Motorola Gamepad Moto Mod hands-on review

10 January 2018
This might be the funnest Moto Mod out there.

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The ability to use the gamepad without the need for Bluetooth connection is the reason why I choose to buy a Motorola Z/Z2/Z3 phone as my next Android phone and I have no intention on replacing it. Once it's no longer working, I just simply buy another one.

  • Gauss

I actually through a way the idea of getting a moto with this gamepad because there are no upside buttons.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-674280, 10 Jan 2018So this will be rendered useless in few years when you get ... moreYou can keep the phone and use it as a dedicated handheld forever until it breaks. No different than buying a gameboy

z2 force should play up to gamecube/ps1 and maybe 2 fairly easily.

  • AdamBoy64

imparanoic, 11 Jan 2018in theory, great gaming add on, simple plug and play, even ... moreI can see four standard buttons (X, Y, B, A), so it doesn't look like it'd be that bad for emulated gaming..

in theory, great gaming add on, simple plug and play, even more simple than sony's dual shock ps4 controller with xperia phones.

but the dual analog sticks are great for modern games ( except beat em ups such street fighter 4), but poor for classic emulated games such snes, pc engine, gameboy advance

  • AnonD-674280

So this will be rendered useless in few years when you get your self a new phone and that dont have the connectivity with this thing anymore ? There are blutooth gamepads for phones that are better deal then this one. At least you dont need to throw it away when you get a new phone

  • Anonymous

wooshi, 10 Jan 2018Was expecting to be mentioned it looks 90% like a PSP. Comp... moreSurely does, though.

Love the Community, 10 Jan 2018Allow me to retort that. 1. You're too lazy to scroll more... moreYou mentioned Good points,

1- I personally use QHD displays to take screenshots on the go, share contents. So, with taller display, a picture or long text can be captured in good quality and at once.
2- Of course, landscape games are for 2 hands, not One hand. Put your 4 fingers back of your Phone like what people do with tablets and play with thumbs.
3- Quality is differ from what I mentioned as moto Z series have bezels up and down. they can make the mod from the handset material, so it can be as durable as the Phone itself
4- for those who are selfie experts and heavy self shooter, it is pointless, but for majority of people who use selfie cam for maximum 10 shots per day, it gives them more space to surf or play.
5- if they keep 16:9 ratio, regaring the thickness, it is still good solution to have both selfie cam and borderless display.

Finally In my opinion, Motorola Gamepad Mod is still a positive point for future use of bezel less displays for gamers.

If Gamepads were not good, Sony and Microsoft would never continued to improve their Controllers.

  • Gpad

I have this and it works great for supported games. Great deal and makes games more fun. I don't know what the built in battery does and no articles really explain it... Powers the built in lights maybe?

  • AnonD-441601

Looks great and promising would like to recommend that.

  • Love the Community

The Scientist Pigeon, 10 Jan 2018Another* Undoubtedly pros for current Bezel Less full scree... moreAllow me to retort that.
1. You're too lazy to scroll more?
2. Oh where can I grip my palms when doing landscape gaming without making accidental touches? Palm recognition is hard to implement because only less than 5% of the phones have that.
3. Ok it seems to be good but I hope it doesn't scratch like the Nintendo Switch Dock.
4. I don't think this is a good idea. Oppo N1 and N3 did it right and I hope they perfect it and of course, not stop that gimmick.

Another* Undoubtedly pros for current Bezel Less full screen trend.

1- Web Browsing
2- Gaming
*3- Docking
Possibly 4- Slider back for Camera, not like Oppo's N1 to N3.
For Selfie, "When Needed, simply do what you do with BB Priv (in case of keypad)."

Mdr 1000x or xm2?
Anyways both are great!
Had the 1000x and now using the xm2.

  • AnonD-729764

I have this moto mod and two big sadness with it are:
1- It can't work as a extra battery to recharge your cell phone in case of need.
2 - It doesn't work with the Sega forever games.

  • wooshi

Was expecting to be mentioned it looks 90% like a PSP. Completely dissapointed