Now you can get Pixel 2's portrait mode on your first-gen Pixel and Nexus 5X/6P

02 January 2018
This is all thanks to developer Charles Chow, who has included the feature in version 7.3 of their Camera NX app.

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  • C Kima
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  • 03 Jan 2018

I tried this on my Nexus 5X and it works perfectly! I was thinking of upgrading my phone since it is outdated without the trendy Portrait Mode of late but was confused as to which phone I would choose and then further constrained by budget. But now I can live ever so peacefully ☮️ until October or so during which time I live with the most updated version of Android 😌😌
A big shout-out to the developer! Way to go!

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    • Jan
    • 0rY
    • 02 Jan 2018

    Does this also work on other devices like HTC, LG, Sony etc?

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      • TMV
      • ube
      • 02 Jan 2018

      Just tried this magic work on my 5x and the results are mind boggling. Both front and rear cams are supporting a "portrait mode" with this app! Big shout out to the developer. App of the year! Please publish on Play Store for the wider audience.

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        • mE0
        • 02 Jan 2018

        Kyo, 02 Jan 2018Doesn't true background blur effect require a dual pixel ca... moreno true background require different lens which are not available for smartphones.
        even dual cameras use software processing to simulate bokeh
        dual cameras are just good marketing trick for people who think they are some "professionals"

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          • AnonD-111002
          • g88
          • 02 Jan 2018

          Isn't this feature available on Pixel with Android 8.1 and it's called "Lens Blur"?

            Rocking it on my OG Pixel XL. Works brilliantly.

              Long live nexus.

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                • AnonD-664474
                • Kg{
                • 02 Jan 2018

                mir, 02 Jan 2018No need to buy the latest and greatest. Because they're usu... moreAccurate.
                Install the Pixel 2's camera app on the S7 Edge and it could perform as good as the Note 8's camera (except zoom) if not any better.

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                  • mir
                  • 7Xe
                  • 02 Jan 2018

                  No need to buy the latest and greatest. Because they're usually greatest only on the price tag.

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                    • Hunter
                    • PU7
                    • 02 Jan 2018

                    Woooww... Super stuff. Android rocks!!!

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                      • Kavliaris
                      • Afb
                      • 02 Jan 2018

                      Tested on Nexus 6P and it worked extremely good !!!

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                        • Kyo
                        • PEr
                        • 02 Jan 2018

                        Doesn't true background blur effect require a dual pixel camera setup(rather than a dual camera)? Sorry I am not a photographer so not having much knowledge on the subject.

                          Support for other phones would be great

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                            • AnonD-664474
                            • Kg{
                            • 02 Jan 2018

                            Google's camera app on their Pixel phones should be available for every single Android smartphone. Downloadable and uninstallable in the Play Store, even the very first ever Android smartphone should be able to have it working too.

                            It's about time that poor cameras come to an end. Even budget smartphones should have "really good" camera quality.