Report says Huawei-AT&T deal collapsed after US lawmakers raised concerns over it

10 January 2018
Verizon also had plans to sell a Huawei Mate series smartphone later this year. However, reports now say the carrier is also under pressure to cancel the launch.

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AnonD-625621, 10 Jan 2018So why are they even allowed to sell unlocked phone in the US ? ... moreYeah wtf makes no sense. They must forget about unlocked phones bought on Amazon or directly from lol

Bet it was Trump move, he hates China so badly, that he blames Global Warming phenomenon as Chinese scam to cripple USA economy, oh boy in what political times we livin :D

I really don't think that the problem is security concerns or anything, I feel that it's over fear of Chinese OEMs. Since 2007, a lot of people were saying that the Chinese OEMs will invade the US market. And to be honest, if the day comes and the Chinese manufacturers come to the US and their phones become available in the carriers stores, they will invade it.

Say what you say about iPhones and Galaxies. From my experience, Americans love Chinese smartphones. I'm not American, but I study in the US. I have a Huawei P10 Plus, my classmates are always impressed by its design, performance and camera quality. One of them even sold his iPhone 7 Plus and bought the Mate 9 (available in US). He told me that he never thought that it'll be this good. Another one was having launch near me and he is a tech nerd like me and told me that if it weren't for iMessage he would've bought the Mate 9. So this shows that people are actually liking these phones and they want to try them.

I believe that the problem doesn't only come from carriers, I believe that it also comes from Apple and Samsung. They don't want to have competition in the US. I know that this is crazy, but I think its true.

  • AnonD-24741

AnonD-696746, 10 Jan 2018Yes its automatically Trump fault as usual. This is getting b... moreIf this protectionism isn't due to Trumpism, what the heck are they doing on Capitol Hill? They can't all play golf all day, every day... :)

  • Anonymous

Something struck me after reading this article. That is how come ZTE is selling it's phones in US ?!

  • AnonD-696746

AnonD-24741, 10 Jan 2018Trumpism at its finest. This is the freedom you get. The freedom... moreYes its automatically Trump fault as usual.

This is getting boring you lefty need to relaxe and stop making up stuff.

  • AnonD-696746

Neal, 10 Jan 2018Nobody wants a damn google phone. It already has enough bloatwar... moreThat why andoid market share is much higher than apple lol.

Got to love delusional apple fanboy.

  • AnonD-696746

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018It will be plastered, if and when they find it. I'd be weary,... moreFunny USA do exactly the same thing banning media they cant control ( RT by example ) and they are spying on everyone more than all others countries put together lol.

  • AnonD-696746

Basically Samsung and others android OEM in the USA lobbyed those lawmaker to do this.

would be hard to sell a 1000$ samsung device when you have those at nearly half price lol.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018If they really found something inappropriate you think it wouldn... moreIt has and and been posted multiple times on gsm, remember BLU?

AnonD-669148, 10 Jan 2018iPhones... are made in China, so if USA really fear Chinese espi... moreExactly what I said in a previous article posted in GSMARENA saying that AT&T will not sell Huawei phones. Because, some Chinese phones enter via amazon and other retailers.

  • .alpha

All started under Obama when he banned Intel from selling HPC CPUs to China and directed Sprint not to use Huawei backend equipments

  • AnonD-24741

Trumpism at its finest. This is the freedom you get. The freedom isn't for the people, it's for the corporations paying for the lawmakers new swimming pools.

  • Neal

AnonD-708551, 10 Jan 2018So do Google Android.Nobody wants a damn google phone. It already has enough bloatware and shit on them anyways.

  • vasra

Americans are afraid of competition. And they themselves are already spying on everybody.
I find the whole argument really silly :-)

  • Kocharito

That's how it works, there afraid of change. It may take million of years to break that wall....

  • AnonD-356176

China should ban apple in retaliation, usa treats china with so much hostility, how can china do anything other than fight back?

Hahaha..cannot believe this..Huawei=communist phone!
I'm wondering will I be allowed to enter US with my Xiaomi Mi6..another communist phone,but named after british secret service..I smell some global conspiracy against US..they'll die laughing in

  • AnonD-607239

Perhaps a little pressure on the politicians from Apple. Good news is you can get a Huawei phone without all the AT&T bloat.

  • AnonD-708551

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018It's assembled in China but the source code and all the programm... moreSo do Google Android.