Samsung Gear S3 users reporting poor battery life post Tizen 3.0 update

02 December 2017
Officially, the South Korean tech giant hasn't said anything on the matter yet.

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  • Dinesh

My battery drains so fast dat it lasts only one or two days. Before it will lasts upto 4 to 5 days!!! Expectin for a patch

  • AnonD-720640

On Workout (walking) mode the distance counter freezes regularly.

  • pooya

also the heart rate sensor stuck during exercises

  • Adamerino

I normally get 5 days battery from my Gear S3 Frontier, since the update, it can go from 100% to dead flat in less than a day.

  • AnonD-680667

My battery life did dip a bit after the update. But after reconfiguring my personal preferences in the settings and connections, my battery life is as good, if not better than before the update.

  • AnonD-720337

mine has been better since this update

  • Anonymous

AnonD-368020, 02 Dec 2017Does it ever had good battery to begin with???i read people had like 3 days on average or more... so something went wrong with this update if less then 2 days people says battery now lasts...

  • mentalerror

i feel glad that the update for the Philippines is delayed...

  • Talent Ntuli

All apps are there expect twitter! Why??? I see no need for this Tizen "thing".
Now i have to go thru Uc Browser so i can log in to twitter, come on!!!!!

  • Lori H. Gear s3

I updated to Tizen 3.0 on 12/1/17 and since doing the update my once perfect watch is now having multiple problems. My watch battery use to last 2-3 days but now is barely lasting a day since the update. I keep getting tGear S plugin has stopped and I'm not getting my text messages on my gear. I really wish I saw the blogs about others having similar problems before I updated to Tizen 3.0 because I NEVER WOULD HAVE DONE THE UPDATE. Samsung's update ruined by watch!! I loved this watch and now all those great features that come with the Tizen update are not worth the problems they are causing my watch. SAMSUNG PLEASE, PLEASE FAX THESE ISSUES. MAKE THIS WATCH GREAT AGAIN. I can't believe Samsung is not hearing the issues those who updated are experiencing. If anyone knows of any fixed please, please post them so I can fix my watch.

  • IT

I did notice a serious deterioration in the battery performance after the upgrade. The battery was barely able to last a full day, but it got much better when I restarted the watch one more time in addition to the restart performed automatically after the upgrade.
I can say it's back to normal now.

  • Mki

After the update my gear s3 takes double the time to charge! Also uses more battery?

  • ali

I am having same issue post update. Battery usually lasted for 3 and half days earlier or even more. Now it drains completely in less than 2 days.

  • Huawei+LG Fan

Strange, I'm using a Gear S3 together with a Huawei Mate 9 and after updating everything battery life is still 3-4 days (AOD off). I might even say it's closer to 4 days now so it got better? I guess it's one of those flip a coin updates. 50/50% chance it will either ruin your Gear or make it even greater.

  • Peter

I suspect that the battery drain is caused more by some of the preloaded apps updates, than by the tizen os it self.
I had similar battery issue before I installed tizen 3.0.
The gear plugin on phone downloaded the update and was waiting for me to start the update, but meanwhile it pushed automatically some updates to S-health, Weather and so on. And then the watch begun to discharge rapidly.
Then I made factory reset, it improved, but still not as before.
So I decided to stop the automatic updates, and then installed the tizen 3.0 manually (now 4 of the apps are still waiting to update).
Changed the default s-health setting for continuous heart rate monitoring, to manual.
Since then the battery seems to discharge at "normal" rate.
On tizen 3.0 I noticed some strange thing. When the watch wakes up, it flashes the screen bright, then turns the correct brightness. When it goes to to sleep, it flashes the screen again right before it turns off.

  • Oflife

We have two Gear S3s and since update, the key issues are some watch faces flickering (devs admit this), sluggish UX and random bizare behaviour like some settings such as disabling s-health notifications being ignored or reset randomly so the watch keeps prompting us despite switching off that feature. Effectively, this update has ruined the watch. Not owned watch long enough to know if battery life effected.

  • AnonD-719970

The problem must be in the Tzen release. I fully charge the watch, but get less than a days performance. However, when I return my watch to the cradle for charging, it reports a battery which is around 80% full. If I immediatly take the watch out again, I get the same less than a days usage. Therefore the bug must be in the battery monitor, which may turn the watch off, to prevent damage, using an incorrect measurement??????

  • Upset

It is more than just the battery life.
The new update continuously crashes the Gear S Plugin.
I have had awful customer service and support from Samsung.
In fact, they have yet to admit their latest software is an issue.
I have been told in all 6 phone calls that I am the only one with a problem and to reset my watch and phone. Each time they act like they have had NO other issues with other users.
I am disgusted!!!

  • AnonD-46498

I had a Frontier TZ2, Fit 2 Pro, Gear Sport and send them all back until TZ3 arrived to Frontier which made me finally happy with what is the best value per money smartwatch in the market. On continuous HRM it last at least 1.5 days and on a direct competition with Fit 2 Pro and Gear Sport the Frontier wins. I believe a serious comparison with Frontier TZ2 should only be made with HRM frequent mode (ever 10 min.) which obviously consumes much less energy and brings battery to last as much as Frontier TZ2!
8-10% / hour is hard to believe, sorry. I have a bunch of notifications popping up and by far have never gotten such decay!

I must also say, the reasons I purchased this watch was for running it has a large screen (questionable with Apple watch 3), HRM on continuous mode (not possible with Apple watch 3 and a Android Wear), ability to play music and get training stats on my ear (not possible with Garmin) and standalone mode (not possible with Android Gear). Regarding, GPS and HRM accuracy we should not fully rely on. On same conditions with Gear Sport I found better GPS results on Frontier and regarding all Samsung devices they tend to show 10 bpm more than my chest strap, which is somehow annoying if want to target an aerobic training or do not want to be philological affected by running constantly above our level 5, specially on a race day! While running battery drains like hell, which is somehow also obvious considering the current battery technology, which is anyway enough to last for more than 2 hours after a full charge and I would say covers more than 98% of the runner's training. Eliud kipchoge might be able to run a full marathon with it though, not me!


  • AnonD-719908

The same problem for me. I hope samsung release a update to fix the problem.