iPhone SE 2 isn't coming or won't be radically different, analyst says

29 January 2018
The much-rumored successor to the original SE from 2016 may not arrive this year after all.

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They'll probably update the SE sooner or later, but I wouldn't expect a redesign. Generally, people who are in the market for a 4" sized device couldn't care less about how the phone looks, they just want something light and pocketable that works well. Also, no way Apple is spending millions to develop a new design for a device that costs 349$. This is Apple, after all. Just refresh it with an A11 and (wishful thinking) higher-res display.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-734114, 30 Jan 2018I wish Apple could release the next iPhone SE with features like... moreAnd you just invented 800$ phone compact phone...

  • dudecool

compact phones are almost at an end which is really sad, there is still so many people who value pocketibility and lightness over everything else, but still want the latest in internals like myself.
once Sony give up the Compact line which might be a possibility, compactness is truly dead

Also dont forget to add NOTCH on a 4inch screen and also dont forget to add a price of Apple X starting at 1500 minimum :-)

  • Anonymous

Go for 5.0 inch phones. They aren't that big. Just simple.

  • AnonD-734114

I wish Apple could release the next iPhone SE with features like:
+ new design > maybe can adopt iPhone 7 rounded design
+ better casing material > make it on par with stronger the metal from 6s
+ water & dust resistance (take out the earphone jack is okay. that's the future of all phone anw)
+ upgraded front camera
+ same chip like the iPhone 7
+ upgraded touchID of course
+ The 3D touch, wireless charging omitted is forgiven to keep the price low

  • Surficial

Real shame for people who like smaller phones.
Make a pricier one with a taller and wider display in the same size, and people will buy it for size instead of because it's the cheap model.

Kiyasuriin, 30 Jan 2018good wording though. XD really liked it. "SE X" Wow. Such blue ... moreOH GOD XD. This was mentioned so many times when people want a refined iPHONE SE hahahaha

sadh, 30 Jan 2018I would be more than happy to see SE2 with A11, 3g ram, camera f... moreSAME! I Know I am from the android realm. (No. I didn't came to bash apple. No. I am not apple fangirl) but I really liked the 5S when I got it from work. when I was really new. *-*
So SAME body as 5S, with A11/3GB RAM/Min 64 GB storage, 1700 mAh battery, and 7/12 camera combo for a chassis of 113 grams is a dream come true~ (For memories~!)

Kangal, 30 Jan 2018So Apple's going to move along the iPhone X, Y, Z. I really w... moregood wording though. XD really liked it. "SE X"
Wow. Such blue head. //shot.

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018I would really like this - A11 - cheaper price This coul... moreand ofcourse. better camera (best if the same as iPhone 8! OWO) and 7mp front camera.

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2018Minimum 4.5" display and an improved camera would be ideal for m... moregrab an iPhone 8 if so. SE is meant to be tiny.

  • Anonymous

The iphone se chasis can easily house 4.5 in 18:9 or 4.7 in 19:9 display panel. The touch id might have to go unless they perfect the under screen fingerprint reader.
Apple will most probably launch a small phone just not this year. The phone will require better battery tech considering the new cpu and display. Apple also wouldn't risk increasing the number of models in production considering the difficulty they faced in acquiring enough panels for X at launch.

  • Anonymous

Se2 will come. But maybe not just now.
I Also Expect that it is very minor upgrade. And I can not see why Apple would reduce the price... the price segment will be more or less the same and old model will come down in price so that it will sell out.

  • Anonymous

Minimum 4.5" display and an improved camera would be ideal for me. But I think at this point I would simply buy a new or used iPhone 7 which is pretty slim and pocketable, you're not going to get headphone jack back anyway so might as well go this route.

  • Bozzor

The SE form factor is close to ideal for many people: there are many people who want a high performance compact phone and have a very limited choice with Android. Apple would be wise to not worry too much about cannibalising too many higher profit larger models: overall I am certain they are better off by keeping more people in the Apple ecosystems. But do think that a redesign is in order, with a full screen design needed. They do that, they will be onto a winner.

  • Anonymous

I would really like this

- A11
- cheaper price

This could replace the iPod touch.

This in line with my thoughts. SE could eat up their flagship model sales volume. People who are skeptical would go for this model thaan flagship ones. If they try make it expensive then they chinilsurly ditch ios ecosystem.

Those who are using SE are border jumpers!! It is a slow mive away from ios. Good that Apple realized this if this news is true

  • Anonymous

Dropping your only chance of survival....RIP Apple

iPhone X is a FLOP

iPhone X 2018, iPhone X Plus, iPhone X LCD will be a TRIPLE FLOP in 2018

iPhone SE2 has a better chance than FailID fullscreen iPhone

  • Kangal

So Apple's going to move along the iPhone X, Y, Z.

I really wanted to see an iPhone X Plus as well as an iPhone SE X.
Guess, we will only get to have an iPhone SE Y.