to do this. For me, HTC still leads despite a few drawbacks, I'm so happy the arrival of u11 and u11+.

I will definitely save up to buy this phone I promise myself and when I do, I will come back here to let haters know nothing like HTC phones. I've used an iPhone, Samsung....sure sucks except a few Huawei.

Thumbs up HTC, more grace to come. Pls advertise this phone heavily, this the major problem with your firm, get it corrected then the sky ain't your limits.

Yours loving fan, Kareem.

  • Noel

AnonD-126794, 05 Nov 2017This is the best smartphone that money can buy when you com... moreHTC that wasn't hard...was it???
As u can tell from all the excitement about this phone..they delivered on those two point. Been saying it for years now...just knock off the huge bezels and put in a capacious juice pack.
This HTC U11+ even tho it comes in the narrow elongated 18:9AR that I am not a fan one of my top 3 or 4 phones ( Mate 10, V30, Pixel 2XL, U11+). But Mate 10 and U11+ bcuz of the huge batteries are leading the pack.
Now I hope HTC n Google will relax whatever deal it seems they had ( bcuz of the Pixel devices) on bringing this phone here in the US. This phone can really help HTC with sales...I am very positive about this. HTC's new lease on survival.
Oh how I wish it was a 16:9AR phone...instantly it will be my #1 device.

  • AnonD-126794

This is the best smartphone that money can buy when you compare the features, quality, and price as well. It is basically a Galaxy S8 Plus with a bigger battery, better audio, better OS imo, normal fingerprint placement, amazing speakers, and 6GB of RAM bundled with bigger internal memory and still having the option for Micro SD. Thank you google for rejecting this phone, now I can get the perfect smartphone from HTC.

  • AnonD-701312

acemang, 04 Nov 2017good for you keep buying crap phones that need removable ba... moreI've never understood people's cry for removable batteries in 2017 going into 2018. Battery life is great. Plus quick charge is awesome. These people have got to be on their phones from wake up to bed time......

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2017nope people didnt forget removable battery. i still want r... moregood for you keep buying crap phones that need removable batteries to trade...because usually they suck so much that you will need it. the only phone i had in 10 years that needed a battery replacement was a blackberry z10...that had...guess what? battery removable...

  • Toldyouso

Rottenphone, 02 Nov 2017This should have been the specs for Google 2XL ... With all... more

As i was thinking, so did they at Google, but alas politics probably took over and LG was awarded 2XL

  • Anonymous

AnonD-305089, 02 Nov 2017People used to cry about removable batteries too once upon ... morenope people didnt forget removable battery.
i still want removable battery and choose accordingly
j7 2016 is still good for me ;)

  • Anonymous

once a leader in smartphone, really took them too long to overcome their biggest technical challenge, i.e to reduce the bezel thickness. Yet with U11 it is still not good enough compare to the competition... still 50% thicker than the norm. Similarly, let's hope that the other taiwan phone maker Asus can also match the rest with their Zenfone 6 in bezel thickness ... cos zenfone 4 and 5 took 1 step backward instead of improving further on zenfone 3.

  • Anonymous

take my money htc great phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-603644, 02 Nov 2017The only one out of those 3 that even makes use of their 3.... moreShould say that to my boss QC35. TBH removing 3.5 mm Jack is not a good move. No matter who does it. ANC does not need to be on device. Any good ANC in ear is bound to do it better (yeah you need to charge it for ANC to work) but it will work without that too on any phone with Jack

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2017Htc uses LCD from JDI. Just like Huawei. Not on same l... moreLOL, You're wrong!!

HTC uses Super LCD made by S-LCD Corp (Subsidiary of Samsung Electronic)

  • AnonD-686183

Noel, 02 Nov 2017Guess it is way past time for many of us here in the US to ... moreTry living in another country where you don't get devices purely because your market isn't large enough for them to care.

AnonD-603644, 02 Nov 2017Children will look for any reason to complain at something ... moreThose people who complaints are nerds whom never intended to buy HTC in the first place anyway.... Seem it just makes up their own justification excuse no to buy!

  • Anonymous

Great respond HTC!

  • Noel

AnonD-491921, 02 Nov 2017razer phone?Guess it is way past time for many of us here in the US to start snubbing phones from OEMs who do this nonsense. Why the hell do they think we should be getting lower specced devices while the same device with top specs or better options stay in Asia and other countries? Refuse to buy it and they will change that.

  • lagos

that translucent body looks so damn sick! I hope they launch more limited edition translucent colours!

  • AnonD-203829

htc at last woken
good morning!

  • Anonymous

Fitbri, 02 Nov 2017Nokia and HTC went for super 6 LCD screen. Nokias mimics t... moreHtc uses LCD from JDI. Just like Huawei.

Not on same level of the one used on XZP.
Triluminous is how Sony names the Quantum Dot used on LCD since Z2.

XZP, XZ1 and XZ1c have 138% sRGB, value only 3% lower than the oled of S8.

  • Anonymous

Htc goes back to dual cam in 2018.

LOL.. which part of this phone is bezel-less?? hahahahahahahahahahahahha