Counterclockwise: tracking battery growth over the years

12 November 2017
Calculating battery capacity compared to phone volume shows a steady growth trend.

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  • 03 Aug 2018

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2017Even if they would ask people, people would say what the ma... moreVery well said.

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    • 10 Dec 2017

    Well if Tesla sportscar can be run on like 7000+ notebook batteries which weights 2 tons i would like to see a phone working on like 2 notebook batteries i bet on such a small screen the battery would last several weeks until it die :-)

      NoToBrandLoyalty, 13 Nov 2017On the other hand, Apple keeps cutting back the battery cap... moreThe real test of progress should be to compare the graph gsmarena did here about battery occupancy and compare it to one that charts battery life over the years. I bet that battery life scores won't keep up in a consistent fashion as the growth of battery occupancy.

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        • 13 Nov 2017

        M4C4R3, 13 Nov 2017I respectfully think your wrong. My requirements as a us... moreMan thats strange then you are either not an heavy user or maybe you think if you chceck your mail twice a day snap one photo call 5 friends a day for like 5 mins and send 10 messages you think you are a heavy user. Meh what a joke.
        Anyway if for you means from unplug till plug at evening a good enough battery then you bought wrong phone.
        In like 3 months your battery capacity decreases in anothr 3 months its decreases even more.
        So after 3 months you will either become less using your phone or you try to came home earlier to power up your phone.
        Thats not an option.
        Anyway Oukitel K10000 is maybe thicker but its 5,5 inch size is same or simmilar like Iphone X so its a much better option. And cost much less like 200 eur.

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          • 13 Nov 2017

          AnonD-441601, 13 Nov 2017Oukitel K10000 pro is so far smartphone with best battery. ... moreI respectfully think your wrong.

          My requirements as a user is that my phone last from when I unplug it in the am to when I plug it in to charge it in the pm.

          Thickness/heaviness etc are genuing considerations when designing a phone. At the end of the day all of these are PORTABLE devices and for a large portion of consumers that means either carrying them in your pocket (thickness & weight being main considerations) or bag (weight).

          The fact that a phone is thin for me is not an aesthetic decision, it is a practical one in terms of portability.

          BTW i have an iPhone X and as a reasonably heavy user i can COMFORTABLY get from am to pm on one charge.

            On the other hand, Apple keeps cutting back the battery capacity for the sake of thinness.

              Couldn't agree more.

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                • 13 Nov 2017

                Oukitel K10000 pro is so far smartphone with best battery.
                10150 mAh is just great.
                And it can charge your other devices as well.
                10k mAh should be miinimum in present era.
                Noone is interested in charging phone each day or twice a day.
                Look at apple for example 1450 eur phone and just 2716 mAh battery which cant last even a day with brand new phone.

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                  • 13 Nov 2017

                  Despite the phones have higher capacity batteries, their runtime remained the same. Why? Because the manufacturers make useless and bad changes to the phones. For example they increased the screen resolution to QHD. It's an useleess screen resolution for phones, because it doesn't have any benefit, it just wastes the GPU performance and thus battery life. They also add more and more bloatwares that keep running in the background (and add more tasks for existing apps that run in the background).

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                    • 13 Nov 2017

                    AnonD-188372, 12 Nov 2017This is what happens when you allow so called "designers" t... moreEven if they would ask people, people would say what the manufacturers want. Because using the brainwashing marketing, manufacturers tell people what they should want.

                    This is why people are obsessed about looks, status symbol and brand name and mindlessly buy phones with these in mind, instead of choosing usability and features (which was the case in the previous decade: people preferred features over looks). And this happens when the journalists and reviewers lie and mislead people about what are the important factors of a phone.

                    In other words, people have been brainwashed into believing that a phone is a jewelry (and thus it must be thin, curved and shiny, made by glass) and a status symbol instead of a high tech, all-in-one tool. Also, that's how all other nonsense was shoved down people's throat like non-removable battery, 18:9 screen, no bezels, ... Unfortunately, now people think phones has to be like this. This means I can't buy a real high tech, all-in-one tool anymore (the latest / final good one is the LG V20).

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                      • 13 Nov 2017

                      Herodroid, 12 Nov 2017So what would you suggest for cooling? Put your phone in a ... moreIam suggesting that the ultra sonic cooling pipe system and the thermal cooling has to be directly closely be underneath the processor and the battery. If the phone tends to start feeling very hot, then the pipe will start to generate the cooling heat before directly touching the battery and the processor. So of I want to create this idea, then sadly the phone has to be very thick. Despite it generates a lot of cooling and consume a lot of energy, it will keep the battery lasting for 2 weeks regardless if you battery percentage is higher than 15% or below than.

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                        • 13 Nov 2017

                        Herodroid, 12 Nov 2017So what would you suggest for cooling? Put your phone in a ... moreDefinitely a bad idea to freeze the battery. I was doing that for only a few days and I messed up my battery real bad. And I'm having to slowly make it so it doesn't die at 40%

                          AnonD-623993, 12 Nov 2017Enhanced cooling won't just affect gaming and all that, it ... moreIm OnePlus 3 owner, and my phone can get mostly 52°. But when i check battery temp, its MAX temperature is not above 38°. Ihad old galaxy ace 2 and damn, if its processor had like 50°, battery had almost the same 45°... So I am really impressed by OnePlus. The only thing manufacturers should focus is efficiency... But they want also to improve power, so yeah. You cant make phone to be just efficient... You need power aswell, to keep technology moving forward.

                            Lightning McQueen, 12 Nov 2017When more energy are consuming increasing growing over the ... moreSo what would you suggest for cooling? Put your phone in a freezer and take it out, then play. There cant be any moving parts in a phone (like fans), because these will take power from battery, gonna break/stop working after dropping your phone, also phone does not have any holes for heat to come out. But if phones gonna have more holes for heat to go out, it will collect dust... So think again, what are you suggesting.

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                              • 12 Nov 2017

                              This is what happens when you allow so called "designers" to lead product teams,and exactly what do these "designers" bring to us in 99% of devices ?
                              Identical flat oblongs with corners,a display on one side and little on the rear,even I can come up with "design" in that envelope of specs..
                              The fastest and possibly only way to get makers to change their ways is to simply stop buying their products,it's no more than they deserve,they are more than happy to make much money from us selling us devices that aren't what many of us want or need,many at very high prices,anyone with a top end phone from the last two years already has a beast that is more than good enough to service what most folk need for the next two years,the only thing that makes phones usless after only a year or eighteen months is the battery,replace that once and you have a device for 3-4 years,if everybody stopped buying top end phones for 3-4 years,do you think makers would decide to either go bankrupt or change their attitude to their ultimate money source,us the end user of their kit ?
                              There are probably only two makers who could survive that long with minimum income,so most makers would have to change or go out of business.
                              We buy their products,we keep them in business,some with handsome profits,but how many people have you heard of or met that have been asked by a maker or their agent what they personally would like to see in a future phone design ?
                              There was one attempt on kickstarter by one maker,it failed,because the ideas they bought to the deal were rubbish,ever found a blog site,like gsmarena actauly run a poll of what people would like to see in future devices,we are asked all the time what we think of particular devices,once their built and ready for market,but does anyone bother to ask us what we realy would like or need ?

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                                • 12 Nov 2017

                                Eske Rahn, 12 Nov 2017The real problem here is the planned obsolescence of non-re... moreAt least most of these "non removable" cells are actually removable with not that much effort. But sure, true removable batteries can't be beaten

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                                  • 12 Nov 2017

                                  Well.. time to strap the phone to car battery and hope it last for a month

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                                    • 12 Nov 2017

                                    vrvly, 12 Nov 2017Endurance of top players is great, but its not taken in con... moreThe real problem here is the planned obsolescence of non-removable batteries...

                                    Optimal batteries were integrated with the removable back-plate (as they were on many phones long ago) this way we could be offered multiple backs, so we could have a slim for use in a dinner jacket, and one (or several) large one(s) for say a trekking.

                                    Way back my Samsung s300 was offered with THREE different back pack sizes

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                                      • 12 Nov 2017

                                      macky2green, 12 Nov 2017Xiaomi is the (mainstream) King of smartphone batteries. ... moreCubot H3 with a 6000mah battery and nouget on board duel sim for £100 or less is a stealer, cubot, Oukitel,and ulefone do great phones with great batteries !

                                        Xiaomi is the (mainstream) King of smartphone batteries.

                                        Yeah, I know Oukitel phones with 10,000mAh batteries exist, but are rare.