KGI: 2018 iPhone with LCD will rejuvenate Apple sales volume

29 January 2018
The cheapest of three new iPhones will have an aluminum back, one camera and no Touch ID.

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  • Nickolas

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2018They all look the same.Thank you Captain Obvious!

  • Anonymous

They all look the same.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 31 Jan 2018Do you think that I would update my phone to 11.3? I don't think so!Well you will have to at some point and you can turn of slowdown on 11.3

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018why dont they just forget about the LCD, just price drop the iph... morecorporate rule , you cannot lower the price, it will be sign of weakness. Apple has to stick to the greedy price. They taught customers are sheep and will pay no matter what price is.
Surprisingly not all iPhone users are sheep

  • Anonymous

I like the 6.5"

LG superfan, 29 Jan 2018Yes only 6, 6s and SE are effected currently and iphone 7 isn't ... moreDo you think that I would update my phone to 11.3? I don't think so!

  • AnonD-734155

So the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone is actually an iPhone 8 (look how similar the specifications are) in an iPhone X design? It will also have the same price range as it is the cheapest in the line-up, just like the iPhone 8. Why would someone buy it as the iPhone 8 will get cheaper? If this is true, very dissapointed Apple!

  • AnonD-696124

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018Got rid of burn in? Go to reddit and read about Note 8 units... morei have my old oneplus 5 since july that i gave to my wife with no issues at all. My oneplus 5T, bought it on launch day has no issues aswell.
Guess these samsung users got unlucky

  • Anonymous

why dont they just forget about the LCD, just price drop the iphone X to iphone 8 price, drop the iphone 8 price to iphone 7 price, discontinue iphone 7 and 6s and price the new iphone to galaxy s9 level, that would pickup sales. iphone x sales slump because its too damn expensive

  • Anonymous

tft lcd, not ips lcd? has apple gone nuts?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-733972, 29 Jan 2018iPhone would never use a TFT LCD in 2018It is using Jdi's "Full Active LCD".

  • xFordskie

why are they so persistent with the camera notch? if i may suggest just copy the samsung s8 upper portion (straight line) black and then adjust or expand the screen to retain the same 5.8 screen size

this is just a recommendation from one of your iphone user
the notch for me sucks

  • Anonymous

AnonD-696124, 29 Jan 2018Back in 2013 IPS displays were the top displays back then, while... moreGot rid of burn in?

Go to reddit and read about Note 8 units with burn in within 1 month.
Organic stuff is going to die, cant stop it...

That is why microled is already being used for giant screen.

  • whatthe!!

fugly design and price to features ratio plus still locked OS = NO to Fupple

  • Anonymous

mir, 29 Jan 2018Apple have clearly lost their game.You do realize that they had profit revenues in Q4...
Everybody else seems to be losing the games. Apple is gaining it from them, mostly because she listens (i.e. not offering the same phone for many years in a row, iphone gaming constantly improves, android gaming is the same for years)

Why do they keep banging on about L-shaped batteries as if it's some "killer feature"? iPhones' battery life is still sh*t...

  • Nitin

As long as their is a notch, i will not be buying the apple product,

  • AnonD-696124

Back in 2013 IPS displays were the top displays back then, while samsung still had issue with their super amoled burn in and image blur.
Right now, Samsung is the big winner with their amoled displays. All these years samsung finally found a way to get rid of burn-ins and not only, the diodes can be adjusted to give us 100% true colours without that punchy colours back then in 2013.
Clearly surpassing the LCD IPS/LTPS technology.

I always chose my phones based on 3 requirements:
.SOC has to be the latest flagship
.Build and software quality
.Screen quality

After everybody praised the screen of oneplus 5T being one of the best out there, build in an amazing sturdy anodized aluminium body and a super fast and clean Oxygen OS paired with the snapdragon 835 was everything i just needed to upgrade from my Nexus 5.
And what a worthy upgrade it is.

Mr.PointtotheObvious, 29 Jan 2018another uneducated and totally useless remark by you again.. it... moreMan your comments are evn wprse i am tired of reading them all.
I am saying to the point and truth so thats why i am allowed to speak.

Msg. to Apple: bring back headphone jacks and create an app drawer, or I won't consider future models.