LG claims the LG G7 development is on track

26 January 2018
However, the new flagship will launch when it's ready - the time frame is not subject to "tradition".

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AnonD-733340, 26 Jan 2018Lg did do slimmer bezels, waterproofing ip68, micro SD card... moreThe Galaxy S5 did IP68 waterproofing with a removable battery.

  • AnonD-141749

Cant believe my LG G6 doesnt even mention a time frame for Oreo update...spending so much money on a lg flagship is utter nonsense...bye bye lg

  • Anonymous

They are waiting to see what the competition is putting out, I bet. Scared money don't make no money

Its actually awesome move. At least until they got what they need on time. Release of any hardware regularly is better, but only if they are capable of it.

  • AnonD-446869

monsterduc1000, 26 Jan 2018Probably already have it in a development bootloop :)Trolls spamming again with his bootloop comment.....LOL

  • AnonD-733340

LG superfan, 26 Jan 2018I seriously lost interest in G series since G6 it was lackl... moreLg did do slimmer bezels, waterproofing ip68, micro SD card slot, 3.5mm headphone jack. how you expect removable battery with waterproofing? But with wide aperture I'm totally agree.

  • AnonD-696634

How hard is to realize the basics of a successful phone.

V30, the most recent from lg has almost everything but smaller battery, normal selfie, no superior audio( north america), and 64gb rom.
Sd835 in v30 is a good upgrade from g6 but to capture the market lg has to provide more to customers.

For g7 or whatever they decide the name is, they shouldn't compromise on processor, battery and rom. And yes lg guys please if you want to breakaway sammy users, you have to lower the prices.

I seriously lost interest in G series since G6 it was lackluster old chipset, boring design, bad front camera the best LG phone to date is V20, LG need to keep it in mind and make something similar with slimmer bezels, IR blaster, waterproof, sd card, mlt rating, 3.5mm jack and removable battery and seriously great cameras with f1.5, bigger pixels and normal and wide combo

  • Anonymous

On track for failure

"You'll get it when we feel like it" is what they mean. I guess that SD845 supplies are still low and they do not want to release their flagship with an older processor, a mistake that made the G6 look like not upgrade-worthy

  • AnonD-696124

If the LG6 came with the snapdragon 835 i would totally have bought it instead of my actual oneplus 5T because of it's superior camera performance even tho i don't like the LG bloatware.
Coming with an old SD821 was a huge drawback because it wasn't much of an upgrade from my previous device.
For now, i'm happy with my OP5T and it has even slimmer bezels than the LG G6.

Probably already have it in a development bootloop :)

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Anonymous, 26 Jan 2018yjiuPriec please lo

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  • AnonD-63987

They didn't actually contradict the rumors.

  • AnonD-733340

We need lg g7 with sd845, telephoto lens, 6gb of ram & notification light.