HTC U11 getting new update in US

10 January 2018
The update arrives as software version 2.42.617.1 and weighs in at around 737MB.

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  • AnonD-733286

Same thing here too. I could go a couple days without having to charge my phone. Last night, my phone went from 50% batter to 100% dead in my the 20 minutes it takes me to get home from work. I noticed my AVS anti-virus was using 50% of the battery, so I uninstalled it. This seems to have fixed the issue.

  • minuser

It has KILLED my battery longevity too

  • AnonD-732689

AnonD-731676, 18 Jan 2018Anyone else having issues after this update? It has KILLED... more@djohnston , same here . Dont know what is happening . My battery draining too fast after this update ...

  • AnonD-731676

Anyone else having issues after this update? It has KILLED my battery longevity; before the update my phone would last three days on one charge, after the update I get less than one day, the battery drains rapidly and checking the "battery usage" reveals nothing.

  • AnonD-137811

You're wc gsmarena! Glad I was able to tip you guys, hehe... Shout out to the Pinili Bros.! :D

  • Alex

Dear HTC, I'm still waiting for my Oreo update in'South East Asia please dont keep us waiting for longer than necessary.

  • AnonD-286198

Updated, but changelog didn't appear......hmm

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2018It has now fingerprint scan on screenPls is that the only change?

  • AnonD-729015

What about SEA?

  • MANI

it is 2nd update for USA, what about rest world htc? when others will get oreo taste?

  • AnonD-632062

Whenever I read U11, I think of Oolite, the rock! :P

  • Anonymous

It has now fingerprint scan on screen