Xiaomi will update 40 devices to MIUI 9

17 January 2018
The oldest among them are from 2012, now that's what we call long-term support.

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  • mhE
  • 21 Mar 2018

Honestly, I'm really disappointed ! Since I got my phone Xiaomi Mi Mix in the beginning of January 2017, Xiaomi don't make any software update , it's still the old Android 6.0 Marshmellow ... it's a questionable about safety. I don't think that I buy the Xiaomi anymore .

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    • RejZoR
    • M}3
    • 20 Mar 2018

    Anonymous, 10 Feb 2018Disaster update,pushing 6 years old devices with latest upd... moreI don't. I absolutely despise companies that leave you out in cold after just 2 years. Xiaomi providing such long term support made me decide I'll be buying only Xiaomi phones from now on. I probably won't be using them for more than 3 years, but I can at least be assured I'll be properly supported the entire time. All companies are lacking in this department and Xiaomi is a bright exception. They all do the same hardware, but it's cool Xiaomi features that separate it from the rest. Most call it bloatware, but I don't. MIUI is actually practical and one of best experiences I've had with any interface for a phone. Unthinkable from Chinese maker just few years ago, but today it beats nearly all other vendors in this regard.

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      • IVG
      • 10 Feb 2018

      Disaster update,pushing 6 years old devices with latest update is just like pulling a cow onto a tree. Doubt their decision making.

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        • D0Y
        • 09 Feb 2018

        I own the mi 3 . What’s your suggestion? Can we get the battery changed? It’s name is not in your 40 list

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          • Mihir
          • 7k7
          • 31 Jan 2018

          My redmi note 3 is not having any type of updates not even android or not even miui

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            • Bishnu
            • fCZ
            • 31 Jan 2018

            I am using rademi 5A
            But face lock unavailable

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              • Alok
              • rK@
              • 25 Jan 2018

              When A1 get miui 9 ...I'm waiting for buy A1 then conferm

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                • rey
                • TjQ
                • 25 Jan 2018

                why is it my mobile Xiaomi Redmi note 4X before updating had been lost the sound on my speaker and hoping that after updating to latest MIUI 9 will comes back to normal and yet still no sounds at all only when you are using the headphone.....and it's a disappointing feelings on it men....

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                  • AnonD-732731
                  • fm{
                  • 23 Jan 2018

                  i updated my mi max prime but it came back with a mi account lock from another users account yet i have been using the gadget for the past 18months, am very dissapointed

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                    • Luxor
                    • ibb
                    • 22 Jan 2018

                    AnonD-716048, 21 Jan 2018"I never said already updated but it is released with Nouga... moreWell, that is such a keyboard warrior style defend there. Thank you anyway. You kinda late on explaining all that. I already figure it out myself. Thank you for trying to explain. I admit all my mistake and misunderstanding before. Ok guys, nothing to see here. Move along. Bye.

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                      • Jhen Alex
                      • UD{
                      • 22 Jan 2018

                      how about Mi3? isn't include?

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                        • se se subbu
                        • Mfg
                        • 21 Jan 2018

                        They update but their phone sucks. heavy rom.

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                          • AnonD-716048
                          • q{m
                          • 21 Jan 2018

                          Luxor, 18 Jan 2018No no. I never said already updated but it is released with... more"I never said already updated but it is released with Nougat out of the box."
                          No one said you did. the article states this. you may want to re-read my previous comment.
                          "Even so if I mistake it as Mi A1 why does 5X with MiUI9 nougat out of the box need to be updated to MIUI9?"
                          You seem to have missed one very key point, when the Mi 5X was released in July 2017 MIUI9 was not released during that time. So, as you've hopefully deduced, it ran on MIUI8. While it NOW does come with MIUI 9 out of the box; seeing as much of that unit was sold in its MIUI8 configuration, it qualifies to be in this list as a device that was indeed updated to MIUI9.
                          You also seem to misunderstand the difference between what MIUI is and its relation to the Android OS.
                          from your previous comment: "it supposed to get Oreo update but suddenly downgraded to Nougat based MIUI9. "
                          MIUI9 based does not imply it needs to be that version of android. the Mi 2 is a prime example of this; it will get a MIUI9 update but it will be on android 4.4. and ny that extension it is very possible to have a MIUI9 that runs on Oreo.
                          " Im not a fan of Xiaomi. And it is hard to trust news these day. "
                          While i understand the sentiment behind the latter, it servers this site no purpose to lie about something like this, so i feel your mistrust is unwarranted and misplaced; unless you can prove that this site has something to benefit from putting out this pretty insignificant piece of "false" info that would out weigh its detriments.

                          "Enlightened me.if you are such a nice fanboy of Xiaomi."
                          I'm a fan boy of anything that provides the consumer good value; as all consumers should be. At the moment i would say Xiaomi provide a good value in its devices for what you are paying; many other tech reviewers share this sentiment. Although i personally am not a huge fan of MIUI but it doesnt bother me so much as to make me want to steer clear of their products entirely. So while I can't say I'm not a fanboy, neither can I say that I am; i am a fan of them currently since thier products align with my views of how the phone market should be; reasonably priced with well though out product lines so im not forced to give up an arm or a leg or my first born.
                          "trying to point fingers"

                            Does it include next generation spyware?

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                              • itsme
                              • y$b
                              • 20 Jan 2018

                              my redmi 4 prime all 4 of them has already been updated miui

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                                • Anonymous
                                • uww
                                • 20 Jan 2018

                                mi4i is included too, i think.

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                                  • Slim
                                  • YMk
                                  • 19 Jan 2018

                                  A correction.
                                  Not all ROMs are based on Android N.
                                  Xiaomi stopped updating most of the phones long back. They never receive more than 1 generation of update for Android base.

                                  the MIUI9 for Redmi Note is based on KitKat. That went obsolete eons ago.
                                  for Mi3/4 is based on Android M
                                  similarly, Redmi 3 series (from 2016), which runs pretty much same hardware as redmi 4(2017) series. And yet, it will never receive Android N or beyond. Its MIUI9 is based on Marshmallow

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                                    • Luxor
                                    • tVk
                                    • 19 Jan 2018

                                    AnonD-731500, 18 Jan 2018Dude, that image you've clicked brought you to GSMArena web... moreYes, gsmarena page for Mi A1. Ok. I get it. The picture have nothing to do with the list. It is confusing me. Should had just not put that picture there at all instead. I rather read full text only article instead of misleading picture that is also clickable. Sorry, cant read chinese. Thanks.

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                                      • Pavan mg
                                      • D0c
                                      • 19 Jan 2018

                                      When it comes??????

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                                        • Tamil
                                        • D0e
                                        • 19 Jan 2018

                                        When MIUI 9 for 3s prime will update??