Nvidia announces Titan V, a $3000 graphics card based on Volta

08 December 2017
Designed for AI, deep learning and high performance computing applications.

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  • Anonymous

10000$ is five zeroes ?

  • Really

Vegetaholic, 09 Dec 2017Incorrect. Computer is dumbest thing in a world, completely... moreThen why did Facebook's own AI invent its own language and had to be shutdown?

  • Anonymous

Still iphone and ipad are fastest , most powerful and most fluid devices.... cant beat them

  • Anonymous

if i can mine 1 bitcoin using this video card, i will have made all my money back!

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2017This thing isnt a card more than it is a brain. God damned ... moreIncorrect. Computer is dumbest thing in a world, completely useless without human commands, he can't think itself. And it's possibilities are completely dependent o a human brain :)

  • kmb877

LG superfan, 09 Dec 2017Will I be able to play minesweeper?Nope! Solitaire only.

Kiyasuriin, 09 Dec 2017Yes. it's backwards compatible. and no. there's no lag.Will I be able to play minesweeper?

  • AnonD-441601

Compared to predator X21 (Most expensive notebook at the moment money can buy for anyone) from Acer its still very cheap.
Anyway having a device for 9-11k euros for gaming is insane.
Mine cost 1022 and works fine for any game at full resolution.
Had HP notebook for similar price it lasted 6 years and then my graphic card died and at repair centre they asked 400 eur so i bought new notebook for 1022 instead.

But i definitely believe after a year or 2 much better GPU will come and this one will be for affordable 1-2k instead of 10k.

Anyway believe or not technology developed for army is far beyond this and this GPU could be used by army for several years before it has been posted here it will be available for anyone.

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2017... & I just got my 1060 a few months back.... it's meant for operational computing. not gaming.

Avovymous, 09 Dec 2017just because the site is "GSM"Arena, does not mean it is ex... moreWell said. I actually enjoy reading a bit of PC gear from time to time.

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2017Can it play Pong?yes

Rayne, 09 Dec 2017Can it play snakes smoother frame rates than Nokia 3310?the GPU in the nokia 3310 (ORIGINAL one) computes at about 700Mflops. and runs a resolution of 96x128. now. if we'll scale that up to the size of Titan X. yes. and something like 7,628times better.

LG superfan, 09 Dec 2017Can it work with windows 98? Will it lag?Yes. it's backwards compatible. and no. there's no lag.

ALPHABOY17, 09 Dec 2017But can it run Crysis? yep. on 4k resolution highest requirements and still dash at about 200 fps

At last! Something that can run Minecraft over 60fps! Yes! Thank you Invidia!

  • Anonymous

dudecool, 09 Dec 2017Just buy a console and be done with it. The amount of mo... moreNo it is not!
Look phone prices. 1300$ for a phone. Gpus Are so underpriced. So 3000$ for gpu is even cheap compared to new phones. I really hope that next flagship gpu is 5000$ so that rich people has better gpu than normal people!

I cars you can be better than common folk, why not in Computer tech. This is absurdilla that we don`t have hardware that normal people just can not afford!
I really wellcome this more pricier future!

But can it run Crysis?

  • Rayne

Can it play snakes smoother frame rates than Nokia 3310?

  • Anonymous

Can it play Pong?

Can it work with windows 98? Will it lag?