Apple strikes on Samsung, wants to ban the Galaxies in the US

07 July, 2011
Apple has made the next step into the patent war against Samsung. Yesterday Apple has filed a complaint to the US International Trade Commission (USITC) requesting a ban for every Galaxy S phone in the...

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  • amroze

everyones hates apple adobe sony skyf
ire opera nokia samsung htc ive herd people not liking other products but hateing apple that much is rare so do i hate apple the world hates apple so ur trying to defeat microsoft and google thats android yes big up respect android they are taking over the dums dopeys ios apple restricted icrap

  • Peter

hahaha, this is fun! THUMBS DOWN for Apple, poor apple, u r all going down for sure!

  • AnonD-2461

lol make some profit..boring apple..

  • ubitak

I think, the main thing manifacturers forget is that they declare "war" against their chip provider (memories, CPUs etc.), which in later stage can be very useful if Samsung desides to go agresive.

  • AnonD-13172

hey apple!instead of wasting ur time sue samsung,y not make a better product?so tat ppl buy ur product than other!i'm sick of apple already!

  • AnonD-9304

FACE IT APPLE............
You were always jealous of Samsung, and you were and always will be the losers....
Your iPhone 4 is nowhere and just can't be compared with Galaxy S I9000 or even I9100 Galaxy S II and you (Apple) should be able to digest this fact....
If Apple wants to rule the smartphone world then it has to manufacture Phones that can be compared with Galaxy Series.....

Apple will never defeat Samsung and both of them know this......

  • Ram

Apple has run out of ideas...

  • AnonD-2686

Samsung shouldn't even care if they want to ban them in the US, I mean who is APple anyways???? US is not the only country in the world :S Go ahead and ban samsung in the US, it won't stop them from selling in another part of the world. Apple is so ridiculous!!

  • mmmmm

if you think about it logically your going to want to shut down a company making a better product then you for cheaper, it just makes sense, unfortunatly for Apple they are 7 months behind everyone else, when they release there next brick in september it will still be less spec then the s2 but by then sammy will have the next beast in production, Apple should skip straight to iphone 6 and give it some hardware to compete maybe a little bluetooth wont go a miss

  • popoy.munti

apple is already lost the fight..theres no way apple can win unless apple accept the facts that android and wp7 is the leading os now for mobile phone'.

  • anonymous

Samsung wins over apple onperformance,price , sorry to say samsung arent a copycat, the design much much more,sg2,tab,tab 10.1 really
rocks....just bought tab 10.1 in my country few days ago

  • Anonymous

waaaaaahahahaha dang apple is very scared they are making big mistake btw, cause they did not ask the people of the USA about there opinions anyway even if all people agree it will be better, let them be controlled by one company but we will have more advanced phones than they do lol

  • AnonD-2183

mmmm, 07 Jul 2011Apple must of got fed up of robbing innocent people out of there... moreheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

poor apple!!!

  • AnonD-1131

A, 07 Jul 2011There's gonna be a lot more people who hate Apple now.Wake up dude!

The only people who hates Apple are the geeks online. If you think that we comprise the majority of consumers out there then you are sorely making a big mistake. The haters has been hating Apple since the early days of the iPod and the hating didn't stop Apple from getting record profits every quarter.

  • Ram

They should stop all these non conclusive patent war! Use the money on innovation & increase on productivity & benefit the consumers!

  • Max

Apple a loosers.... Always scared.... LOL...

  • Commentator

Apple should behave like one of the compitators, I don't like Steve Jobs; he can not digest others succeed.

  • Third Eye

I am loving it. Two giants are fighting tooth and nails, and might also use this as an excuse to raise phone price.

  • mmmm

Apple must of got fed up of robbing innocent people out of there hard earned cash and decided to go after the bigger fish, Apple when will you learn you cannot rob everyone in the world, some of us have a little bit of sense and wont fall for your mid spec over priced shite. forcing your drones to use your services and your products only then releasing the same product in a different colour so people have to buy new cases because the new phone is 0.02mm thicker ha, when will people wake up and smell the theft

  • A

There's gonna be a lot more people who hate Apple now.