Sony Xperia XZ Pro to land at MWC with 4K OLED screen, Snapdragon 845, dual rear cameras

16 January 2018
The company's next flagship smartphone will be packing some top of the line specs according to the latest rumor.

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  • AnonD-736003
  • uIT
  • 18 Feb 2018

Hello brother the Best Android phone Sony Xperia Waiting to release Sony xperia xz pro hahaha

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    • Gamer
    • P@L
    • 14 Feb 2018

    6000 CNY = 60000+ INR
    If it will come with Snap dragon 845 chip set and amoled 4k i will defiatly buy this phone :3

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      • Davood57
      • Iw0
      • 08 Feb 2018

      Take my money

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        • nw}
        • 07 Feb 2018

        Vegetaholic, 17 Jan 2018Just unbelievable what Sony is doing beyond the logic. Why ... moreWhatever mate. You like what you like. That's your opinion. You have to realise other people have different options. Show some empathy. If you don't know what that means, look it up

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          • AnonD-728397
          • XNp
          • 24 Jan 2018

          I'm a big fan of a SONY...and I'm really appreciate you think different design for this xzpro... I'm really disappointing one thing.. First SONY XPERIA started a gorgeous looking phone. Example (Sony Xperia z) at that days it's almost good looking... 2017 still the design never changed... Already Samsung built a edge phone.. But Sony in same design.. Thanks to Sony, now there decide to further than before.. Please SONY make a phone good looking one.

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            • regs
            • gEE
            • 22 Jan 2018

            Put 5'' OLED into it, SD 670, keep camera, IP67-8 protection and Compact dimensions, SD slot, sell it for $500-600 and i'll buy it.

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              • Anonymous
              • PBC
              • 22 Jan 2018

              Combine this with the LG V30 camera software and DAC plus HTC front speakers and they will be on a winner.

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                • AnonD-521587
                • kcM
                • 21 Jan 2018

                PeterThePanda, 17 Jan 2018Not to mention their hardware. No matter how good the se... moresony has great hardware just not the software to make the best of it. But hardware is top notch

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                  • AnonD-648283
                  • YT1
                  • 19 Jan 2018

                  Anonymous, 18 Jan 2018Who cares about these useless gimmicks? I's still missing t... moreSo what do you want?? Everything sony has is a gimmik.. Tell us your favorite phone

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                    • AnonD-230117
                    • q{9
                    • 19 Jan 2018

                    If it comes as has been suggested, this is the highest ranked phone in my books and will be watching it closely. I hope they can deliver this with a good level of quality software (functionality and robustness) to accompany the hardware. About the only thing missing would be wireless charging as an option.

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                      • Alien
                      • 3RM
                      • 19 Jan 2018

                      Anonymous, 18 Jan 2018Who cares about these useless gimmicks? I's still missing t... moreMy red XZ Premium says different.
                      I've tried a lot of resolutions and DPI sizes and let me tell you there is a difference.
                      If you lower the resolution, the clarity and sharpness fade and things look a bit blurry.
                      My previous Sony C6603 has a 5" display and when I change the resolution from FHD to HD there's also a blurry difference.
                      But switching to OLED doesn't make me happy either. Every time I play with AMOLED phones longer that 30 minutes, it makes my eyes burn. Also I'm worried about burn-ins. I upgrade to newer models every 3-4 years and this makes things difficult. I don't like changing my phones every 3 months like others do.
                      Usually I use a phone until it dies or it's too outdated. Rooting a phone prelongs the life span of a phone by 2 years (if you know what to do).
                      So, quit spreading your sci-fi stories and give us a feedback when you'll actually own and use a 4K display phone.
                      PS you don't need root to change the resolution and DPI size..

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                        • AnonD-139366
                        • uCm
                        • 19 Jan 2018

                        Anonymous, 17 Jan 2018Smaller battery, smaller camera, no front speakers, no stuf... moreTotally agree. In terms of front design, it's quite promising.

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                          • AnonD-731754
                          • IW@
                          • 19 Jan 2018

                          Anonymous, 18 Jan 2018Who cares about these useless gimmicks? I's still missing t... moreHahaha for your own good sake you have an option not to buy this product! Don't get hurt due to its own beauty. LOL

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                            • AnonD-731746
                            • mAQ
                            • 18 Jan 2018

                            Anonymous, 18 Jan 2018Who cares about these useless gimmicks? I's still missing t... moreI got to give you props for mentioning the ir blaster but I got to argue with ya on oled screen part.
                            Perfect phone should have:
                            1. Oled 2k display
                            2. 2 front facing stereo speakers
                            3. SD Card Slot
                            4. 3.5 mm jack(its sad that I have to put it on this list)
                            5. IR Blaster
                            6. Wireless and fast chrage
                            7. Removable battery(at least 3500mah for an 5.1 panel)
                            8. Software support for 5 years
                            9. Fingerprint sensor
                            10. IP 68 certification
                            11. Notification LED
                            12. Non crackable glass/screen
                            13. NFC
                            14. FM Radio antenas

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                              • Anonymous
                              • mY2
                              • 18 Jan 2018

                              Who cares about these useless gimmicks? I's still missing the real important things: removable battery and IR blaster.

                              The 4K OLED is the worst.
                              4K is crap and useless in phones. QHD, moreover even 1080p is overkill in phones (1080p is good for monitors). Any higher screen resolution is just a waste of GPU performance and battery life.
                              OLED is crap and useless, because it has short lifespan, it is going to burn in, color shift / distortion will appear over time, ... And the smaller the subpixels the shorter the lifespan. 4K means even smaller subpixels.

                              The dual rear camera, slim bezels, 18:9 screen ... are all useless gimmicks.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • FXM
                                • 18 Jan 2018

                                Make it bigger for big hand please

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                                  • I8m
                                  • 18 Jan 2018

                                  AnonD-723538, 17 Jan 2018Never used a sony phone before, if doesn't heat up extremel... moreActually sony phones are great. Sony themselves are the reason they are not as popular and widely sold.
                                  They hold back marketing and global releases.
                                  And while the make a beautiful and well perfoming phone with elegant software they turn around and hold back a couple things. Like weak speakers and always let the camera under perform a bit.
                                  Use a better aperture lens, combine ois into the mix, fix the peocessing a bit, use speakers tgat people can actually hear and sound a little better. And actually release the thing and they would have sold so much more

                                    Just unbelievable what Sony is doing beyond the logic. Why 4K??? What you going to do with It??? If you not a Terminator you don't have have a chance to see difference on a such a small screen if you watch anything in 4k. At last Oled. I think some hardcore Sony fans first time in their lives will realize what it is to see clearly after years of using wash out LCD screens :) and as typical Sony is last to join a game, dual cameras, oleds and infinity screens and will charge almost as it's iPhone X, cause you get so much "novelties" :)))

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                                      • AnonD-723538
                                      • kPN
                                      • 17 Jan 2018

                                      Never used a sony phone before, if doesn't heat up extremely fast, I'm willing to give it a try. Pairing with my sony headphones would be amazing.

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                                        • chisslegrog
                                        • SpE
                                        • 17 Jan 2018

                                        stereo speakers? If it has this feature too then I REALLY want it.