ZTE Axon 9 coming this year, CEO confirms

24 January 2018
The company is skipping over 8, allegedly because of how the name would sound in Chinese.

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  • Anonymous

But it is a "mess up"

No dual speakers.
Stupid 18:9 screen ratio (useless for screencasting or beaming stuff to smart-tv)

What else can we expect? No Audio jack perhaps?

Yeps, looks like a "mess up" to me.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 25 Jan 2018To whom it may concern at ZTE, please make the Axon 9 a wor... moreTo be honest, your (Sensible Luxury) should come standard with 6GB RAM/128 GB Hard Drive with 8GB RAM/256 GB ROM optional upgrade. This way, it can start at like $650. But also, it should have a dual lens (maybe a 16 MP wide-angle shooter and 16-20MP main shooter) and a 2K display (instead of 1080p; as Huawei proves, 2K will work with a 4,000 mAH battery; especially with the vanilla Android).

Agree with the mid-ranger though. That would work perfectly.

  • KMB877

kevinmcmurtrie, 25 Jan 2018ZTE only puts in enough software development effort to prod... moreWhere did you get this info!? Let me disagree with you: the last 2017 security update was August and yesterday (January 26) was announced an other one. I just installed the December security updates.
Do you want the latest updates? Get a Pixel, you'll pay like for two Axon 7!

  • AnonD-674238

amoled screen....quad front speakers...and a headphone jack better than v30...also at least 3500mah or 3300 for the lowest...stuff that phone like a turkey

  • Anonymous

I tried to buy axon 7, and damn it's price still maintained

  • Kangal

To whom it may concern at ZTE, please make the Axon 9 a worthy successor. Don't follow the bad trends of lately, don't be a "me too", simply make a product that is great to use without the gimmicks and marketing buzzwords.

There's two approaches to this; with a Solid Mid-Range device to cater to the 95% of the population, or with a Luxury Flagship device that makes the competitors be redundant.

Mid-Range device (Great/Min Expectations):
Model: ZTE Axon 9 "Flagship Killer"
Price: USD $499 / EUR €399
Release Date: Q2 2018
OS: Stock Android 8.0 Oreo
Software: Project Treble, No planned updates, Unlockable Bootloader
Processor: QSD 636
NAND: 64GB UFS2.0 NAND (no microSD)
Battery: 3,500mAh (~2 days), QC3 fast-charging, No Wireless charger
Rear camera: SONY IMX 362, 12MP, 1.4μm, f/1.9 70′ Glass-Lens
Front camera: SONY IMX 260, 8MP, 1.6μm, f/2.2 100′ Glass-Lens
Display: High-quality Samsung AM-OLED (450nits, sRGB, great sunlight reflectivity 5%)
Screen: 5.7 inch, 1920 x 1080 (16:9), Gorilla Glass 4
Dimensions: 80% Screen to Body, 144 x 78 x 9mm
Fingerprint reader: Rear-centered reader
Speakers: Dual front firing stereo loudspeakers, Great DAC
Design: Symmetrical back, front, sides. Viewable antenna lines. Logo on back.
Buttons: Plastic (power, volume +, volume -, camera button) right-side buttons
Ports: left 3.5mm aux port, centre USB-C 3.0 port, right lanyard hole, on bottom
Ingress protection: IP55 resistance
Build Material: Matte 7000-series Aluminium unibody
Weight: 180g
...great handset from all perspectives, except not competing in the rick measuring race for the processor specs,

High-End device (Best/Max Expectations):
Model: ZTE Axon 9 PRO "Sensible Luxury"
Price: USD $799 / EUR €699
Release Date: Q1 2018
OS: Stock Android 8.1 Oreo
Software: Project Treble, Monthly planned updates, Unlocked Bootloader
Processor: QSD 845
NAND: 256GB UFS2.0 NAND (with microSD slot)
Battery: 4,000mAh (~3 days), QC4 fast-charging, Qi-Wireless through display
Rear camera: SONY IMX 378, 12MP, 1.6μm, f/1.6 90′ Sapphire-Lens (HDR10-certified)
Front camera: SONY IMX 333, 8MP, 1.6μm, f/1.9 120′ Sapphire-Lens (HDR10-certified)
Display: Best-quality Samsung AM-OLED (600nits, sRGB, best sunlight reflectivity 4%)
Screen: 5.7 inch, 1920 x 1080 (16:9), Genuine Sapphire glass
Dimensions: 85% Screen to Body, 140 x 75 x 7mm
Fingerprint reader: Front-bottom (underdisplay) scanner
Speakers: Dual front firing stereo loudspeakers, QuadDAC, Dolby Atmos certified
Design: Symmetrical back, front, sides. Hidden antenna lines. Not branded.
Buttons: Metal (power, volume +, volume -, user customisable button) on phone's right-side
Ports: left 3.5mm aux port, centre USB-C 3.2 port, right lanyard hole, on bottom
Ingress protection: IP68 proofing
Build Material: Matte Scratch-Resistant 7000-series Aluminium unibody
Weight: 150g
....perfect handset from the outside, inside, feel, durability, and software

Basically, it's definitely a good news, for the premium mid-rangers lovers and in general too. Moreover, It will be really interesting to see how it will compare with the OP5T, etc. And how much a flagship killer (if so? Hopefully) it will be?

ZTE only puts in enough software development effort to produce major releases. There are no security releases and bug fix releases are produced only when needed to prevent a large number of product returns. The Axon 7 got its last update on April 30, 2017 and it looks like the next update won't be any earlier than April 2018. No thanks.

  • AnonD-450518

ZTE Axon 9 will still be a flagship killer at a lower price point with latest specs compared to their big name competitors, but hopefully it won't be like the Axon 7 limited only to certain regions & markets.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2018OK, this is my dream phone for this company[p.s. my opinion... moreA 4000 mah battery with 1000 max brightness for HDR 10 Dolby Vision support.

  • AnonD-716404

I'm just looking to replace my worn out Nexus 6P with something and while Axon 7 is a bit old and expensive to buy new, I'm afraid Axon 9 will be on the expensive side, to "compete" with the rest of flagships...

  • Anonymous

OK, this is my dream phone for this company[p.s. my opinion]:
6.4 inch 2880 by 1440 HDR10 Dolby Vision Amoled display
max brightness 800
Snapdragon 845
6gb of ram with 128gb ufs2.1 with microsd expansion
Usb type-c with quick charge 4.0+
Android 8.1 with Project Treble support
Stock android
Gorilla glass 5
2 rear cameras,both 16mp F1.6 ois and eis, one wide angle, and one telophoto
1 front facing , 16mp f1.7 ois wide angle
And it cost $650-$750.

  • FiDo

They really need to launch Axon 9 (or whatever it will be called) because Axon M will be a fiasco, a lose choise...

to me Axon M is more like a prototype and not a end product, in this way with a 4:3 aspect ratio when unfolded is whay to 2006. They need to put 2 18:9 screens on this, even it will make a wider but not so taller when unfolded!

Sorry ZTE, you Zineded Tru Emerging.

  • Dude

I am very excited for this release. The 7 is still a remarkable phone. Please give us great specs (: