Samsung G600 with 5 megapixels

19 July, 2007
Today Samsung officially confirmed the Samsung G600 - its latest cameraphone armed with an impressive 5 megapixel camera. According to the manufacturer, it should be the slimmest slider of its class...

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  • habibe

its good but anyway its luxury thing.....

  • Anonymous

so.... i guess no xenon flash ;)

K850 rocks

  • ALX

Price 400

I found out something really strange. Ive got this month catalog of TMN, in Portugal, and in page 5 it has the G600 with 5 megapixels and its all metalic.

  • Anonymous

everybody a come ot with a 5 megapixel camera phone. i love technology.

  • Anonymous

Justy say one words....N 9 5 ..............N95 Nokia. The rest is just rubbish for the market rubbish...

  • Anonymous

it's only 1.5mm which is insignificant slimmer than the Nokia 6500 slide..
Not an impressive feat this time..Samsung?

  • Anonymous

motorola needs to step their game up

  • G600 man

live photo
15 mm

  • Scott

wow... it looks so unique. samsung camera phones used to be good compared to others when it was early days, but they got left behind ever since the d600. the d800 was sooo slow it was useless. i'll stick with k850.

  • regular

No, it isn't! You see the hand holding the handset on the small photo? The G600 is actually presented today by Samsung.

  • Anonymous

One more?!?!?