Sony Xperia XA1 Plus lands in the UK for £329.99

09 November 2017
It's exclusive to Carphone Warehouse, and can be yours in black or blue.

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  • AnonD-715207
  • mT@
  • 12 Nov 2017

I'm using this device since 3 weeks now, bought for my gf and still not given. :D
Battery is amazing and 5.5 screen, audio quality gives a nice shot. Awesome back camera, but front cam quality is not much good. (even though its a 8 mp). Not hanging at all, and no heating problems.

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    • Irmantas
    • mXq
    • 10 Nov 2017

    Carphone warehouse selling chinese quality XA1 PLUS. With 3gb only. Its better to order from china for 250 pounds 4gb version. Same quality. Sony have not launched XA1 PLUS in UK yet anyways.

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      • AnonD-708115
      • D0e
      • 10 Nov 2017

      Think this same design with 18:9 ratio bazeless display. It's superb

        Anonymous, 10 Nov 2017Except cpu, nothing else is better on XZ. Maybe the front camera is.
        The screen of the XZ is flagship grade, while the XA1 Plus is only mid tier.
        XZ has stereo speakers though XA1 Plus is louder, but headphone quality is also better on the XZ with Hi-Res audio support. And the rear camera has Laser AF and RGBC-IR spectrum sensor. Both don't really make the XZ better in image quality, but the XA1 Plus would have a harder time focusing and adjusting the white balance.

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          • JT5
          • 10 Nov 2017

          Surficial, 10 Nov 2017This and the compacts have a good sized battery, but that's... moreExcept cpu, nothing else is better on XZ.

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            • 10 Nov 2017

            This and the compacts have a good sized battery, but that's probably not enough to buy this over an xz for a similar price.

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              • ELT
              • 09 Nov 2017

              With that specs! Too expensive yet!!