Report says Huawei-AT&T deal collapsed after US lawmakers raised concerns over it

Himanshu, 10 January 2018

We already know the Huawei-AT&T deal over selling the Mate 10 Pro didn't materialize, and the former even confirmed it indirectly. There was, however, no information on exactly why that happened.

Until now that is, as a new report says the collaboration couldn't see the light of the day after US lawmakers raised concerned over it. Here's what the report said:

The AT&T deal died a few weeks after members of the U.S. Senate and House intelligence committees wrote to the Federal Communications Commission raising concerns about reports that Huawei had struck a deal with a major telecommunications carrier.

The lawmakers were concerned over the Chinese company's alleged political and intelligence ties.

The Dec. 20 letter cited an intelligence committee report on the Chinese firm’s alleged ties to the Communist Party and China’s intelligence and security services. “Additional work by the Intelligence Committees on this topic only reinforces concerns regarding Huawei and Chinese espionage,”

Verizon also had plans to sell a Huawei Mate series smartphone later this year. However, reports now say the carrier is also under pressure to cancel the launch.

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Reader comments

Yeah wtf makes no sense. They must forget about unlocked phones bought on Amazon or directly from lol

Bet it was Trump move, he hates China so badly, that he blames Global Warming phenomenon as Chinese scam to cripple USA economy, oh boy in what political times we livin :D

I really don't think that the problem is security concerns or anything, I feel that it's over fear of Chinese OEMs. Since 2007, a lot of people were saying that the Chinese OEMs will invade the US market. And to be honest, if the day comes and the Ch...

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