Essential PH-1 now just $400 with the 360 Camera included

27 November 2017
Cheapest Snapdragon 835 phone yet, beating even the OnePlus.

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I'm debating wether I should sell my iPhone 6 Plus for this, or just keep waiting for a better $400 phone... What are your thoughts?

Akinaro, 27 Nov 2017If phone lost his value so fast you know that something is not r... moreLets see essential phone has
No 3.5mm jack
Bad camera
Ugly thumb like notch
High price tag for a company that just started and stock android so they cant say high price is due to android development
Is this enough to drive people away?

This couldve been a great phone if essestial priced it right with better camera

If phone lost his value so fast you know that something is not right.
Phone lack lots of features, it look a bit awkward to use(because of that blob on screen), even if overall it look nice and it have nice quality as people say.

But Build quality and screen is not everything, and its obvious that it lack something and people prefer to get something else.

  • Mark

And I still prefer pay some more, have a better warranty with local customer service, better integrated camera not a periscope, etc. Oh, that excludes OnePlus too.

  • AnonD-649097

Why not review this phone GSMarena?
This is the good time to review the phone, updates are have been aired.

If Essential priced this phone sub $500 straight off the bat, it would have set records

  • RaZa

Pretty obvious that The Essential phone is a flop.

  • Anonymous

True. Except the OnePlus 5 has a headphone jack, better cameras, more RAM and better performance overall. No thanks. So called "Essential" PH-1 is missing too many essentials for my taste.