Nokia 9 arriving next month along with Nokia 8 (2018)

04 December 2017
The report notes HMD is holding a product launch event in China on January 19, and the Nokia 9 will be the star of the event.

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  • Mikey

really we're having a troll war over this?

when was the last time you actually broke the USB port on your phone? or the headphone jack? when the last time one of your clumsy family members with an antique phone asked you to do something about a broken jack?

I seriously think it was my old iphone 3G! and that phone was put thru the unholy torture test.

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 05 Dec 2017It's still rather telling that the 3.5 mm port has half the... moreIf you're basing the strength on the minimum test cycle then you have clearly misunderstood the concept of the minimum cycle.. The minimum test cycle is just for the approval process and not the maximum cycle until it is broken.. By comparing the structure of the 3.5mm jack vs the USB-C one can see that USB-C is much flimsier thus will wear out sooner than 3.5mm jack despite whatever test cycle they claimed.. Especially now since the USB-C serve the double duty.. And as I said before the cycle test only uses smooth and accurate insertion pull out and is not the same as human who exert more force then intended and sometimes accidentally yank the cable.. Simply by saying if the port is damaged then you can wireless charge but does all phones have wireless charge?/provide wireless charging pad? As you said then 3.5mm jack will continue to exist then why not having the compatibility to plug it into the phone directly rather than relying on some flaky dongles??

Nokia 6 international HARDWARE differs a lot from Nokia 6 chinese version.
The international version camera module is different
The international version loses the led notification
The international version gained autofocus in front camera
The international version display module is different

So, with that regional hardware differentiation I am willing to bet that the INTERNATIONAL NOKIA 9 will have a 3.5mm jack.. Just wait for the announcement and you will know that in some part of the world someone will be jumping for joy having the correct prediction.. NOKIA FTW!!

Yann, 05 Dec 2017Your math is very weak. And you're trying to defend obviou... moreYour counter to my point is "Your math is weak" because I rounded off a ballpark number?

There's really no reasoning with you. No matter how wrong you are, just just refuse to acknowledge it.

  • Yann

FinnishInquisition, 05 Dec 2017What's with your nasty personal attacks? The point is th... moreYour math is very weak.
And you're trying to defend obvious mistake. Move all accessories to one single port.
You're right for one thing - isn't like iPhone X. It is like iPhone 7, 8 Plus. Just oriented vertically.
And don't give me that crap, for moving camera flash etc, as design changes.
Blind look.
Another Android phone.
Nothing like Nokia 930 - visible and recognisable from a distance.

Yann, 05 Dec 2017Maybe your intelligence isn't high enough to understand, th... moreWhat's with your nasty personal attacks?

The point is that people plug their phones in to charge once per day. Over a 3 year period that means you'd have a specified minimum of ~9000 cycles to spare for the headphones. That's nearly 4000 more connector cycles more than a 3.5 mm port would have. Over a 5 year period it'd instead be ~8000 cycles to spare for headphones, which is still 3000 more connector cycles than a 3.5 mm port.

And the 808 and 1020 certainly were great smartphone cameras. But I don't see how you can claim the Nokia 9 won't have great camera quality. You literally haven't got a clue how it will perform yet.
And the hump looks nothing like the iPhone X hump. The Nokia 9 has the classic Nokia slanted corners around the camera that blend into the rest of the back. The iPhone X has sharp distinct chrome edges. They're quite clearly different design approaches.

At this point you just seem to make up poor excuses to hate the Nokia 9 before it's even been released. You should save your judgement until after the release.

  • Yann

FinnishInquisition, 05 Dec 2017Are you telling me you need to charge your phone twice per ... moreMaybe your intelligence isn't high enough to understand, that 5000 vs 10000 cycles isn't comparable, when you move all TO ONE PORT! You move all accessories to use one single port. Can you understand that?
Also mentoing 1020 and 808 - that was GREAT camera phones for their time - unmatched by anything on the market - it is not the case with Nokia 9. I seriously doubt Nokia 9 to be on par with iPhone and Samsung, not to mention to be superior, to make compromise with this hump. And yes, it looks exactly as iPhone X hump - ugly.

Yann, 05 Dec 2017Your statements are so hollow. How often you plug in and ou... moreAre you telling me you need to charge your phone twice per day? And on top of that you need to plug it in for wired data transfers twice a day, outside of the charging? And you also plug your headphones in and out five times per day?

I don't believe you.

Normal use would be charging once per day, and perhaps plugging the headphones in twice. And unless you live your life around your phone, I'm guessing the average would be lower. The point remains: 10 000 cycles vs 5000 cycles. The USB-C port has a better longevity over the 3.5 mm port.

And the back design of the Nokia 9 is different from the Nokia 8 as well. It has a fingerprint sensor, a different LED placement and appearance, different curvatures, different materials, completely different camera module looks. In short, it's a completely different design. Please just know when to admit you may have been wrong.

That you say you owned the Nokia 808 and 1020, yet suddenly feel horrified about the comparably minor hump of the Nokia 9 sounds a lot like fake outrage.
Furthermore, the removal of the 3.5 mm port was not something Apple started. They just happened to be the most high-profile company to do it. LeEco and Motorola beat them to it, and HTC had been releasing phones in the past without the 3.5 mm port before they ditched it entirely in 2017.

Nothing about this phone is copying Apple. If anything, it has taken some design inspiration from Samsung. But ultimately it is its own phone, standing on its own legs design-wise.

  • Yann

FinnishInquisition, 05 Dec 2017It's still rather telling that the 3.5 mm port has half the... moreYour statements are so hollow. How often you plug in and out your headphones? Let's say 5 times per day. Multiplying by 365 equals 1825. It means that this 3.5mm port will last at least 3 years. Let's see USB-C port - charging at least twice per day, attaching data cable twice per day, adding another USB-C device one per day and finally add headphones 5 time per day. It means to use one and the same port minimum 10 times per day. 3650 times per year. And this is minimum usage. Can you calculate? How is now life of USB-C port longer?
Simple math. According the design of Nokia 9 - I always write "the back". You give me examples with the screen, buttons etc. You're complete illiterate.
And you're either blind or either work for Nokia to defend that ugly back design and obvious mistake to imitate Apple with camera hump and removing headphone jack.

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2017Basic geometry.. lol.. so you still convinced whatever the ... morePlease spend a few seconds to think here.

Just because some companies cram everything, including a 3.5 mm port, into their chassis, doesn't mean removing the 3.5 mm port wouldn't free up space. If you remove a big block in a phone, you also free up space. The fact that the 3.5 mm port also juts in quite a bit into the phones is another limiting factor to the other components, such as the battery. This is the "basic geometry" I'm talking about.

Pretending like removing one of the largest components in a device doesn't free up space for other components is either the sign of an anti-intellectual or someone delusional.

What isn't basic geometry are the more advanced things, such as thermals, costs, bezels, etc. Those are things only the engineers at the various companies can inform us about. And both Razer and Essential have stated how the occlusion of the 3.5 mm port benefited these areas.

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 04 Dec 2017Uh, yeah, because it's true. It's basic geometry at that po... moreBasic geometry.. lol.. so you still convinced whatever the company claims to remove 3,5mm port this is where your false thinking starts. The fact is we still can see some brands able to crammed 3,5mm port along with usb-c or micro usb, high-spec cpu with heatpipe, big battery, ir blaster, speaker, dual camera modules, dual sim slots, mmc slot (or hybrid), ip rating 65 or 68 with exposed ports and even passed several mil-std ratings etc etc. This proof that phone company able to design a phone that can put all of components inside a phone that seem defying geometry.

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2017The 10,000 cycles for USB-C and 5000 cycles for 3.5mm jack ... moreIt's still rather telling that the 3.5 mm port has half the minimum durability. Claiming the 3.5 mm port has "bigger and stronger connector plates" is then rather disingenuous. The USB-C port is built to wear out on the male connector, rather than the port. The 3.5 mm port isn't.
As for a broken USB-C port impacting the phone more than a broken 3.5 mm port, that depends which part of the USB-C port that may have broken. Parts of the port can break while still leaving it useful, charging can be done wirelessly, data can be transferred wirelessly. Either way, you'd still need to repair the phone regardless of if the 3.5 mm or USB-C port is the one to break.

Saying things like computers, amplifiers and cars aren't ditching the 3.5 mm port is rather pointless. Those devices aren't as volume constrained as smartphones. They can afford to have both, even if only a few consumers use either. And I can absolutely compare the move from floppys to CD's. One is using magnetic storage, the other optical storage. They're two very different technologies. USB-C and 3.5 mm audio is far more similar, as they both go from Digital signal -> DAC -> Amplifier -> Analogue signal. The only difference is where the DAC and amplifier are located in the chain.

I should also point out that HMD have never released a global device with a special edition for the Chinese market. They've all been the same, save for some software differences due to regulations. In other words, the Nokia 9 won't have a 3.5 mm port, as all the leaks have shown us.

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 04 Dec 2017This wasn't a question of what manufacturer has managed to ... moreIs the PC(laptop/desktop) phasing out 3.5mm jack? NO.. Does the car infotainment system phasing out 3.5mm jack? NO.. Does your sound system ditching the 3.5mm/aux port? NO NO NO.. The 3.5mm jack is here to stay.. This stoopid trend of removing the 3.5mm jack will be shortlived.. You can't compare 3.5 floppy to CD/DVD because both of them are the same format - digital data.. 3.5mm jack is analog sound whereas USB-C outputs digital sound data.. You will always need analog because that's how your ears hear things through analog sound waves

  • Anonymous

WHEWW... I'm relieved to hear that the NOKIA 9 with no 3.5mm jack is ONLY for the CHINESE market(same goes for Nokia 8 without 3.5mm jack).. HMD(NOKIA) as I know it would NEVER skimp on 3.5mm jack for the INTERNATIONAL edition.. This happens because most of chinese consumers are asking for phones without 3.5mm jack..

  • Anonymous

FinnishInquisition, 04 Dec 2017Back with the personal attacks and brand-bashing are you? T... moreThe 10,000 cycles for USB-C and 5000 cycles for 3.5mm jack are the MINIMUM required to pass the quality test.. And the quality test only uses robotic insert pull out motion that is smooth and accurately aligned to the port.. Human hands on the other hand will abuse the port and exert much more force than intended for the port thus reducing its life cycle.. 3.5mm jack are tougher simply because its connector plates are bigger and stronger.. Whereas USB-C relies on miniscule pins that's easy to be bent.. Go and search around and you will find a lot of cases where the phones had their USB-C port broken/loose and need to be replaced compared to 3.5mm jack.. Another thing to consider is, a broken USB-C will greatly impact the usability of the phone(can't charge/transfer data etc) whereas a broken 3.5mm jack will only impact the headphone.. SO having 3.5mm jack is always the smarter choice.. Even removing the 3.5mm jack you can't remove the internal DAC because you will need it for the speakers

  • AnonD-472896

Fantastic beast nokia 9 should be snapdragon 845 processor ,dual loudspeaker with OZO audio,must be 20 MP Zeis camera optics and All screen display

  • Anonymous

Annas, 04 Dec 2017SD835 in January 2018?? Yep. Samsung gets all the first 845...
Other players have to wait Until early summer.

  • AnonD-366029

Yeah, but then Samsung craps all over their fantastic hardware with TouchWiz and Bixby.

ZloiYuri, 04 Dec 2017As usual your opinions has no sense at all. If you have 3.5... moreBack with the personal attacks and brand-bashing are you? Those are against the posting rules, you know.

The USB-C is rated for 10 000 cycles. The 3.5 mm port is rated at 5000 cycles. In other words, unless you connect and disconnect the USB-cable 6 times every single day for 3 years, the durability of the USB-C port for the use of headphones is still superior.

And how can the headphone cord and USB-C port damage the connector much easier than the 3.5 mm port? Please explain this one, because it sounds like you're making things up again.

Alien, 04 Dec 2017Sony and Samsung have waterproofing PLUS 3.5mm jack PLUS S... moreThis wasn't a question of what manufacturer has managed to push the most into their current device with a 3.5 mm port, but how much space is freed up if you remove one of the currently largest components in a phone. If a person isn't using it anyway, it's literally just a big block taking up space in their device, and having added costs. Sony and Samsung could also free up a lot of space if they removed the port, that's the basic geometry of it. I'm not the one embarrassing myself. People claiming removing a large component doesn't free up volume are the ones embarrassing themselves since they're so clearly suffering from cognitive dissonance.

People were claiming the removal of the 3.5" floppy disk drive was for money too, with some having to buy USB-floppy disk drive dongles, and CD-ROM's and CD-ROM drives being much more expensive. But we already know today, that wasn't the case. It was just a drive to improve consumer-grade technology. The removal of the port isn't for profits, it's for device improvements. The manufacturers aren't the ones profiting from headphone sales.

If you charge while listening to music most of the time, you need to check your battery. If it's at 100 %, you're actively damaging it, and if it drops really fast your battery needs to be replaced.

And claiming Bluetooth gives you brain cancer..? It's radio waves. They're all around us, all the time. Bluetooth doesn't even emit a thousandth of what a phone can emit.There's not a single shred of evidence for your claims, and you genuinely need to read up on that topic.

Also, you're calling me a fanboy for what exactly? Universally explaining to you that the removal of the 3.5 mm port is a sensible choice if it has fallen out of use among your consumers? Come on, knock it off.

If they aren't asking more is because it's arrive too late with an outdated design and looks like with an ugly hump too. Only one month till Nokia 8 (2018) too and seems to not generate enough interest to provoque even a single leak. Although if it's like till now, perhaps they'll show it in January and arrives in August...