Non-functional LG Wallet/Pay app arrives on Google Play

06 January 2018
The app description says you need to have a G7 to install it.

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  • Leeroy

Please LG need upgrade my g2. Make g7 awesome. Thanks.

So what for?

So at first LG had nasty Bootloop issues with G4 and G5.
Then iPhone7 had headphone jack show in the media.
Then Note7 phones had battery fail.
LG had perfect chance to take a swing on top 2 competitors - and they didn't.
G6 was simply "meh" and too expensive at first, and then they pissed off it's fans by dropping price suddenly.
Now with phones like V20 and V30 they got some respect back - and they screw up by doing something like this.
They are simply talented at sabotaging themself.

LG is the company with great potential to be the the best in many areas.
But unfortunatley for them, they are currently the best at screwing things up.

  • AnonD-542833

Looks like LG is celebrating April fool's day on January. As to me I very happy and satisfied with my Samsung Pay and Google Tez. :-)

  • Jan

This doesnt work on the v30? :o

Someone is going to be fired

Seems like an unfinished app.

  • Sigsegv

It looks like a poor intern accidentally released in production an alpha version of the app.

  • Anonymous

Non-functional. Sounds like a LG product alright.

  • AnonD-664474

Android Pay is the next big thing.
You need to have an Android to buy an iPhone.

  • ZloiYuri

All LG in it's best.

It was supposed to be called LG πŸ’ΈπŸ“² but they had a fight over it. This dual naming convention was the status quo.

  • AnonD-694886

It's not nonfunctional, it's a feature.

Verry informative