LG's next flagship might be called G7 after all

09 January 2018
The name is listed on the company's official website for the UK.

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  • Anonymous

LG will be HTC of 2018

  • Anonymous

onlyREAL, 10 Jan 2018ONLY CAPITALISTS BUY AIPLE OR SAMMY! Get a life, open yo... moreEnjoy your malfunctioning LG (and spelling...).

  • Anonymous

It better be good or else LG will be the next HTC

  • onlyREAL

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018Only masochists buy LG phones.ONLY CAPITALISTS BUY AIPLE OR SAMMY!

Get a life, open your eyes...you are a crappy person if you think aiple or sammy is better. BECAUSE IT ISNT.

  • Anonymous

Only masochists buy LG phones.

  • Aadrian

Let it be the G7, no reason to change it, and people are familiar with the G-series.

  • AlienFromNextDoor

Will it have a 3 year old gorilla glass front and plastic camera lens like the G6? Or will it go into bootloop like G3, G4 and G5?

  • onlyREAL

i think LG should skip the numbers until 8 and give us a LG G9 to equal Sammycrappy S9, like sammy did with note series to make people dont think Note is behind S series and both are equal...so LG should do the same.