Nokia 9 arriving next month along with Nokia 8 (2018)

04 December 2017
The report notes HMD is holding a product launch event in China on January 19, and the Nokia 9 will be the star of the event.

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  • 02 Jan 2018

no you are wrong maybe not this year or couple of year but you see nokia 6 has been enter and hold the for morthan 1 month . but I do believe nokia will be top again just like other apple sumsung

    Nokia and Blackberry will never ever be top phone brands. They are just history sold to some Chinese guys.

      Anonymous, 07 Dec 2017NO the Nokia 6 changes in the international version are not... moreYeah, the international model decreased RAM and ROM, added the NFC coil, switched the front camera module and removed the notification LED. These are all minor changes that doesn't require a complete rearrangement of the internals. A 3.5 mm port would require a complete rearrangement, changes in structures and thermals, etc.

      I do know the Nokia 7 was created for the Chinese market. What's your point?
      I certainly doubt the rumours listed in the article here. But the Nokia 9 is coming internationally, at it won't have a 3.5 mm port. That's just something you'll have to swallow.

      I have the NAD D 3020 amplifier. It has a USB audio input for digital sound from computers, etc. I think I know my gear, I use it daily. Christ. USB audio is the future.

      The B&W PX can use 3 modes of listening. Bluetooth, battery-driven 3.5 mm audio or USB-C audio. You can even read about that on their webpage:

      USB-C (Audio, battery charging & FW update)
      3.5 mm stereo jack"

      Calling Libratone and JBL "average sound" shows just how jaded your comments have become. You have no idea about their sound quality. You didn't even know they existed until I pointed them out to you. You can also get USB-C headphones form Razer. There are even more out there, but I'm not Amazon. Find them yourself.

      Thanks to USB-C audio we can finally have a new standard of Bluetooth headphones with USB-C connections if you run low on battery. It's literally the best of two worlds. You may not like the future. But I do, and so apparently do the rest of the world, looking at current market trends.

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        • 07 Dec 2017

        FinnishInquisition, 06 Dec 2017The quotes from that GSM Arena review are assumptions, not ... moreNO the Nokia 6 changes in the international version are not assumptions but results from PROPER testing

        Nokia 6 International HAS autofocus in its front camera (You can't deny that)
        Nokia 6 Chinese version doesn't have autofocus in its front camera..

        You can't just assume an autofocus to appear can you?
        They don't tell that in the FCC do they?

        Dumb and dumber..

        Do you know they even create the NOKIA 7 JUST FOR the CHINESE market??

        I bet these 8i (improved) and 9 are Chinese exclusive too

        For all we know the INTERNATIONAL might get a NOKIA 10 instead LOL..

        AND that USB input on your amplifier is for data/mp3 files NOT audio data.. Imagine this do you think we'll have USB-C to USB-C aux cable? It's ridiculous whichever way you look at it..

        You mentioned B&W USB-C, that is a wireless headphone with USB-C charging

        Other than that you have JBL and Libratone which otherwise only supplied average sound quality, are just 2 options compared to the HUNDREDS using 3.5mm jack..

        The audio industry will not migrate to USB-C.. It increases the cost AND at the same time overcomplicating what should be a simple stereo 2 signal 1 ground signal transfer AND it kills the compatibility to thousands of other devices..

        So I'm sorry but your dream of USB-C as an audio interface future is just that... a dream..

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          • 06 Dec 2017

          You can put a pile of crap next to windows phone and people would choose it over windows phone. Technically, windows is good but UI looks like it was designed by a child.
          Android is garbage because its not true linux. Its Java on top of linux which means any real Linux(like Meego) would run circles around it. Same with OSes like WP and iOS.

          This is why a 150 usd Android is garbage while an 80USD WP (and before that Symbian) can pretty much do all you want it to.
          Android specially google's version, is a resource hog and if there were any alternatives, they would definitely be better. Right now all we have are iOS and WP, and both are much better technically. In the past we have had webOS, BBos and Meego and dare I say even Symbian could have overtaken it if given enough time.

            T, 06 Dec 2017If they get rid of this crap called android and develop Mee... moreGoing against android is a huge risk just look what happened to windows of that didnt survived its really hard for a completely new OS to survive and android is not crap

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              • 06 Dec 2017

              ZloiYuri, 04 Dec 2017Greedy HMD global jyst cannot set 560$ tag for it's flagshi... moregreedy apple samsung and lg can?

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                • 06 Dec 2017

                LG superfan, 04 Dec 2017No you are not aloneIf they get rid of this crap called android and develop Meego, it will start looking the Nokia we knew.
                But that requires a HUGE investment and nobody wants to fight Googles media enforced monopoly

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                  • 06 Dec 2017

                  finally a phone with the right screen size.
                  6" is to big

                    Lightning McQueen, 06 Dec 2017I can surely tell that that the Actual Nokia 9 might have a... moreThe Nokia 6 had the exact same design between the regional models, and the tweaks were minor fixes as detailed in the FCC documents. The 3.5 mm port is definitely gone, as it will be from basically all future smartphones, starting with the flagships.

                      Anonymous, 06 Dec 2017You just can't read GSMArena's review can't you? http://... moreThe quotes from that GSM Arena review are assumptions, not facts. The paper to the FCC is an official document detailing the differences. The changes were all minor tweaks, not major reconfigurations.

                      Cars and computers are likely going to have both 3.5 mm and USB-C ports, and my high-end amplifier at home is already using USB as an input source. Anything with the space for it will most likely come with both, while devices with space constraints (such as smartphones) will limit themselves to USB-C for wired connections.

                      The dongles are just a temporary step, as the industry and users migrate over to the new standard. The 3.5 mm port won't return, and sales of devices without the port proves consumers don't care.

                      The manufacturers you mention aren't the producers of headphones. They produce the devices. And Nokia have already been pretty conclusively leaked to ditch the 3.5 mm port in their flagship. Samsung will likely remove it in 2018, while Sony and LG are more wildcards in how long they'll keep the port. LG has the built-in quad-DAC as a major selling point, so I assume they will be among the last to remove it.

                      USB-C headphones are already available from JBL, Libratone and B&W. Those aren't "unknown chinese brands" as you call them.

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                        • 06 Dec 2017

                        FinnishInquisition, 05 Dec 2017There's absolutely nothing to suggest the USB-C port would ... moreYou just can't read GSMArena's review can't you?


                        "We'll start the list of changes with the small stuff, tiny actually. For some odd reason the global version lacks a notification LED, while the Chinese one does light up next to the earpiece when charging or upon missed calls and incoming stuff."

                        "For instance, the maximum brightness of the global version's display is thirty-something nits lower than the Chinese one's - still perfectly acceptable at 484nits. Contrast is marginally lower too, but quite good nonetheless"

                        "The photos that come out of the global Nokia 6 are way better than the ones we got out of the Chinese version. The level of detail is higher and sharpness is superior, all the way to the corners, which were visibly soft on the Chinese version. Contrast is also much improved, though that wasn't all that difficult - the other phone had it really bad. Colors have a lot more punch too - an appropriate amount now, if you will, and red is now proper red. All of that leads us to suspect that a different lens is used in the global version of the smartphone - or why not, an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT camera module."

                        "Another difference that emerged between the otherwise seemingly identical pair of Nokia 6s is the autofocus of the front-facing cam - as in, the global version has it, but not the Chinese one. That gets you sharp focus at any distance, as opposed to the single, less than ideally placed, focus plane of the Chinese variant."

                        Dear boy.. You've got a lot more to read than the first thing that come up from your google search..

                        Answer these question.. Are the cars going to change to a USB-C type for AUX? Are the PC/Laptop going to change to USB-C for audio? Are sound cards/external amps going to output sound using USB-C? Are sound systems going to adapt USB-C as the input/output?

                        The answer is a big, fat NO..

                        The only thing that left after these 3.5mm jack removal are dongles and more dongles.. Before the manufacturers realise their stupidity and starting to put back the 3.5mm jack into phones.

                        That AND the big 3.5mm jack support from SAMSUNG, LG, SONY, NOKIA who not only produce phones but also produce EARPHONES/HEADPHONES.. You'd think they're gonna produce USB-C headphones??

                        The only USB-C headphones available are from unknown chinese brand - good luck with that..

                        Mark my words.. 3.5mm jack will survive the apocalypse AND international NOKIA 9 will sport a 3.5mm jack..

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                          • 06 Dec 2017

                          Anonymous, 05 Dec 2017If you're basing the strength on the minimum test cycle the... moreI can surely tell that that the Actual Nokia 9 might have a headphone jack, LED notification light and slimmer classical camera bump module.

                          Guys, what have we saw the leaks and rumours is all about the Chinese Nokia 9 just like the Nokia 6 TA-1000 back in December 2016. So don't get shocked, relieved or glad yet as I am pretty not sure if that's the truth.

                          Till now Iam still not sure whether it is gonna be true. Let me know your thoughts and reply on my comment below

                            Slayer, 06 Dec 2017Sorry, but not if I can help. The only phone without a head... moreI'm guessing you prefer wired connections with the Sony headphones because LDAC doesn't get supported until Android 8.0?

                            And who are these "experts" you're talking about? The engineers, CEO's and even the devices themselves witness of rather notable improvements after the removal of the 3.5 mm port. Essential estimated they gained smaller bezels and a 10 % larger battery compared to if they would have included the port. Razer estimated a 500 mAh increase in battery size and improved thermals (important for gaming). Apple didn't sya anything, but their iPhone 7 had the same body but a 245 mAh larger battery, bigger Taptic Engine and IP67 water resistance after they got rid of the port. It does make a difference.

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                              • 06 Dec 2017

                              FinnishInquisition, 05 Dec 2017There's absolutely nothing to suggest the USB-C port would ... moreSorry, but not if I can help. The only phone without a headphone jack I would consider buying is the Pixel 2 XL, for the camera and pure Android experience. For the time being I am sticking with the 3.5mm headphone jack hence my V30 and Note 8.

                              As long as there is a premium phone with a jack, they get my hard earned cash. Yes, I own the Sony WH-1000Xm2 but still prefer to use them wired, wireless is an exception rather than the rule.

                              I don't buy the arguments for the removal of the jack, most experts tend to agree that there have been no real perceivable benefits of doing so! Option without compromise because I should not have to.

                                NichtsGemacht, 05 Dec 2017You make my visits to this site very entertaining sometimes... moreThe arguments about the switch to USB audio is a pretty universal argument. It's not tied to any brand.

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                                  • 05 Dec 2017

                                  FinnishInquisition, 04 Dec 2017This wasn't a question of what manufacturer has managed to ... moreYou make my visits to this site very entertaining sometimes and it puzzles me how somebody can get so into a certain phone manufacturer the way that you do...

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                                    • 05 Dec 2017

                                    AnonD-472896, 05 Dec 2017Fantastic beast nokia 9 should be snapdragon 845 processor... morethe Nokia 9 HAS edge to edge display

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                                      • 05 Dec 2017

                                      Anonymous, 04 Dec 2017Yep. Samsung gets all the first 845... Other players have ... morereports has it that lg LG will be the FIRST to use 845 chip for the g7 which will be launch january 2018

                                        Anonymous, 05 Dec 2017If you're basing the strength on the minimum test cycle the... moreThere's absolutely nothing to suggest the USB-C port would be flimsy compared to the 3.5 mm port. Your mentions of imperfect use extends to the 3.5 mm port as much as it extends to the USB-C port. As for the reason of the removal of the 3.5 mm port, I mentioned it below. The USB-C already serves as an audio output port, wired headphone use is on a decline and the internal volume could be better used for other purposes.

                                        As for the Nokia 6 changes from the Chinese to the international version, nothing you said is accurate. I'm not sure where you got that information, but here's the full change list:

                                        Other than changing the memory amount, it's all basically extremely minor tweaks to fix hardware issues. Everything else was left unchanged. The 3.5 mm port is a major difference, and not something they'll change between regional variants of the Nokia 9. It's going away, and you'll just have to adapt to that.