LG V30+ arrives at T-Mobile on November 17

07 November 2017
The handset boasts more storage space than the vanilla model.

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not worth it for v30+ unless they put 8GB RAM inside and 256GB internal.

  • Anand

When will this phone be available in India ?

  • Anonymous

Noel, 07 Nov 2017This phone needed a bump in battery capacity...somewhere ar... moremake it 5,000

  • AnonD-317030

Mr Snow, you should know that all carriers were offered the V30 and V30+ in the beginning and only Sprint and US Cellular took the LG up on the V30+. T-Mobile has had huge success with the V30 and they have heard the cries of customers for the V30+

  • Aadrian

LG V30 is a superb phone. Look at that design, in blue. But still not available here in the Netherlands. And now it's November, it was announced in August...

And when will we have final review?

  • John Snow

Make the base model (v30) available in markets first, people will forget if you delay and LG g7 isn't that far

  • AnonD-72449

This is right in line with the pricing of the 64GB edition so it looks like an alright deal if you have T-Mobile.

  • Noel

This phone needed a bump in battery capacity...somewhere around 4000+mAh.