Xperia Arc lands in the US, going for 600 bucks unlocked

08 July, 2011
After struggling a bit with their first few Android smartphones, the Xperia Arc was the first proper Android phone to come out of Sony Ericsson’s stables. Packing the latest version of Android in a sleek, curvy body...

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  • from_Dubai

While all others are 'I also look like iphone', this one is original. Whats more, it is very beautiful. I love it ...

  • AnonD-7433

A matter of expensive or not is indeed relative, but a matter of overpriced or not isn't. And the Arc is definately, undoubtedly, well overpriced. Though not nearly as overpriced as the iphones. Caps 'n specswise, it should be compared to the original Galaxy S,
that's why there's not a profile site out there is comparing the GS2 with the Arc. And regarding to the daily use, the 1Ghz single core and that amount of ram is really NOT that fast, it is still destined for alot of lagging, so that's why an extra core and a gig of ram mean all the difference. So, that's why the author of the news says "wait for the SGS2", unless you don't want an extra 1Ghz of core and a gig of ram with the similar amount of money you would spend for your future smartphone in exchange for some lagging activities on your daily use + better looks (but don't forget that the GS2 is the thinnest one), then go on to the Arc and sail your sea of life, and show to everyone just how shallow your way of thinking really is.
The SGS2 is the ultimate smartphone in the present and the near future, and the most value for money for it'so cutting edge technologies inside, where almost if not every reviewer out there submit in awe.

  • Pantes

Price is really good,because it is not just android smartphone it is one of a kind STYLISH android smartphone!!!!)And you always must pay extra for style,and arc's style is so unique plus very good functionality!!!!))))
I am enjoing with it evey minute!)))

  • Carl

But 600 USD is 425 EUR, which is a good price.

  • Anonymous

Going through the posts
Theory sg2 is good

But practical
I dint find it that good. The Super AMOLED dint seem to be anything more then its prev version
Phones heats up fast. Hot enough to cook olmlets
Looks are no where near attractive .

On other hand. Arc LCD Display has shown improvement by lessing the air space.between the screen
Unlike as per theory. The viewing.angles are beautiful.
When heavily stuffed phone laggs a bit

Arc practically it beats the."dual core" phone

  • joseph nero

AnonD-6173, 10 Jul 2011Sure i know that this is an open forum, and you should appreciat... moreagreed.sites get alot of money from some companies to advertise them in review form.our own opinion matters not somebody elses trying to make us like something we dont want

  • themotionman

I bought it for 600 $ equivelant and it's worth every dollar
imo, if u have a different taste go for the SG II it's a reqliqble phone too

  • AnonD-6173

Sun, 10 Jul 2011I think you have difficulties understanding the notion of a &quo... moreSure i know that this is an open forum, and you should appreciate people who are satisfied with their arc and say arc is the best not SGS II. The question is why do you even bother with them, and then keep trolling and debating the same 'case' over and over again even in ARC forum. Doesn't make any sense eh? don't you think so?

Yes almost in all tech sites says that SGS II is the best. So? what?
About this site, i have my personal opinion, do you interested with it? lol

  • Anonymous

which application in android market need dual core processor?
dual core benefit for now is only full hd video!
on paper sgs2 is better but in reality you cannot see the benefits of dual core!
so i will go for arc with a 10x better design with same hardware!

  • Anonymous

500$s seems to be a good price for the arc, especially in today's extremely competitive market, it truly does lack certain key features that other brands provide. SE should smarten up and try to provide a sweeter deal, im sure this will piss of a lot of se fans, but this phone just aint worth the price. If looks are your ONLY criteria, then im sure its a good buy.

  • Sun

joseph nero, 10 Jul 2011nicely said man.but i doubt he is grown enough to understandI think you're not grown enought to understand that there are oppions that differ from your own and you have to accept them! The forum is for debates and for people to express their opinion "for" or "against"...Try to understand that!

  • Sun

[deleted post]I think you have difficulties understanding the notion of a "free forum"!!! Let me explain it to you...every person has the right to express his opinion as long as he fallows the rules!.....About Arena...if Gsm arena would have been a bias site it wouldn't have tittled Arc's review"Android de triumpf"...that's a very flattering title! Arc's strong and weak points are described very accuratly! Your problem is that Arena in it's review of SG2 said it is the brightest star! But it's an almoast unanymous conclusion among the profile sites that SG2 is the best! Are you gonna accuse all the profile sites of being bias because they reached the same conclusion?

  • joseph nero

[deleted post]nicely said man.but i doubt he is grown enough to understand

  • AnonD-13379

Even if $600 is expensive to others, still many buy SE phones cause it's the best. Just buy cheaper phones if you can't afford the sexiest phone. I don't play games and movies in my phone since it will just drain the battery. It will defeat the purpose of having a phone. I only use it for mild internet. I prefer having a seperate multimedia device like a PS Vita which can handle games and multimedia better because of quad core.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc wins in DESIGN
Samsung Galaxy S II wins in SPECS

  • r41n

Design: Xperia Arc > SGS2
Specs: SGS2 > Arc

I wouldn't wait for an ugly looking phone. I don't need specs because I'm not using it for games or watching movies. It will just drain the battery. I'm planning to buy PS Vita which will take care of all entertainment and media a lot better because it is quad core.

  • Sun

AnonD-10684, 09 Jul 2011You seem like missing my point, yes the author didn't use the wo... more Your point is flawed! Since the author didn't use the word "buy" he hasn't hindered in eny way potencial Arc costumers. All he did was to present a picture of some alternatives to the Arc. At the end of every review GSMarena presents alternatives to the respective phone within it's segment...arena presents the existing alternatives available on the market....AS WELL as the handsets that are about to be released!...Besides Arc price is very close to SG2 price! So...the author was not bias and did not try to influence the costumers into buying a particular phone!

  • AnonD-8026

same old story : the features... BUT WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT IS THAT SGS2 FEATURES are SIGNIFICANT ???? i and the whole world say no at present so enough with bragging about SGS2, arc in features look & quality is very good and that's it don't tell me about some extra features like secondary cam or usb2go... i never needed them nor any1 that i know used them ... enough with future proof we're in the present

  • joseph nero

AnonD-13321, 09 Jul 2011What are you, a friggin' fan boy? I rest my case, you are incapa... moresonyericsson ftw

  • AnonD-13358

AnonD-10684, 09 Jul 2011You seem like missing my point, yes the author didn't use the wo... moreWell, honestly, if you go upon the final two lines of a news article to decide between an SE Arc or a SGS2... you kinda deserve to make the poor choice.

Another thing; the Xperia Arc and the SGS2 are at almost the same price point. At least in the Netherlands.

  • AnonD-13321

AnonD-10684, 09 Jul 2011So what's a secondary cam purpose on a phone? Video calls are ra... moreWhat are you, a friggin' fan boy? I rest my case, you are incapable of reasoning.