ZTE confirms Axon 7 will have a successor

04 November 2017
The Chinese company also termed the Axon 7 as "incredibly successful."

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They have to do something about that ugly buttons from the Axon 7

  • Anonymous

Now this is the better gaming phone than the ginmicky razer. look at the price difference of $300bucks considering both have no ip68 waterproofing but the ZTE will retain 3.5mm jack, also they may release a 6GB/8GB(RAM)128GB\256GB(Storage), good Stereo Speakers, Better camera, etc.

  • Anonymous

I'm INCREDIBLY stoked for this but as a Sprint user, I'm scared Sprint is going to screw this company again. Just in case, this is what they need to get done to make this thing successful:

1. Copy all of the LTE bands/CDMA/GSM bands that the Pixel 2 has. It should work with all carriers around the world.
2. Keep those dual front-facing speakers and headphone jack but add a DAC on the headset chip; similar to the LG V20/30.
3. Since the dual front-facing speakers may prevent this from being water-proof, make it a 3,500maH+ removable battery.
4. 2K 5.8"+ Super AMOLED display.
5. Have a 4GB version but allow for a 6GB version (I think 8 is an expensive overkill)
6. 64GB of hard drive with a potential upgrade to 128GB along with microSD support for up to 256GB. Hybrid Dual Sim is just fine with me.
7. Dual Lens camera (20MP telephoto lens with 1.8f aperture and OIS [only if possible] with a 12MP secondary Wide-angle lens) and at least a better quality 8MP front-facing camera. Should take 4K video as well.
8. USB-C 3.0 for fast charging of course.
9. Darn-near vanilla Android 8.1 out of the box with future updates.
10. Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-fi bands a/b/g/n/ac (for whatever reason, the 7 left out the 'a')
11. GoogleFi availability (not have Google sell it but allow the GoogleFi SIM to install the software needed for the service).
12. IR Blaster would be a nice plus.
13. Considering that others are having this issue, just pre-apply a screen protector on this phone to help with the Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Do all this and I would SCREAM.

  • AnonD-143211

Jack, 05 Nov 2017Well, Axon 7 is an amazing smartphone. I've been using it since ... moreIt has an AMOLED screen... Got my axon 7 after my note4's emlc started to go (was sent for repair). Overall a great phone, especially in the price range at the time, just the camera could be a bit better and has no IR transceiver.

  • AnonD-709497

I own the axon7 mini and love it would like to see a successor to the mini also!

Too late. A lot of potential customers already bought new phones. I already bought Note 8. If they had at least teased its key features, it probably made me think twice about preordering Note 8. I didn't need to have latest CPU.

  • Anonymous

It's time for Qi wireless charging.

  • Jack

Kangal, 04 Nov 2017The ZTE Axon 7 was the best phone of 2016. It was superior to t... moreNo waterproofing as it suppresses the speakers and makes the sound dull.

  • Jack

Well, Axon 7 is an amazing smartphone. I've been using it since 2016! Over one year and not a single problem with it. It has a beautiful LED screen and amazing front firing stereo speakers with a decent DAC. If you judge ZTE for their cheap phones, you must try their Axon 7 or Axon 7 Mini. It will change your mind.

  • mazen

I have a zte a910, the sound with headphon is weak, I will not buy a zte again

  • Stuck with a ZTE

I feel sorry for you if you have a ZTE phone. I have had at least 10 ,and have not had one that worked right yet, I won't get near a Verizon store for any reason, since they are behind these pieces of junk, when I call for service they try to sell me a decent phone because they know ZTE is junk., Good luck.

Kangal, 04 Nov 2017The ZTE Axon 7 was the best phone of 2016. It was superior to t... moreIf you want all that, it will be $899 lol

  • Anonymous

I love my Axon 7 except for the camera which is competitively mediocre. I'd replace the 7 if they just installed a back camera that was more in line with other 2017 flagship phones. Of coffee I wouldn't complain of they added waterproofing and T-Mobile's new band 71.

Finally some news about the Axon 7 sequel! I hope the design is the same with slimmer bezels.

  • Andy

They need to hurry up with it. The Axon 7 was the best value for money phone in 2016. Had pretty much everything except water proofing

  • Whocares

Kangal, 04 Nov 2017The ZTE Axon 7 was the best phone of 2016. It was superior to t... moreAnd to come with a case inside the package :) perfect phone

  • Anonymous

Just keep the design language and the front facing stereo speakers please...

  • mrinternet

I was lucky enough to be the official journo for ZTE at IFA 2017 in Berlin, and part of the official launch of the axon 7 mini - I would look to IFA 2018 for the next answers on the Axon 8 if not shortly before would not be surprised if they did an 8 and a mini 8.

[deleted post]and pay double for half the feature
Why not, apple customers gladly upgrade each year, so less is more right?

  • KMB877

I got one 13 months ago, still be very happy. I'm a heavy user, the battery last enough for a full day. Great specs (for 2016) and unexpected well build quality.