Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 845, Xiaomi Mi 7 will have it

06 December 2017
The chipset company also introduced laptops, running both Windows 10 and ARM-based processor.

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FinnishInquisition, 12 Dec 2017USB-C is becoming the standard connector for portable audio, not... moreUsbc is becoming what? Oh god.. Listen, sunshine.. It's only to make people spend more money on accessories! It doesn't offer anything more for the customer. You alone so far is supporting it. Gsm arena's voting fot this topic shown a massive dislike to the removal of 3,5 jack.
So obviously companies will get it eventually. Get it? It's this simple.. People don't like features taken away.

FinnishInquisition, 11 Dec 2017A 4K screen is nothing revolutionary. It's an incremental improv... more4k gimmick, because you don't have it. Everything else is just software, because again, you don't have it.
The fingerprint sensor is not 1st on the iPhone either, what are you talking about?
The first mobile phone with a fingerprint scanner was the Toshiba G500 and G900 in 2007. Apple simply followed.
On top of it, the fanboy talks about being blind.. That alone is priceless.
Stop replying with apple revolution nonsense and avoid further humiliation, or don't. Im not the one making a fool of myself.

FinnishInquisition, 12 Dec 2017USB-C is becoming the standard connector for portable audio, not... moreExactly why 3.5mm isn't ancient yet. Until portable solutions (i.e. Senn HD6XX, Beyer DT770, Sony MDR-V6, etc.) use USB-C, proper pairs of cans use 3.5mm and so it still shouldn't be removed.

I remember there being enough room to fit a headphone jack on the bottom - I may be wrong. They could definitely fit it on the top.

When fans aren't jaded enough to use "revolution" to their own advantages, I think it will be possible to finally recognize brands for what they are. I agree.

okcnaline, 11 Dec 2017If USB-C is the next connector for audio, I don't see Sennheiser... moreUSB-C is becoming the standard connector for portable audio, not a standard for all audio. There's a difference there. And companies like B&W, JBL, Libratone and now Razer have started producing alternatives for it.

The Razer phone has zero wasted space at the bezels. Not sure where you got that idea: https://i.imgur.com/MiZD512.png

With regards to the always-on display, Nokia was the first to introduce this functionality. It's still important to remember who revolutionised what sector, if for no other reason than to credit the right innovator. Fans may be blinded to other companies being the main innovator, but that should hopefully not stop us from crediting the right innovators in the industry.

FinnishInquisition, 09 Dec 2017The feature the 3.5 mm port provides is wired music listening. T... moreIf USB-C is the next connector for audio, I don't see Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Sony, Beyerdynamics, etc. use it.

Razer phone has a lot of wasted space at the bezels. They seem to have been able to add a headphone jack from the breakdowns if I remember correctly. Essential and Apple gets a pass since their phones are bezelless and the LED/LCD size may take up the height needed for a 3.5mm.

You can argue a lot of things with "revolutionary". Samsung fans claim that Apple copied their always-on display when clearly it was Motorola's collaboration with Qualcomm to repurpose or add two cores as "Natural Language Processing" (MSM8960DP used on Moto X 2013, Droid MAXX and Mini), which in essence means that it is the world's first SoC with built in AI processing. So the argument about who revolutionized what is meaningless if fans are just going to argue whatever the f@#$ they want.

Denis Thomas, 11 Dec 2017in my cards apple sucks. but that's just me. i rather have a 4k ... moreA 4K screen is nothing revolutionary. It's an incremental improvement that goes beyond what human vision is capable of perceiving anyway (hence why it scales to 1080p normally). The "App pairing" is a simple feature, not something incredible. HTC's music output is via USB-C, so I fail to see your point there. Unless you mean via speakers? In which case Apple actually supplies a speaker which performs within +/- 3 dB for the 115-13 000 Hz frequency range. That's really good. And there's nothing revolutionary about recording a video as a digital negative to apply colour gradients in software later.

You are literally naming a few gimmicky software features, and comparing them to products and innovations which literally changed the entire tech industry. Anything from the first ever modern smartphone, to the first ever implemented touch fingerprint sensor, higher-resolution display in a phone, computers focused on internet connectivity instead of floppy disks, design languages that made all other manufacturers stop their ugly products and hire designers, etc.

You may have a hate for them as a company, but you really shouldn't let that blind you to what Apple has achieved.

FinnishInquisition, 09 Dec 2017The feature the 3.5 mm port provides is wired music listening. T... morein my cards apple sucks. but that's just me. i rather have a 4k screen, ip68 waterproofing, stereo speakers, ultra slow motion camera, usbc port AND 3,5 jack, boasting a gorgeous mirror finish than having an iphone without even a headphone jack.

you speak about revolution? where is the 4k screen sony has? where is samsung's app pairing? where is htc's music output? where is lg's superb cine mode recording?
but of course, iphone is revolutionary right? by taking away features it already had, missing tons of features android has and on top of it, being revolutionary expensive!
this is the future guys, being less!
Sorry for being funny but you are being ridiculous. There's so much I can take but you are really cracking me up!

okcnaline, 08 Dec 20173.5mm is a feature, albeit ancient, right? That means you were b... moreThe feature the 3.5 mm port provides is wired music listening. The USB-C port can provide this just as well. No feature is removed, the standard connector for providing that feature has just changed.

And HTC U Ultra was a flop on several levels.
Apple got +245 mAh battery, IP67 and a larger Taptic Engine, Razer estimated they could squeeze in +500 mAh and better thermal piping into their phone, Essential estimate they got smaller bezels and +10 % battery into their smartphone by omitting the port.

I don't see why people should stop talking about Apple as revolutionary. They are. There are actually only a few manufacturers that have truly revolutionised and driven the market with their innovations: Nokia, Motorola and Apple. The rest are pretty much just followers of the trends.

FinnishInquisition, 07 Dec 2017Nobody will follow me, except the entire smartphone world? Featu... more3.5mm is a feature, albeit ancient, right? That means you were being paradoxical when saying no feature is removed.

Watch MKBHD's HTC U Ultra video. A lack of 3.5mm as a feature is a poor use of space. Something something bigger battery something something? Then be more clever with your use of space instead of calling feature removal revolution.

And people should really stop talking about Apple revolutionary. One can say Motorola with the flick-for-time, fingerprint reader, and phone-off Okay Google feature is the original. Original PDA is original. But in the end only fanboys care so it clearly doesn't matter.

Yuri84, 06 Dec 2017I'll move away from 3.5mm jack when in-ear monitors can handle 8... moreBecause audiophile. With a good pair of cans and a decent DAC I can most likely hear every instrument in a song (I do theatrical music, Coldplay, OSTs). The clarity is not there for wireless headsets.

Kyo, 06 Dec 2017Well they do have competition in Samsung exynos which is till no... moreExynos isn't competition.

Their competition is HiSilicon in both mid- to high-range as long as HiSilicon puts some decent GPU in there. At the midrange MediaTek is competition. Someone needs to fill in the low-end market.

Denis Thomas, 08 Dec 2017entire smartphone world? according to who? please show me your p... more1) All manufacturers are step by step ditching the port, no matter how loud some children cry about it.

2) Apple revolutionized the world by making the first ever modern smartphone.

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i thinks It's gonna be useless, because the thermal throttling will get in the way as usual. Or hopefully there's some cooling innovation that will be paired with this beastly new CPU.

i really want a processor that is fast enough (not the fastest) but able to maintain it's rated clockspeed under heavy load.

FinnishInquisition, 07 Dec 2017Nobody will follow me, except the entire smartphone world? Featu... moreentire smartphone world? according to who? please show me your proof.

You took the hint? apple wasn't the 1st smartphone manufacturer, neither revolutionized anything. Sony Ericsson was in charge back in the day. iphone was trash in multimedia capabilities in comparison. low resolution camera, no front facing camera, no video calls, no video recording etc. Please now, enough with this.

ProJames, 07 Dec 2017Glad you agree.Haha XD

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now its time for xiaomi to repent for its sin in mi6. bring back that 3,5mm audio port on mi7

With Samsung hogging the initial batch of s845, like they did last year with s835, xiaomi’s claim of “will be among the first smartphones” is probably true but they will only be able to release it in summer and later like every manufacturers in 2017.

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Prometheous, 07 Dec 2017I know all this. I have seen that android authority video too. A... moreThe thing is that the A11 chips has 2 major problems:
1. It's coupled with 3Gb RAM
2. It powers iOS.

No matter how good the A11 is these two things will prevent it from shining.
By comparison the S845 will surely run great on next year's Oreo equipped Android flagships whit no hardware and software limitations.

And last from a generation stand point the S845 is A11's competition.
Android Authority explained very well why the A11 is faster: way bigger transistor budget per chips, bigger cores and lots and lots of cache.
The thing is making such a mobile processor is not profitable for OEM's Mediatek or Qualcomm.

xXENDER FREAKXx, 07 Dec 2017Yeah that's true friend!Glad you agree.

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AnonD-696746, 06 Dec 2017They also include option to install and run windows 10 pro.. for... moreI know, I know ;)
But this is better suited to win 10s because it is not real x86, but do it wia emulation, so it is safer to stay in S version.

There Are Also computers that Intel i7 that use win10s and in there the move to normal win10 is sensible to do if you need normal programs too outside of Windows store.

The good part of win10s is that it is somewhat safer than normal Windows because it does not allow user to install anything harmfull From other places than Windows store (where there can be ofcourse harmfull programs too) so normal Person who hit Yes to every thing that Computer ask in website Are in safer position. So there is merits to it. I would recommended something like this to my parents and peoples like them...